Mosaic Launches From Stealth – Los Angeles Business Journal

Mosaic Digital Systems Inc. is launching from stealth as a partnership marketing and customer relationship management platform. The company already has more than 800 companies, which are mostly in the e-commerce space, using its services, and has generated about $150 million in sales revenue for them. Brand clients include coffee company Illycaffè S.p.A., Big Blanket Co., baby and children’s goods company Project Nursery and DecorSteal LLC. 
Affiliate marketing is an arrangement in which a brand pays a commission to an affiliate to promote the brand’s products or services. Affiliates are often influencers or social media creators and are usually paid according to the sales or visits to the brand’s site that are generated by their posts. Mosaic helps companies track the productivity of their marketing campaigns, manage communications and payments and find new affiliates.
“Affiliate marketing is all about curating solid relationships with publishers,” Mosaic founder and president Kyle Mitnick said. “Until now, the details to locate, onboard and manage these publishers have been well hidden behind the gates of high-priced ad agencies.”
The process begins with a customized gap analysis to evaluate if results from an affiliate campaign match up with the brand’s expectations. The brand will submit login credentials to their affiliate network, which is the intermediary platform that connects brands with influencers and is usually compensated with a commission payment or finder’s fee. Mosaic then downloads the performance of that campaign and provides the brand with optimization strategies, automated onboarding for new partnerships and an automated marketing campaign deployment tool.
“Mosaic provides our customers (with) insights to show why a particular affiliate is a good fit for the brand, whether it’s due to parity with business vertical, product type, geography, average order value or another relevant data point,” Mitnick said. “We then provide tools for the brand to connect with them, onboard them and create a lasting and profitable relationship.”
Mitnick previously founded Santa Monica-based affiliate marketing agency Advertise Purple and continues to serve as chairman of the company. He said that Mosaic can offer marketing management support to companies of different sizes, including those that may not have a large marketing team.
The company is largely self-funded, with an additional $200,000 of seed funding. Businesses pay a monthly fee of $399 to use the platform, plus a one-time activation fee of $999, though a commercial subscription with customized pricing is available to enterprise clients.

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