Baktat Is Bringing the Bitcoin Effect to the Farming Industry for Passive Income – Here’s How

Baktat is an ecosystem on a mission to bring the Bitcoin Effect to the farming and agricultural industry, allowing investors to earn passive income through agriculture.
The Baktat Farming Crowdfunding Platform is a revolutionary product that will let ordinary people join farmland projects and share a portion of the revenue generated.
The project allows users to profit from the agricultural business without the need to buy farms, equipment, or cattle.
The presale for Baktat Germany Token ($BAKTAT) just went underway, allowing you to get positioned on the ground floor.
Baktat Bringing the Bitcoin Effect to the Farming Industry

Baktat is on a mission to bring the Bitcoin Effect to the farming industry. Described as “Your Money Farm,” Baktat has a groundbreaking farming crowdfunding platform that provides the perfect strategy to profit in the agricultural business.
The project aims to democratize the farming industry and share the profitability with token holders.
Baktat has existed since 1991 and has three decades of experience in the agricultural sector. Through this expertise, Baktat has an existing network of manufacturers, suppliers, and end customers to leverage in its ecosystem.
The global foods and groceries industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, currently valued at $12 trillion with a CAGR of 5%. Baktat is using its experience to tap into this thriving industry to become the first crypto-based agricultural project.
The project’s goal is to create an ecosystem that lets customers use $BAKTAT tokens to participate in agricultural projects around the world and earn from the profits they generate.
Baktat Farming Crowdfunding Platform Brings Passive Income Opportunities
The central product for the ecosystem is the Baktat Farming Crowdfunding Platform which lets investors get positioned in the agricultural sector to earn a passive income.
The platform allows farmland operators to raise cash and investors to earn a portion of the revenue generated. All users’ deposits are collected in no-loss projects, providing huge rewards for even the smallest investments.
Users can browse through the agricultural projects on the Farming Crowdfunding Platform and choose a project to participate in by depositing their $BAKTAT to secure a passive income.
Once deposited, the smart contract provides Farmland Shares, which can then be staked to receive $BAKTAT tokens that are generated through a percentage of the net profit generated in the chosen project.
The total return of each investment is 60% of the project’s net profit, and the distribution of returns depends on the harvest time and the product’s sale.
The best part about it all is that users don’t have to do anything once they’ve invested in a farmland project. Instead, the team manages the entire operation through their network, so investors simply need to sit back and wait for their returns to start piling in.
The team intends to start with 20,000 hectares of land and expand to 80,000 hectares long term.
Ecosystem Managed Through Intuitive Mobile Application

The entire ecosystem is managed through an intuitive mobile application that lets users check their wallet balances and join projects.
The mobile applications will let users see their order history management and view analytics for any farmland project they’ve invested in.
In addition, the mobile application will be the direct communication to let users interact with the farmland.
Furthermore, the mobile application also provides a service to allow users to purchase groceries using several well-known cryptocurrencies or $BAKTAT – providing additional utility.
Presale Officially Live: Invest Today and Earn Passive Income
The presale for $BAKTAT is officially live, and investors are rushing to the passive income opportunity.
After being open for just a few days, $BAKTAT has already managed to raise over €110,000 in the presale, demonstrating the growing hype behind the project.
The presale aims to secure the best locations worldwide and help obtain the necessary licenses and land to create an infrastructure that shares profits.
The tokenomics for the presale have been carefully crafted to create long-term user loyalty and project sustainability.

Therefore, 60% is sold in the presale, with 30% reserved for the team and strategic partnerships. The remaining supply is reserved for bounties, advisors, and charitable donations.
The presale is currently selling the token for €0.00120. However, it’s important to mention that the presale is using a rising pricing strategy that will increase the cost of $BAKTAT during each stage of the presale.
For example, in the second stage, the price for the token will increase €0.00125 and continue to increase across the stages.
Therefore, those buying earlier benefit the most as they will leave the presale with higher levels of unrealized returns.
Any tokens not sold in the presale will be burnt – reducing the overall circulating supply.
Users can purchase $BAKTAT using either $ETH or $USDT.
Overall, Baktat token provides a unique user-friendly participation process to profit from the farming industry.
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This project is the trademark and patent application of the EU registration number: 018681672 Baktatcoin
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