The SEO study predicts the trajectory of content marketing tactics for 2023 / Digital Information World

Due to the frequent transformations in the field of digital marketing, it can be difficult for marketers to determine the most suitable place to invest their money and which aspects should be skipped.In order to acquire understanding regarding the efficiency of current search engine optimization and content marketing tactics and predict in which direction the trajectory will go for the ongoing year, a survey was conducted by Ignite Visibility, in which responses were collected from 120 marketing specialists who work with major national brands. It has been observed that SEO frequently goes through evolution as digital marketers keep developing better and enhanced ways to receive more views on their content. With the latest addition of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chat bot, the topic is being widely discussed among marketers. Even though AI holds the potential to take over the marketing industry, it is still not considered the most significant challenge to SEO.When experts were asked about the greatest challenges faced in the SEO world, Google updates topped the list, with 19.3 percent of the experts agreeing. The Google update was shortly followed by a lack of experience that results in picking the wrong strategy, with 18.5 percent of the respondents agreeing to it. Other challenges included a lack of ability to grow programs, government-mediated regulations, and artificial intelligence. Taking a deeper dig at Google Updates, the survey shows that it is feared Google Updates can change everything at any time. When Google announced its latest helpful content update, marketers were worried that it might effect the SEO rankings; however, when the experts were asked whether they experienced any change, 49.6 percent of the respondents told that nothing has changed, while 43.8 percent of them felt improvement in the rankings. On the other hand, just 6.6 percent said that their rankings dropped.Respondents told that, on the basis of the results observed after the latest Google update was introduced, they plan to do more investment in search engine optimization and update previous content. When experts were asked about the changes they will be making in the 2023 layout plan, 50.4 percent of the respondents agreed to produce more content, while 34.7 percent plan to invest in top-quality content. Followed by the incorporation of multimedia content.When marketing experts were asked about the SEO areas in which they would be spending most of their budget, 62.2 percent planned to spend more on content marketing, while 37 percent would be spending more on keyword research. Other aspects included analytics, followed by digital PR and mobile SEO. With the rise of multimedia content, participants were asked about what type of video content they will be making in the ongoing year. Results showed that 53.7 percent of them will be working on product demo videos, while 48.8 percent will be doing how-to videos. Other types of content included informational strategies at number 3, followed by customer testimonials at number 4. John Lincoln, Chief Executive Officer of the research company, shared his remarks by saying that based on the results obtained from the survey, it can be concluded that 2023 will experience a rise in multimedia in content marketing. Read next: A Three Star Product Rating Decreases Customer Trust by 67% According to This Survey

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