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Referral programs offer a fantastic opportunity to leverage your cryptocurrency assets and generate passive income. Many cryptocurrency projects have implemented referral systems that reward you for referring others. The potential earnings from these programs can vary from modest to substantial.
Utilising referral programs is a great way to generate passive income. Binance (BNB), Chainlink (LINK) and Caged Beasts (BEASTS) are three altcoins that can help you generate huge passive income through referrals and staking programs.
Binance’s Referral Code For Discounts
Binance offers the investors a chance to maximise the benefits when signing up, by using the referral code 464722426. This code can make the crypto enthusiasts enjoy the best welcome bonus reward and receive a discount on trading fees. Moreover, when utilising BNB tokens on Binance, one can enjoy an additional benefit of a 20% discount on all trading fees.
In addition to its trading platform, Binance also supports staking and lending services, allowing users to earn passive income from their cryptocurrency holdings. By staking certain cryptocurrencies, users can actively participate in the network and earn rewards.
Chainlink’s 5% Annual Return
Chainlink presents an exciting opportunity to earn passive income through its staking program. By operating a Chainlink node, one can contribute to network security and receive rewards in the form of LINK tokens. This staking system plays a crucial role in fortifying the integrity of Chainlink’s Oracle network, as validators are required to lock up Chainlink tokens as collateral. This mechanism discourages dishonest behaviour and ensures the network’s reliability.
By engaging in staking, users not only earn passive income but also actively contribute to maintaining the network’s integrity. The estimated annual return for staking LINK tokens is approximately 5%. This return is generated through a combination of fees paid by users of Chainlink’s data feeds and emissions from the treasury reserve. As the Chainlink network expands, the potential rewards for staking increase accordingly.

Caged Beasts 20% Unique Referral Code
Caged Beasts introduces an innovative presale tactic where every user can generate their unique referral code. When an individual utilises a referral code to make a purchase, the owner of the referral code immediately receives 20% of the deposited amount (in ETH, BNB, or USDT) directly into their wallet. This ensures that the owner gains an instant financial benefit from the referred transaction. This amount can be freely spent, withdrawn, or used as desired. The main objective of this tactic is to foster a strong community by encouraging investments in the presale, benefiting all participants.

The brilliance of this referral program lies in its dual-incentive structure. Not only does the user who owns the referral code receive a 20% commission, but the investor who uses the code also receives an additional 20% more BEAST tokens. This creates a mutually rewarding referral scheme where both parties are winners. Caged Beasts is taking a distinctive approach to passive income by introducing a referral program during its presale phase.
Although trading remains a prominent means of generating profits within the cryptocurrency realm, there are various other enticing opportunities available for passive income. Running a Chainlink node offers stable and predictable returns. On the other hand, Binance’s referral code can give a huge welcome bonus. It is the Caged Beasts referral program which offers a unique and community-driven approach. The Caged Beasts presale is set to commence shortly, and you can stay informed by registering your email on the website to receive regular updates.
Caged Beasts
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