PartnerCentric Launches New Index – WWD

PartnerCentric just released its “Incrementality Power Rankings” report, which measures the effectiveness of partnership marketing. The report’s Incrementality Score and composite index can help retailers and brands better optimize their affiliate marketing programs.

Stephanie Harris, chief executive officer and founder of PartnerCentric, said the company “built the Incrementality Index and patented Fuse technology to debunk affiliate marketing myths, offer a clear data-driven view of each partner’s digital purchase pathway impact and deliver actionable and automated commission opportunities across all channels of influence.” 

“In simple terms, the Incrementality Index is an intelligence tool that outlines which affiliate marketing partners are more helpful to growing your business,” Harris said in the report. “It takes a multipronged approach to analyzing and understanding incrementality in a way that makes practical sense, arming our industry with actionable insights that meet and exceed long-term growth goals. In the short time, the Incrementality Index has been available, our clients have found these new insights invaluable.”

In the report, the buy now, pay later affiliate channel had the highest score and was followed by loyalty and rewards sites. In third was content/blog publishers.

PartnerCentric said in a statement that the index was created because the partnership marketing industry “has lacked a unified standard for assessing which affiliate partners, content creators and publishers deliver true incremental growth.”

The company said the Incrementality Index is the industry’s “first data-driven, partner-agnostic technology” and noted that the reporting “is poised to revolutionize and deliver irrefutable credibility to the partnership marketing industry, while driving actionable insights for brands.”

Regarding the value proposition for retailers and brands of PartnerCentric’s insights, the company said the index offers a “unique ability to create new customers relative to existing customer transactions” while also offering the chance to “influence on early to mid-stage purchase funnel interactions.” It also offers the “power to reactivate stalled or dormant purchase paths.”

Dan Stone, director of customer acquisition at West Marine, said PartnerCentric’s Incrementality Index “aligns with our data-driven approach to marketing investments and creates the opportunity for affiliate marketing to be a discovery engine that could positively impact all of our digital marketing channels and drive the business forward.”

Harris said the impetus behind launching the index was due to a demand for greater transparency and accountability, which she said “have never been more important as the boundaries of affiliate marketing continue to blur with other marketing channels, such as influencer and public relations. Over the years, marketers have been in the dark as to which affiliate partners truly create incremental lift.”

Harris founded the company in 2017.

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