I make almost £20k a WEEK with my side hustle – I can do it while sprawled in bed and you don’t need qualifications

A WOMAN has revealed that she makes almost £20,000 a week, thanks to her simple side hustle.
So if you are fed up with your dull 9-5 job and want to try something else, you’ll need to listen up.
3A woman has revealed that she makes almost £20,000 every single week, thanks to her side hustleCredit: tiktok@makemoneywithmarie
3Audrey Marie explained that through affiliate marketing, she is able to work from home and earn a fortuneCredit: tiktok@makemoneywithmarie
3Social media users were thankful for Audrey’s helpful adviceCredit: tiktok@makemoneywithmarie
Even better, you can do this side hustle sprawled in bed and you don’t need any qualifications – yes, you heard that correctly. 
Audrey Marie took to social media to reveal more about her side hustle, as she claimed that she earns her fortune through affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement in which affiliates receive a commission for each visit, signup or sale they generate for a merchant. 
This arrangement allows businesses to outsource part of the sales process. 

Posting online, Audrey explained: “The best way to make money online in 2023!
“Forbes announced that freelance digital marketing would be the top-paying freelance job of 2023.
“I started affiliate marketing in March as a total beginner, and I’m now averaging $25k [£19,700] per WEEK!!
“This video is intended to give an overview of the most important steps of affiliate marketing…”

She then went into more detail, as she confirmed: “Listen, I know you are tired of people telling you how much money they’re making, without actually telling you how they’re doing it, so buckle up. This is gonna be affiliate marketing 101.
“Step one is to pick a niche – this is basically just a topic of interest.
“Health, wealth and relationships are the three most profitable niches year round, because these are the things that people care most about.
“Once you pick your niche, you’re gonna head to a website like Digitstore 24 or Clickbank and this is where you’re gonna get your affiliate links.
“Next you’re gonna create your sales funnel, which is just a way for you to collect email addresses, so that you have an email list to promote your products to.
“The bigger your email list, the more products you’ll likely be able to sell.
“I personally use Clickfunnels for this, but you can also use Systeme.io.
“Next you’re gonna get an email auto responder set up and this is what’s gonna keep your business running even when you aren’t working.
“I personally like AWeber, but you can also use GetResponse.
“You can write five to 10 emails in one day and just schedule them to come out on different days of the week.
“Once you have those two connected, all you have to do is drive traffic to your sales funnel.
“You can do this by creating organic content and posting it online, just like this video, or you can also run paid ads to drive traffic to your link.”
Audrey then continued: “Affiliate marketing is not some scary beast that you have to tackle.
“It’s actually an extremely simple business model that literally anyone from teenagers to grandmas and grandpas can do.” 
Audrey’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @makemoneywithmarie, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 36,100 views in just five days.
Social media users were thankful for the advice and many took to the comments to express this.
One person said: “I wanna try.”
Another added: “Wow, this is truly amazing! I love Click Funnel apps, but Systeme io is a very useful tool too.” 
A third commented: “Very helpful! Thanks so much!”

Whilst someone else noted: “Thanks for breaking it down!” 
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