Don’t be a headless chicken: Develop a solid plan for long-term wealth

Imagine a headless chicken, frantically running around in all directions after having its head cut off. It dashes aimlessly, desperately clinging to whatever remains of its life.This chaotic scene mirrors the haphazard approach of individuals who continuously jump from one investment to another, seeking quick riches without a clear direction or plan.Like the headless chicken, they run around, attempting to salvage whatever semblance of financial stability they have left.In the previous year, the Jamaican stock market experienced a surge in initial public offerings (IPOs). Many individuals eagerly invested in every IPO, pouring in substantial amounts of money, and hoping for substantial returns. The strategy seemed successful as prices doubled, allowing them to sell and generate significant profits.However, this approach lacked long-term viability. Considerable funds were committed during the application process, but full allocation was not guaranteed. Subsequently, a frenzied rush ensued to sell shares quickly, with the aim of doubling investments. Yet, there was no certainty that the IPO price of $1 would rise to $2, $3, or $4. It became an endless race, akin to the headless chicken, in pursuit of quick and fleeting gains.Now, in 2023, this strategy proves ineffective. Why? The absence of new IPOs since the beginning of the year leaves those who relied on them last year perplexed and silent. The same can be said for the international market, where the previous year’s volatility enticed people to engage in rapid trading and quick flips. While these strategies may yield short-term profits, they are inadequate for long-term wealth accumulation, especially when aiming to establish generational wealth. Consistently repeating such strategies becomes challenging as even minor changes can disrupt the entire investment plan.When working with clients, my focus is on establishing a straightforward process, system, and financial structure. This is what one needs at the end of the day: confidence that the plan will endure through any season. As knowledgeable investors, we should differentiate between 2023 and 2022 and adjust our strategies accordingly. By developing a confident and feasible plan, we can pivot our finances and navigate our financial strategies to ensure profitability.Given the prevalence of scams worldwide, the question arises: Where is the best place to allocate our funds? Often, the safest option is investing in tangible assets such as real estate and private equity.These are among the concepts we have been teaching our clients as they embark on their wealth-building journeys.In conclusion, we must abandon our headless chicken approach and take control of our finances. By creating a well-defined plan and increasing our financial awareness, we can secure our future. Use the remaining days of May to enhance your financial awareness and contemplate the strategies you need to implement. The days of aimless running must come to an end, for a headless chicken ultimately meets its demise. Similarly, a weak financial strategy will lead to failure. Hence, it is crucial to develop a robust plan. If you lack the knowledge to create such a plan, seek assistance from someone who does, as this is essential for financial success. Life is about having a system—a process that the wealthy rely on year after year, day after day, century after century. If you lack such a system, your chances of achieving financial victory are slim. Secure your wealth journey by establishing a solid plan.Keisha Bailey is a seasoned wealth coach who instructs individuals on earning passive income, creating wealth, and attaining financial freedom through strategic investments. She collaborates with investors to build highly profitable portfolios, accelerating their wealth accumulation. To elevate your financial standing, contact Keisha at [email protected].

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