Younique Launches Enhanced Affiliate Program At 10th Anniversary Convention

At its 10-year anniversary convention themed, “10 Years of You,” Younique launched its new Younique Brand Affiliate Pathway. 


The enhanced affiliate program is part of the company’s strategic initiatives to pivot the company toward “direct sales innovation,” which began in June 2022. The company described the Younique Brand Affiliate Pathway as a “modern approach to business [that] is designed to make [the] Younique opportunity more approachable and effective.”


With this change, the Younique community now consists of three types of engaged users: customers, brand affiliates and brand ambassadors. While the former party plan model is no longer intact, the company stated that it is still a direct sales company and firmly emphasized that it “always will” be. The affiliate program’s objective, the company stated, is the same as the hostess rewards program—to grow networks.


The 10th Anniversary Convention also included a 10-Year 10K benefit run, live product training and education sessions, and a first-hand account by Derek Maxfield of how and why he started Younique. 


“We are thrilled by the introduction of our Younique Brand Affiliate Pathway program and the enthusiastic response it has garnered from our audience,” said Derek Maxfield, CEO and founder of Younique Products. “Through Younique’s Deliberately Different Journey to Success, we aren’t simply adopting affiliate marketing; we’re pioneering its integration into direct sales.”

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