Immortals of Aveum’s Short Marketing Period Can Let It Strike While the Iron is Hot

The latest trailer for Immortals of Aveum showcases a novel marketing strategy for EA’s upcoming new IP. Unveiled in full three months prior to its intended release date, Immortals of Aveum represents a bold approach to keeping public interest in a new game consistent up to its launch, and could prove a lucrative marketing move.

On April 13, EA presented the first new trailer for Ascendant Studios’ spell-slinging high-fidelity shooter Immortals of Aveum since The Game Awards 2022, which aims to carve its own niche in the gaming landscape with a unique blend of genres and star-studded cast. Developed on Unreal Engine 5, the new IP has high-budget spectacle and appealing designs. As it stands currently, Immortals of Aveum will launch on July 20, 2023, giving the team a huge opportunity to capitalize on its shorter advertising cycle.
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Immortals of Aveum Could Be the Industry’s Next Surprise Hit

The short timeframe between this latest trailer and launch is not unprecedented, but remains a rarity given the typical marketing push for a game, especially from AAA publishers, is a years-long affair involving multiple trailers, previews, betas, and other promotional material. EA is taking a gamble with its strategy surrounding Immortals of Aveum, and while there is no guarantee that the outcome will prove beneficial, there are plenty of upsides to the plan.

The gaming world is currently abuzz with talk of EA’s newest title, and that momentum is incredibly valuable from a monetary standpoint. Keeping fanfare at a steady level is a tricky balancing act, but it is made decidedly easier when the ramp-up time to release is abbreviated. Flooding media channels with promotional material over the next three months will be far less expensive than trying to keep players intrigued over years. What’s more, EA can figuratively pick its battle, finding an ideal landing spot for Immortals of Aveum with minimal competition. Late July is relatively sparse on releases, with Pikmin 4 and Exoprimal being the only major contenders for the time being.

EA Could Create a New Standard for Game Marketing

This is not the first time EA has experimented with marketing strategies. The free-to-play battle royale phenomenon Apex Legends launched with radio silence, but successfully garnered a huge fandom on its own merits as a Titanfall spin-off, as well as word-of-mouth. There could be a similar effect for Immortals of Aveum, with gamers assuming EA is confident in its product, which could draw in those who would otherwise be on the fence.

Of the two routes EA could pursue with its launch strategy for Immortals of Aveum, either going full-tilt on promotion or letting its confidence in the product speak for itself, both have merits and risks. Time will tell what the ultimate plans are for the game’s marketing, but the choice to hold off until the product was in a near-finished state is a refreshing change in an industry where Early Access and perpetual betas are increasingly becoming the norm. As more is revealed regarding Immortals of Aveum in the coming months, it will be a good case study in alternative advertising strategy.

While some games get nearly a decade of concept art and teaser trailers to string along players until release, EA is taking a risk with Immortals of Aveum by foregoing all the marketing rigmarole. It is no sure thing, but if the finished product is a quality game worth players’ time, the experiment should pay massive dividends. In the 2022 fiscal year, EA spent $961 million on marketing, and if it can find a reliable way to promote games without such outrageous investment in garnering attention, some of that money could find its way into contributing to the quality of its games.

Immortals of Aveum launches July 20 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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