How to maximize passive income from Agency in GTA Online after The Last Dose update?

Passive income in GTA Online is a crucial aspect of its online experience. That said, the game’s recent DLC update, The Last Dose, has brought renewed interest in the Agency business. While many players are aware of direct money-making methods through Security Contracts and VIP Contracts, the passive income potential of the Agency business is often overlooked.

With the presence of Agency Safes, players have the opportunity to earn money while they’re away and doing other things in the game. In this article, we will explore how to maximize passive income from the Agency in GTA Online after The Last Dose update.

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Passive income guide for Agency in GTA Online: How can players start maximizing their earnings?

Agencies are a type of GTA Online business that players can own and operate in the game, and they offer three ways to earn money: Security Contracts, VIP Contracts, and Agency Safes. Among these, Agency Safe is the only source of passive income.

The Agency Safe is a safe that can be found in the player’s office, specifically on the left side of the wall behind the chair. It can be accessed from the front door of the office, and it serves as a way to generate income while one is away.
When a player establishes a new Agency Safe, it will start generating $250 per in-game day, which is approximately 48 real-life minutes. However, they also have the option to increase the minimum amount per in-game day by completing Security Contracts available on the office computer. For every five Security Contracts completed, the minimum amount generated by the Agency Safe will be increased by $500.

The maximum holding capacity of the Agency Safe is $250,000, like other lockers and safes in GTA Online. Once the safe reaches its maximum holding capacity, it will stop producing money until the player withdraws the funds.
One can check the status of the Agency Safe by looking at the $ icon inside the business. If the icon is green, it means the safe contains money and has more capacity. If gray, it means there is no money in the safe. Having a red icon denotes the safe has reached its maximum holding capacity.

It’s important to note that while the Agency Safe can provide a steady stream of passive income, it should not be relied upon as the sole source of money from the Agency business. It is a secondary option that can provide petty cash when needed, and active income sources such as Security Contracts and VIP Contracts can earn players significantly more money in GTA Online. Monitoring the holdings of the Agency Safe and maintaining consistent cash flow is crucial for maximizing profits from this passive income source.

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