Instagram: The Rising Phoenix of Social Media Marketing?

Instagram: The Rising Phoenix of Social Media Marketing?

In a recent article, we discussed numerous inaccurate predictions of Facebook’s downfall by many self-proclaimed “experts.” In a similar vein, we now consider how Instagram offers savvy hotel marketers a true business advantage.
The phrase “Instagram is dead” echoes through digital corridors, causing concern among hotel marketers. If I were to collect a penny for every time this is stated, the scent of the Caribbean’s salty sea breeze would gently blow through the shutters of my private island. Yet, I understand this sentiment, as Instagram’s ever-changing landscape seems to be creating insurmountable roadblocks to follower growth and engagement for hotels.
Growing a hotel’s brand through traditional Instagram methods is indeed becoming Herculean. Views and engagement are plunging into the abyss, the algorithm and policies change with head-spinning frequency, organic reach is dwindling, and ad costs are soaring. Hotel marketers leveraging conventional organic strategies are left holding onto the hope that their potential guests will pause their scrolling marathons to tap the link in their bio and make a reservation.
Innovative hotel marketing minds looking to make their mark are exploring untapped opportunities – Instagram sales and marketing funnels. By challenging old ways of thinking, they’re discovering new opportunities and reaping the rewards of a dynamic, digitally-driven world of new sales leads. These marketing mavericks are reshaping the Instagram terrain, making lead generation and sales growth not just possible, but comparatively effortless.
For example, take a look at our CoMMingle Conversational Marketing Service, which provides 24/7 and 365-day wedding and event lead generation for hotels. When paired with just a tiny advertising budget (of about $250 per month), properties can expect great results. Just take a look at our latest case study for a property that successfully produced 345 warm wedding event leads within 90 days at the cost of only $2.60 per lead generated.
For those questioning Instagram’s viability, let’s dive into these startling statistics:

Instagram boasts over 2 billion active monthly users, with a whopping 69% aged 18-54.
Every day, 200 million Instagram users explore at least one business profile.
An impressive 81% of users utilize Instagram to research new products and services.
Nine out of ten accounts follow businesses on Instagram, with 375 million users sending direct messages monthly.

In my opinion, Instagram is far from “dead”. It’s alive and thriving for those ready to adapt and innovate. Reach out and let our team demonstrate how we can leverage social media to drive real business – event business – to your property.

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