Everything You Need To Know About a Powerful SEO Tool

Everything You Need To Know About a Powerful SEO Tool

SEO is in great demand in almost all areas of business. The ability to effectively boost marketing campaigns and optimize a site is a claim for success and high returns. The SEO market offers various types of software to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow and rank tracking of a site for keywords. A quality SEO campaign is an excellent investment in the prosperity of your business. The loyalty of the target audience, positive reviews, sales funnels, and the budget spent on promotion are directly dependent on it.
One of the most advanced and reliable SEO tools is RankTracker from SEO PowerSuite. In short, this tracker is designed to search for keywords, monitor a site’s ranking in search engines, calculate traffic for each keyword, and much more. It is noteworthy that this Rank Tracker is one of the 4 tools of the original SEO PowerSuite package.
This review is dedicated specifically to the Rank Tracker software. In this Rank Tracker overview, we will observe the pros and cons, competitive local rank trackers, all the main features, rank tracker pricing, and user reviews to understand what RankTracker is and how to use it.
What Is Rank Tracker: Tough All Over or Life Facilitator
Let’s review what functionalities Rank Tracker includes and what it is capable of. Rank Tracker is an SEO software that is applied to monitor a website’s ranking in search engines and scrutinize ranking dynamics. The rank tracker is included in the SEO PowerSuite software package and provides effective optimization at all stages of an SEO campaign.
It is available to purchase either the SEO PowerSuite package or any of the programs separately. Rank Tracker is offered in three editions: Free, Professional, and Enterprise. The version you choose depends on your business needs and your SEO expertise. Let’s review the main features of this SEO rank tracking tool. 
Rank Tracker combines rich functionality, a user-friendly interface, and an adequate price, which is 3 times lower than that of other SEO trackers.

Free version

an unlimited number of keywords
detailed keyword analysis
SERP checking
Google Analytics
1 competitor for each project

saving an unlimited number of projects
storing ranking history
5 competitors’ tracking for each project
scheduled SEO tasks
copy data to the clipboard
printing reports

saving an unlimited number of projects
scheduled SEO tasks
40 competitors for each project
data export to .csv, .sql, .html
copy data to the clipboard
automatic report generation
printing reports (no watermark)
e-mail reports

Tutorial: How To Get Started with SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker
To speed up your acquaintance with the tracker, we have prepared a mini review on how to download, buy and install Rank Tracker on your computer.

If you are willing to get acquainted with the functionality of Rank Tracker, then the free version is what you need. On the official page https://www.link-assistant.com/  you will find a link to download the desktop version to your computer. The download link will be sent to the specified email address.
After the software installer is downloaded, you need to go through the step-by-step process of installing the desktop version of Rank Tracker on your computer.
Once the program is installed on your device, you can start working with the software. To do this, we need to launch Rank Tracker by clicking on the icon on the desktop and enter the URL of the site for SEO analysis.
Now you can get started with the Rank Tracker tools and optimize your website.

Core Features Review of SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker
To use  Rank Tracker effectively, you need knowledge and understanding of the basic functions of the tracker. We suggest that you look through the review of the main SEO features and workspaces of the tool.
Target Keywords Review. This feature allows tracking your rankings and your competitors’ rankings across 597 different search engines, comparing them, and monitoring changes. You will receive information about how competitive your site is and how many visitors it can attract. You can also filter down and up your pages’ movement in search results. Rank Tracker displays the analysis in review tables, on visual charts, and in a special Competition Rankings Report. 
By the way, you can also analyze the ranking  of your site in terms of location, or in other words, conduct geo-tracking. As you surely know, the same keywords rank  differently depending on the region.
Target Keywords workspace includes three functions: Ranking Summary review, Rank Tracking review, and Keyword Map. Let’s observe these features.
Ranking Summary is a general information review organized in one place. This feature evaluates the main optimization criteria, such as your site’s visibility in the search engine and its top keywords. 
Rank Tracking determines the ranking for certain keywords and evaluates which ones will suit you better. This feature also shows keyword difficulty and online visibility.
Keyword Map rank tracking feature provides information review on the number of key queries, the degree of competition, KEI, etc. In this workspace, you can also find information about keyword difficulty, PPC analysis, Rank Analysis, and track the Organic Traffic of your site or a competitor’s site.
Keyword research Review. Keyword research is something without which site optimization cannot exist at all. In this tool, the keyword research module includes many features related to the selection, analysis, and comparison of keywords. Let’s review the main features in more detail.
Ranking keywords workspace shows a list of keywords for which a given website ranks. Rank Tracker allows you to analyze both your site and the site of any competitor. In addition to the total number of keywords, the module displays the number of visitors over the last 30 days (Organic Traffic) and analyses where the found keywords are used most often (SERP analysis).
The Keyword Gap tool lets you determine which keywords and phrases help your competitors rank more successfully and which ones are overlooked by them. You can set the key finder parameters. The tracker tool allows you to compare more than 2 competitor sites to get the most accurate result.
TF-IDF Explorer allows you to determine to what extent a particular word is important for the document. The tracker analyses your top 10 competitors and collects their common keywords. Using this keyword finder, you can also find additional content and optimize your page with synonyms and related terms.
The Keyword combinations module generates possible keywords based on the main relevant words that are given by the user. This keyword finder allows you to find combinations of keywords and improve your chances of ranking high in search results. This workspace offers three keyword generation solutions: Word Mixer (to generate new keywords by mixing the seed ones), Word Combination (to combine keywords from multiple lists into new relevant phrases), and Misspelled Words (to create new keywords by applying potential typos to the seed keywords).
All keywords found using any of the keyword finders are automatically stored in the Keyword Sandbox.
SERP tracker analysis review. This SERP checker collects data on the positions of all sites in search results as well as data on the snippets used. You can also see a graph of how your site’s position changes and track the emergence of new competitors. For analysis, Rank Tracker uses the most popular search engines: Google and Yahoo. The scanning depth can be from top 10 to  top 1000 on the SERP. Impressive, isn’t it?
Competitor Research review. This module helps you discover competitors based on a domain (Domain Competitors) or find keywords you are interested in (Topic Competitors). This tool will be especially useful for relatively new sites when you do not know yet who your competitors are in search results.
To determine the top competitors by the Domain Competitors method, you need to enter the URL that you want to monitor and set the analysis parameters (select the target country, choose Desktop or Mobile results, and set the filter by Ranks). Competitor analysis graphs discover information about the traffic of the analyzed site, the number of unique words for which the page is ranked in Google, and the Intersection rate by keywords.
If you want to find competitors in your niche using keywords, then the Topic Competitors method is what you need. To use this SEO solution, you need to enter the keywords to be searched for and then configure the search parameters, just like with the domain search method. The search results will display the following information: Organic traffic review, Competitor’s total KWs, Intersection rate, etc.
Reports review. Rank Tracker has fully automated SEO reports. All types of reports are easily configured and customized according to the needs of your business. At the moment, Rank Tracker offers 8 ready-made traffic and ranking templates:

Keyword rankings and visibility.
Competition rankings.
Keyword rankings (by keyword).
Keyword rankings (by search engine).
Keyword research.
Website visitors report.
Rank history.
Domain strength.

Domain Strength review. When it comes to using this module, you will be able to determine how authoritative your domain currently is. An estimate of the overall domain strength is formed based on various SEO metrics. Monitoring results provide general information on the domain, such as its indexing in search engines, popularity in social networks, and site traffic. It would be nice to note the presence of the Backlink section, which allows you to see the number of sites linking to your content.
Competitor analysis: SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker vs. Ahrefs vs. Semrush
We must not forget that the cost of the SEO tool plays an important role in choosing. Let’s compare the cost of subscription plans for the best SEO pieces of software. The table shows the pricing review for the available annual plan. As you can see, the price of Rank Tracker is several times lower, but at the same time, the quality and feature set of this SEO tool are pleasantly surprising.

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

Lite – 74€
Pro – $1 199
Professional – $149

Standard – 149€
Guru – $2 299
Enterprise – $349

Advanced – 308€
Business – $4 499

Enterprise – 749€

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Reviews 2022
There is nothing more reliable in terms of evaluating the features of a product than reviews from customers. SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker has 4.0/5.0 on GetApp and 8.9/10 on TrustRadius.
As you can see, the users are satisfied with the features offered by SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker. Positive reviews prevail, although some  disadvantages are also mentioned. Users note the variety of functionality, focus on results, usability, and nice design. Many users in their reviews say that SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker is a great solution for both small and large businesses.
Rank Tracker Pros and Cons 
Based on our review, analysis of user feedback, and comparison of competitive products, we can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker. In this way, you will be able to understand whether this SEO tool suits your needs, whether the free version will be enough for you, and how convenient this software will be for beginners in SEO.


The vast amount of SEO features for free
Affordable price
Fast rank tracking
TF-IDF which is rare in such tools
Excellent workspace customization options
Backlink research sector
Geo-ranking feature
Nice interface
Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration

Desktop version installation is required
Complex functionality for a beginner

Final Thoughts
SEO is expanding on an unprecedented scale. Content optimization is becoming an integral part of website promotion. Requirements become tougher, metrics are more advanced, and competition is stronger. SEO professionals, freelancers, and SEO agencies are constantly looking for effective, affordable, and professional SEO tools, and today’s full review was dedicated to one of them.
Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite is a professional software for SEO content optimization. The creators offer users the most advanced site ranking checker, 20 keyword search tools, a fast rank tracking system, and a unique geo-targeting feature.
In conclusion, we would like to say that Rank Tracker will help you build an individual optimization strategy, conduct a deep analysis of competitor sites, and prepare an effective SEO campaign for your business.


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