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With all the buzz affiliate marketing is making, have you ever considered trying it? If you have thought about it and don’t know where to start, Project Platinum might be your savior.
But before we go into details about Project Platinum, let us tell you what affiliate marketing really is.
Affiliate marketing is a very effective performance-based marketing strategy. Under this, a business recruits affiliates with impeccable marketing skills and can promote the business on various social media channels or blogs.
Now, how do these affiliates promote or advertise the business? It’s very simple, affiliates create referral links that lead to the business’s official page or website, and if a client or a customer clicks on it and makes a purchase or performs any other action that would generate capital for the business, the affiliate gets a commission.
Affiliate marketing is very profitable because a business does not have to spend tons of money on an advertising agency; instead, they just reward affiliates whenever they make a sale.
So, now that you have an idea of what affiliate marketing entails, let’s move on to how you can become a pro at it.
Robby Blanchard, a master in the field of marketing, has created an online affiliate marketing course called Project Platinum. Under Project Platinum, people will learn to advertise and help businesses grow through Facebook ads. The course equips students with all the necessary business development tools and software and guides a starter like you will need to create a successful business online.
The main aim of Project Platinum is to help users reach the $250,000 milestone as ClickBank’s affiliate marketer, following which one becomes a ClickBank platinum member. However, with Project Platinum’s training, students can also strike a deal with other businesses and make insane profits instead of just limiting themselves to serving ClickBank.
The comprehensive training program spans six weeks and will be held online via Facebook and Youtube; the best part about Project Platinum is that it caters to beginners and experts in the affiliate marketing scene. The course covers multiple topics, including offer research, ad copywriting, ad targeting, analytics, niche selection, and more.
Does Project Platinum sound interesting to you? If it does, keep reading our review to learn more about the training program.
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Project Platinum
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Affiliate Marketing
Robby Blanchard
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April 6, 2023
Project Platinum Reviews:
A number of happy users have described at length in their Project Platinum reviews how the program has immensely helped them achieve financial stability in the online world.
$2497 at once or $997 for three months
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Click here!
About Robby Blanchard
Project Platinum was created by Robby Blanchard. The top affiliate for ClickBank, Mr. Blanchard, claims to have a wealth of knowledge and has used testing techniques that can help businesses grow unlike anything else.
Robby’s story is quite inspirational – he was born in Massachusetts and attended the Fitchburg State University to pursue a degree in exercise science. He then launched a gym named CrossFit Reach using his passion for fitness and his business know-how.
Soon Robby decided to venture into marketing and business and earned a degree in MBA from Fitchburg State College. In this journey, what really helped him was the experience he gained while building CrossFit Reach. Initially, Robby’s gym had no customers, so he decided to promote CrossFit Reach on Facebook through ads.
This was the moment when he started experimenting with the internet marketing space and realized the potential social media has. With some trial and error, CrossFit Reach became popular, further inspiring Robby to pursue marketing full-time.
Soon, Robby saw himself being pulled into the affiliate marketing world and decided to join ClickBank as an affiliate marketer. Today, he earns six figures as a commission from ClickBank.
Apart from CrossFit Reach and Project Platinum, Robby Blanchard has another successful marketing training program called Commission Hero, where thousands of students across the globe learn about affiliate marketing tactics.
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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
At its core, affiliate marketing is a process whereby an affiliate (or ‘publisher’) earns money by referring potential customers to a merchant’s product or service. When someone purchases a product or service through an affiliate’s link, they will often receive a commission on the sale. Typically, these commissions range from 5-50%, depending on the arrangement between the two parties.
Affiliate programs are set up so that affiliates can earn a commission when they refer someone to buy products or services from the merchant’s website. As an example, let’s say that you run an online business selling a variety of health supplements – then you might create an affiliate program where individuals who sign up as affiliates can earn a commission each time they refer someone to make a purchase on your website.
Once someone signs up for your program, they will be provided with unique tracking links for them to use when promoting your products. Whenever someone clicks one of these links and makes a purchase on your website, the affiliate will receive a percentage of that sale as their commission.
This way, everyone benefits – you make money through sales while your affiliates make money through commissions they’ve earned after referring customers to you!
What’s Included In The Project Platinum Training Course?
As of today, Project Platinum is the most in-depth affiliate marketing training course. Let’s take a look at what the course includes-
Component 1: 6-Week Platinum Masterclass:
Under this component, as a student, you will get to know about everything related to how affiliate marketing works to develop and promote a business.
The 6-Week Platinum Masterclass includes all of the knowledge Robby Blanchard has gained from trying to build a customer base for CrossFit Reach through Facebook ads. In a span of just six weeks, you can become a seasoned player in digital marketing and make thousands of dollars from social media ads and ad copywriting.
Component 2: 12 Months Access to Project Platinum AI Software:
By this time, you must have heard about the wonders AI can create. From breathtaking paintings to highly creative ad copies and content, AI can do it all. Robby Blanchard and his team know firsthand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to build and scale a business. This is why they have created this second component which is basically AI-powered software to make your everyday work easier.
The Project Platinum AI Software can save hours of your work by generating engaging ad copies and content so that you can focus on the more demanding corners of your business.
Component 3: Money Magnet Traffic Training:
This component will teach you how to generate organic traffic for your Facebook and Youtube ads. Marketing is all about being able to create traffic, and Robby teaches you all his tactics for the same under this training module. Remember, good and organic traffic can take you from earning $0 to making $1000 in just a few days.
Component 4: $250K Elite Platinum Offers:
Apart from learning to generate traffic and ad copywriting, guessing which offer will reap the most profits is another fundamental element one needs to learn in order to become a noteworthy affiliate marketer. So, in this fourth component, Robby will train you to figure out the highest-grossing offer every time and earn the best commissions.
Component 5: Project Platinum Coaching Group:
This is a private coaching group where you will find ample networks consisting of affiliate marketers and here, you can share and gain insightful knowledge about the dynamics of the marketing world.
Component 6: 7 Figure Platinum Case Studies:
As the name already suggests, under this component, you will learn about the top performers who have learned the tricks of affiliate marketing from Robby Blanchard and are currently earning in 7 figures. These polished affiliate marketers can also teach you about their own tactics, which have helped them in mastering the skill of digital marketing.
Component 7: Instant Scale Training:
Another vital thing about building a business is learning how to scale it. If you can learn to generate a minimum daily revenue of about $20 consistently, soon you will be able to make profits ranging from $2000 to $20,000. The trick is scaling and being able to generate a minimum amount every day. So, Component 7 will be your step-by-step guide to learning how to scale a business.
Bonus #1: Virtual Event Ticket:
Robby Blanchard often conducts virtual events for marketers where everyone gets to learn about the ever-changing world of affiliate marketing and learn from networking and experience. With a purchase of Project Platinum, you will receive a free ticket to Robby’s next virtual event and meet individuals generating millions of profit through digital marketing.
Bonus #2: YouTube 6-Week Masterclass:
Under this bonus product, you will learn about Youtube ads and how you can promote businesses on the world’s largest video platform. Mastering both Facebook and Youtube ads can boost your affiliate marketing career like no other.
Bonus #3: Project Platinum Landing Page Builder:
Businesses spend millions to get a good landing page that has the potential to drive up their sales. Today, writing fascinating landing page descriptions can earn you thousands of dollars. With Project Platinum, you will get a free Landing Page Builder that will create appealing content for your landing page and help you get sales so that you don’t have to invest a ton of your earning on a designer and creative writer.
Bonus #4: DFY 7 Figure Landing Pages:
The DFY 7 Figure Landing Pages is an AI with multiple attractive templates for a landing page that can generate 7-figure sales, and no, we’re not kidding. Robby Blanchard has used this software to build landing pages for his business campaigns, generating huge revenues. All you have to do is give the AI prompts about what you want your landing page to be about and choose a template, and the AI will do the rest.
Bonus #5: Full Access to Spy Hero:
Spy Hero can be your ultimate spy. This application spies on your competitors and determines the marketing strategies they are using and the kind of ad copies that are bringing them profits. With Spy Hero’s help, you can always be a step ahead of your competitors.
Bonus #6: Full Access to Cometly:
Cometly will efficiently track your income and sales generated from ads, monitor how your landing pages are performing and also track the number of offers you receive daily. With Cometly, it becomes easier to keep track of everything since you will be busy focusing on scaling your business to new heights.
Bonus #7: Access to the Project Platinum App:
Robby Blanchard’s team has created an app for their Project Platinum course, and in this application, all of the above components and bonus products will be readily available on your phone all the time. The app is currently available on Playstore; anyone can download it, but with a Project Platinum membership, you can get VIP access.
Bonus #8: Upgrade to Lifetime Access to Project Platinum AI Software:
As you buy Project Platinum, you will be granted lifetime access to the course’s AI software which will create ad copies, landing pages, and Facebook ad content for you in record time.
A number of Project Platinum reviews have mentioned that this has proven immensely helpful for their business.
Bonus #9: Platinum Celebrity Offer Access with Mike Tyson:
Robby Blanchard recently collaborated with Mike Tyson, so his Project Platinum course will provide you with exclusive celebrity offers.
Bonus #10: Full Access to Commission Hero:
As already mentioned, Robby Blanchard runs another successful affiliate marketing course called Commission Hero. Project Platinum is offering this course totally free of cost so that you can gain additional information about digital marketing from the same mentor.
Bonus #11: Get a Vacation on Robby:
The final bonus product is also the most exciting. Once you start generating $1000 after learning affiliate marketing from Project Platinum, Robby will provide you with a fully paid vacation. This bonus element is only available during the launch phase of the program.

How Much Does Project Platinum Cost?
You can purchase Project Platinum either with a one-time payment of $2497, or you can opt to split the payment and choose to pay $997 for three months.
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Refund Policy:
Project Platinum is not offering any refund options currently. This is because Robby Blanchard has confidence that his program is worth it, and you won’t be returning it once you understand how it can benefit you.
FAQs What Is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing is the process of creating and sharing content in an effort to engage your target audience on various social media platforms. It involves developing engaging content, interacting with like-minded individuals, and driving conversions through these channels. Social media marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses if used correctly to build relationships with potential customers and spread brand awareness.
One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is that it’s cost-effective. Rather than shelling out huge sums of money for ad space on traditional advertising outlets such as TV or radio, you can promote your business or products on popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter for free or at a price point much lower than traditional advertising.
Additionally, you can reach out to a wide range of potential customers around the world quickly and easily via social networks, which may be completely inaccessible otherwise.
A second important benefit is that it allows you to monitor customer feedback in real-time. By regularly monitoring comments on posts from customers regarding your product or service, you can identify what consumers’ opinions are about your company and take action accordingly before damage to your reputation occurs.
What Is Ad Copywriting?
Ad copywriting is the process of writing persuasive advertisements for various media channels. This includes traditional print ads, as well as radio and television ads. Digital marketing has also become popular in recent years, with copywriters writing website content targeted at online users. Ad copywriters are responsible for creating compelling headlines, informative body copy, and persuasive calls to action that encourage viewers or readers to take some form of action on behalf of the advertiser.
Ad copywriting is important because it has a direct impact on how successful your advertising campaign will be. Good ad copy will help you engage your target audience by reaching out with a message that resonates with them on a personal level.
Final Word On Project Platinum Reviews
So, if you have had second thoughts so far, let us spell it out for you: Project Platinum is the most trustworthy marketing program of 2023.
So, enroll yourself in the journey of better income and financial stability – all through the digital world.
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