My pals laughed when I told them I’d be a millionaire in my 20s… now I make their monthly salary in just a few days

My pals laughed when I told them I’d be a millionaire in my 20s… now I make their monthly salary in just a few days

A WOMAN whose friends mocked her plans of becoming a millionaire says she now makes their monthly salaries in just a matter of days.
Laima Kodore claims she has had the last laugh after fulfilling her goal of achieving financial success in her 20s.
4Laima Kodore became a millionaire in her 20s despite being doubted by palsCredit: Instagram/@liesminaa
4She now makes their monthly salaries in just a few days thanks to her side hustleCredit: TikTok/@liesminaa
She explained she was juggling her university studies alongside a 9 to 5, but still found time to focus on her side hustle.
The savvy entrepreneur decided to delve into the online world to make some extra cash with affiliate marketing, investing and trading.
This soon became her primary income stream as it proved more profitable than her gruelling day job.
Laima, who lives in Australia, jumped on the trend of affiliate marketing as it is touted as an easy way to earn extra money.

In a nutshell, it is a performance-based marketing system that can earn people huge commissions.
A company will financially compensate third-party publishers to generate traffic on their sites by promoting products or services.
And the potential of a hefty wage incentives people to find unique ways to promote their client’s firm.
Laima says she was ridiculed when she revealed her get-rich-quick scheme to pals – but she has now proved them all wrong.

In a TikTok video, she said: “I told people I’ll become a millionaire in my 20s. They laughed at me.
“Now I can make their monthly salary in a few days. Who’s laughing now?”
In the first half of the clip, she can be seen feverishly working away in front of her laptop.
It then cuts to Laima enjoying the rewards of her hard work as she enjoys the views from skyscrapers and parties with her friends.
She captioned the post: ” Nothing is impossible if you believe it!”
Social media users were thrilled she had triumphed despite being doubted by her peers and flooded the comment section.
One wrote: “Then after that, they tell people how they met you.”
Another said: “What others told me was just fuel to my first million. You go girl!”
A third added: “Can you teach me?”
And a fourth simply commented: “A dream.”

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4The online entrepreneur’s hard work has paid offCredit: Instagram/@liesminaa
4She shared a TikTok video showing her lavish lifeCredit: TikTok/@liesminaa

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