How to name a project in the SEO age

How did Fluentd get its name? It’s a query I lately questioned about the cloud-native log aggregator and information collector for Kubernetes clusters.

So, Fluentd helps to mixture distributed streams of information in a cloud-native atmosphere. A stream is a fluid that strikes. Thus, fluent is a intelligent name for a project that manages streaming information. But the project name is Fluentd, not fluent.
Fluentd runs as a daemon job on Kubernetes nodes. So, it is not a huge logical leap to assume the appended “d” merely stands for “daemon.” A fast Google for the etymology of the project name confirmed these suspicions.
Kiyoto Tamura, Fluentd contributor and vice chairman of promoting for Treasure Data, said in a GitHub Gist, “Its preliminary name was Fluent, with the intent that this software program ought to make streaming information from sources to sinks extra ‘fluent.'”

How to name a project
However, the contributors who named the project rapidly realized there was a huge disambiguation drawback. People who search the time period fluent had been sometimes wanting to be taught a new language, not stream information. “If you seek for ‘fluent,’ you get a bazillion hyperlinks to Rosetta Stone apps and their siblings. Fluency is most carefully related to pure languages,” wrote Tamura.

One of the most vital components in the adoption of a new know-how is the ease with which new customers can remedy issues and grasp the device. But with a severe search engine ambiguity problem, the authors of the project determined to comply with the Unix customized of appending the letter “d” to the name of a daemon course of. The name Fluentd was born.
“This made it a lot simpler to discover it in the Internet’s huge sea of knowledge,” said Tamura.
The choice to change the project name from Fluent to Fluentd was a easy however important one. And it’s actually a lesson for creators looking for a new project name.

My drawback with Web Components
I bumped into this naming problem about three years in the past. Enticed by a presentation Adam Bien delivered on Web Components at JavaOne, I needed to comply with up on the know-how and see if it may remedy a few of the challenges I had when creating single-page purposes (SPA) with JavaScript or jQuery.

When trying to conjure up a intelligent and catchy new project name, ensure the result’s unambiguous and search-engine pleasant.

Unfortunately, each net improvement framework created in the final 20 years has described itself as a net component-based structure. At the time, outcomes from even the most elementary search engine queries pertaining to Web Components generated inaccurate outcomes. When I searched how to create an SPA with Web Components, the outcomes would simply as seemingly be about AngularJS or Servlets and JSPs as they’d the Web Components know-how itself. The expertise was so irritating I gave up on the know-how and selected to be taught AngularJS.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key adoption issue. New customers want to have the opportunity to discover product help and neighborhood assist. When trying to conjure up a intelligent and catchy new project name, ensure the result’s unambiguous and search-engine pleasant. This will considerably assist drive public enthusiasm to your project.

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