The End of Social Media Gatekeeping

Decommerce: Where brands directly engage with their customers to build sustainable communitiesZURICH, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / July 26, 2023 / The world of social media is changing with the emergence of Web3 technology. This new era is allowing brands to explore new ways to build their communities, leading to less reliance on centralized platforms and more opportunities to create decentralized environments. Technologies are giving brands the tools to develop these communities, paving the way for a decentralized future.Decommerce is a whitelabel community solutionCo-founder of Decommerce, Allan Perrottet, argues that owned communities represent a paradigm shift in the relationship between brands and their customers. The days of brands thriving solely on transactions are gone. The future belongs to brands that empower and engage their audience in co-creation. These brands acknowledge and reward the value they create together.Traditional social media marketing is losing its effectiveness, as organic reach continues to decline. Brands investing significant amounts of money into social platforms often face disappointing engagement and retention. Moreover, data breaches and unethical practices have eroded trust, leaving brands searching for a more reliable alternative.Decommerce’s whitelabel community software allows brands to connect with their audience on a genuine and mutual level at the same time. Decommerce addresses the issue of diminishing organic reach, which renders 98% of social media followers unreachable. They enable brands to reward their community through stablecoins and NFTs while co-creating digital and physical products with their members. Decommerce’s success with renowned brands like TBô demonstrates the power of decentralized communities in fostering authentic connections and driving meaningful engagement.Decommerce, along with brands like Nike, Starbucks, and Gucci, is redefining the concept of brand communities. Next-Gen communities are built on shared interests, values, and ownership, enabling individuals all over the globe to connect and collaborate. This newfound inclusivity and innovation foster a sense of belonging and engagement, allowing brands to co-create directly with their customer audience and build sustainable profits.Story continuesAs the social media landscape evolves, brands embracing the potential of owned communities will enjoy a bright future. Decommerce leads the way by providing brands with the tools to navigate this new digital age. Additionally, the company recently acquired UK investors, Farfetch and Outlier Ventures, as significant partners.About Decommerce:Decommerce is a whitelabel community solution that enables brands to collaboratively create the future of commerce with their communities. The protocol allows brands to host, engage, and reward their communities within brand-immersive experiences on their brand’s webshop, campaign microsites, and apps.Co-founded by Roy Bernheim and Allan Perrottet, the venture is backed by Outlier Ventures, FARFETCH and renowned individual investors.Contact InformationRoy Bernheim Co-founder [email protected] Sullivan Strategic Executive Support [email protected] Files1.png3.pngSOURCE: Decommerce.View source version on

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