Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It? The Good, The Bad, The Dirty | Jordy Schuck

Photo on UnsplashSo, you’ve heard about affiliate marketing, and you’re not quite sure whether or not you should jump into the pool of online sales.Well, here were going to look over the pros, cons, facts, and things you might otherwise want to keep a close eye on.Let’s get into itAffiliate Marketing in a NutshellPhoto byAuthor using CanvaThe meaning or concept behind the concept of affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products and getting a cut of the sales that you make.This business model is popular with anyone who creates content in any form due to the passive nature of affiliate marketing.The GoodThere are always 3 sides to a coin, heads, tails, and the edge. Affiliate marketing has a lot of things going for it, here are 3 that exist on the heads side of the coin:As Passive As it Gets: The entire nature of affiliate marketing is organically advertising products through content. And so when you make a YouTube video and leave affiliate links, those links will work and exist for as long as that video is up. It’s the budget version of Royalty checks.Bar is On the Floor: Again, due to the nature of affiliate marketing, you can imagine that the barrier to entry virtually doesn’t exist. The only barrier that you could call a barrier is finding traffic. Even then, some platforms like Pinterest make it super easy for you to get traffic.Share What You Buy: Thanks to how popular affiliate marketing has gotten with sellers, most companies offer some affiliate program for products that you might own. That naturally makes it super easy to promote products.While there’s good, there’s always that opposite side of the coin.The BadThere isn’t anything really objectively bad, so the 3 bad things listed here are more or less minor caveats that can be overcome quickly:Getting Traffic: This is a minor problem. And this is coming from someone who had less than 100 followers across all platforms. But, if you don’t have a following, expect a few weeks to get that count up.Horrible Cut: While there are a good handful of solid affiliate problems like those for VPN services, there are also some bad ones. Notably Amazon affiliates. However, the cut in commission is made up by volume of sales in a good amount of cases.While there are some certain ups and downs to affiliate marketing, there’s also that coin’s edge. Let’s have a look atThe DirtyThis really revolves around ethics more than anything. As mentioned earlier, just sell stuff from brands you trust or have purchased from. Because I’m not sure about you, but I wouldn’t sell a bs weight loss plan that claims to lose weight through eating an obscure Amazon rainforest plant.Also, think about how you present these affiliate links. Because duping someone into buying a course in Lawnmowers 101 isn’t the best thing ever. Just be sure the audience knows for a fact that it’s an affiliate link (preferably to something you already like, know, or use).However, if you have no ethics, don’t bother with these cautions. But, at the very least, considerThe FactsWe all know that numbers don’t lie. Therefore, here are some numbers that you might want to be aware of before you start:The global affiliate marketing market is worth over $17BN. Up by $4BN from 2016.81.2% of affiliate marketers make more than $20,000 annually.Many commissions for affiliate marketing hover somewhere between 5–30% of the sale.Some of the best programs relate to VPNs and other online services.Now that you’ve been presented an overall view of affiliate marketing from a surface level, here are some things to help withGetting StartedIf you want to find products to promote, either check out if your favorite companies have a program. But if not, check out ClickBank, a really well-known source for getting products to promote.If you need somewhere to promote, I highly recommend Pinterest. It sounds biased, but the facts show that over 70% of Pinterest users are actively looking to buy when searching on the platform. I gave Pinterest a shot myself and have over 11 million views. Wrapping It UpWith how little cost and risk there is associated with affiliate marketing, it makes it a no-brainer to start.The only real problems associated with affiliate marketing are related to ethics and personal issues. Because other than that the process is really simple.If you’re interested in starting, go check out some creators’ YouTube videos, as I find that I learn best with video. Go Get Em!

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