Tamia Carey empowers Caribbean entrepreneurs to thrive in the global market

Tamia Carey
TAMIA Carey, a seasoned marketing professional and successful entrepreneur, made significant contributions at the LEVERAGING CARIFORUM Trade Agreements conference held July 25-26. Her expertise and insights have undoubtedly inspired and equipped Caribbean entrepreneurs to embrace digital transformation and leverage trade agreements, expanding their reach in the international market.
Organised by Caribbean Export, the regional trade and investment promotion agency, the conference was designed to foster economic dialogue and provide cutting-edge support to the private sector within the Caribbean region. Caribbean Export, being a subgroup of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), serves as a vital base for economic discussions with the European Union. Established in 1992, it boasts a membership comprising the 15 Caribbean Community states, along with the Dominican Republic.
Carey, the founder of STUSH Marketing and Tamia Carey Clothing, is widely recognised as an authority in the marketing space. With a wealth of experience, she has employed her own strategies to successfully launch and promote her clothing line regionally.
During the conference, Carey delivered two powerful presentations, enlightening attendees on the importance of adopting digital marketing strategies and leveraging trade agreements to boost business growth. Her practical approach and real-life success stories resonated with the audience, providing them with actionable insights to navigate the ever-evolving global landscape.
Reflecting on the conference, Carey shared her vision.
“As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges and opportunities that arise in the digital era. Embracing digital platforms and content marketing can open doors to a global audience, allowing Caribbean businesses to thrive on an international scale.
“Trade agreements present incredible opportunities for Caribbean entrepreneurs to access new markets and establish mutually beneficial partnerships. By capitalising on these agreements, businesses can unlock their full potential and foster sustainable growth.”
Carey’s presence at the conference has left a lasting impact, motivating Caribbean entrepreneurs to take bold steps in their marketing endeavours. Her achievements in both the marketing industry and as an entrepreneur exemplify the potential for success within the region.


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