Mosaic Digital launches to help Microbrands and SMBs

Mosaic Digital Systems, Inc. the premier CRM for analyzing, managing, and scaling performance marketing channels, announced today it has emerged from stealth and already helped 800 e-commerce companies generate $150 million in sales through the industry’s first do-it-yourself, SaaS partnership marketing platform.
The self-funded company was launched by adtech innovator Kyle Mitnick, who led affiliate advertising agency Advertise Purple to become the leader in affiliate program management, with more than 4,000 brands in 23 business verticals generating $4 billion in affiliate revenue.
“Mosaic will change what it means to be an expert affiliate marketer by giving brands the power to achieve scalable success on their own for the first time,” Mr. Mitnick said. “Using Mosaic will help brands of any size leverage precise targeting by identifying niche publishers that cater directly to their target audience, providing an unparalleled level of relevance and engagement compared to traditional marketing.”
The global value of the affiliate marketing industry has grown to $12 billion, with 80% of brands using affiliate marketing to acquire new customers. But the ecosystem remains fragmented, with discovery and scheduling still a major drain on time and resources. Additionally, smaller businesses have struggled to index and analyze conversions to gauge the effectiveness of their programs. This means that campaign directives and other important insights have only been accessible to companies with large advertising budgets.
With the Mosaic CRM, microbrands and SMBs have agency over their affiliate program growth for the first time, gaining access to cutting-edge industry insights and automation.
Users simply enter affiliate program credentials and business information, and then data are automatically pulled into the platform. Through an integrated dashboard, customers get immediate access to all components of management and growth. Users can track the performance of campaigns at affiliate- and vertical-wide levels, with optimization opportunities created and stored in a centralized dashboard visible to all relevant users. All campaigns are created and stored in Mosaic, where their performance can be tracked and compared against other campaigns to provide the full picture of affiliate performance.
“Mosaic’s data-driven approach is a complete game-changer in today’s market,” Mr. Mitnick said. “With real-time analytics and performance metrics you can make informed decisions to optimize your partnerships to have the maximum impact. Mosaic empowers brands to stay agile, adjust strategies, and respond effectively to changing market dynamics.”
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