Your Latest ChatGPT Software Updates Revealed

The GistEngaging conversations. OpenAI’s ChatGPT now provides enhanced conversational capabilities, including prompt examples and suggested replies.Data-driven decision making. The ability to upload and analyze multiple files at once and the consistent use of the advanced GPT-4 model could transform ChatGPT into a powerful tool for data-driven decision-making.Enhanced user experience. Improved user experience with features like memory of previously selected models, fewer required logins and keyboard shortcuts, opens avenues for marketers to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.OpenAI’s latest updates to conversational AI chatbot ChatGPT aims to give users a creative boost to get started and new powers to continue conversations with clickable ChatGPT-generated suggestions.For marketers and customer experience professionals, these changes essentially give some prompt-generation inspiration and ways to get ChatGPT to dig deeper when searching for information. Perhaps it can be said this takes a page out of the Google Search query results page, which displays related search queries.OpenAI announced the latest changes Aug. 3, about a week after it rolled out a ChatGPT app for Android devices.Let’s break down the six latest ChatGPT software updates:Prompt Examples: ChatGPT Encourages Users to Get StartedThis is different from Google’s blank search query approach, which puts the onus on the user to get started. ChatGPT will now offer ways for you to get going. Like a virtual cup of coffee. Consider it a solution for Generative AI Prompt Block, the new writer’s block of our fast-advancing artificial intelligence world.What OpenAI says: A blank page can be intimidating. At the beginning of a new chat, you’ll now see examples to help you get started.Impact for marketers: Prompt examples provide a user-friendly interface to engage with ChatGPT. Marketers can use this feature to get an idea of how to craft more engaging conversations with their audience and content. Additionally, they could analyze these examples to better understand how AI interacts and communicates, and possibly integrate similar patterns into their own communication strategies.Impact on customer experience and lessons CX pros can apply: For customers, this feature reduces the initial barrier to using the AI, making it much easier for new users to understand how to interact with the platform. This aids in user onboarding and improves the overall user experience by making it more intuitive and less intimidating. Related Article: Top 5 Free Prompt Engineering CoursesSuggested Replies: ChatGPT Wants to Be Your Prompt Maître D’Google has long tried to help users make the next search with related queries. It seems like OpenAI’s headed down that path, being the ever-so-helpful Prompt Maître d’.What OpenAI says: Go deeper with a click. ChatGPT now suggests relevant ways to continue your conversation.Impact for marketers: Suggested replies allow marketers to analyze the type of responses AI might provide, thereby better understanding AI-driven communication patterns. This could guide them in creating AI-compatible content and in optimizing their marketing strategies.Impact on customer experience and lessons CX pros can apply: This feature adds to the user-friendliness of the platform, as it offers suggestions on how to proceed with the conversation. It’s especially useful for users who may not know exactly what to ask or say next, enhancing their interaction with the AI.GPT-4 by Default: Open Your ChatGPT Screen to Latest VersionOk, we’ll admit as paid users here: It is a little bit of a pain to have to go from ChatGPT-3.5 to ChatGPT-4.0, the paid version, when getting started. So this is welcome news. Even more welcome news would be the return of the ChatGPT Web Browser plug-in.What OpenAI says: When starting a new chat as a Plus user, ChatGPT will remember your previously selected model — no more defaulting back to GPT-3.5.Impact for marketers: The improved capabilities of GPT-4 provide richer, more nuanced and coherent interactions. This enables marketers a quicker path to the conversational AI bot for more complex tasks, such as producing high-quality content, conducting advanced data analysis and personalizing customer interactions.Impact on customer experience and lessons CX pros can apply: For customers, the consistent use of the GPT-4 model means a more engaging, reliable and satisfying experience. They can enjoy enhanced conversation quality and better responses to complex queries.Related Article: OpenAI’s New ChatGPT Might Be the First Good ChatbotUpload Multiple Files: The More, the Merrier for ChatGPTYeah, so we approve this update, too. More, the merrier is always good when it comes to ChatGPT’s analysis skills. What marketer doesn’t want to analyze insights across multiple files?View allWhat OpenAI says: You can now ask ChatGPT to analyze data and generate insights across multiple files. This is available with the Code Interpreter beta for all Plus users.Impact for marketers: This feature enables marketers to utilize AI for analyzing large amounts of data across multiple files. It can greatly reduce the time and effort required to generate insights from complex datasets, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.Impact on customer experience: Users can now get AI-generated insights from a wider range of their own data, increasing the practicality and usefulness of the platform. This could be a significant benefit for users looking to analyze and learn from personal or work-related data.Stay Logged In: Never End a ChatGPT Session Again!Ok, this one didn’t bother us too much. Logging in every two weeks — is that an actual problem for someone? Don’t forget it wasn’t long ago where we didn’t even have the internet, folks.What OpenAI says: You’ll no longer be logged out every two weeks! When you do need to log in, you’ll be greeted with a much more welcoming page.Impact for marketers: This feature reduces the friction associated with repeated logins, leading to a smoother user journey. It might help improve user retention and increase the usage of the platform, which is beneficial for marketers trying to reach and engage their audience.Impact on customer experience: It significantly enhances user experience by eliminating the inconvenience of frequent logins. A more welcoming login page also contributes to a more positive user experience.Keyboard Shortcuts: ChatGPT’s Too Slow. Bring Me What I Want Now!Again, what busy marketer or customer experience professional doesn’t like a shortcut? ChatGPT’s got you covered.What OpenAI says: Work faster with shortcuts, like ⌘ (Ctrl) + Shift + ; to copy last code block. Try ⌘ (Ctrl) + / to see the complete list.Impact for marketers: Keyboard shortcuts can help marketers use the platform more efficiently, which is important when carrying out tasks such as data analysis, content generation or customer engagement.Impact on customer experience: Keyboard shortcuts provide users with a quick and easy way to navigate and use the platform, improving user experience by speeding up interactions and making the platform more convenient to use.Conclusion: Next Steps for Marketers and Customer Experience ProsOk, these updates seem like general helpful user interface improvements. They won’t revolutionize marketing and customer experience, but there are UI improvements practitioners can adopt. And some heavy hitters in the marketing industry have taken a liking to the ChatGPT updates. Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and chief technology officer for marketing technology provider HubSpot, shared in a LinkedIn post his passing grade for ChatGPT’s prompt-reply suggestions.”Not sure if this is new, or I just missed it, but ChatGPT now shows suggested follow-up prompts at the bottom of its output,” Shah wrote. “In this example, I asked if HubSpot offered a CRM, and I see two follow-up prompts (which are good suggestions).”Marketers and customer experience professionals should familiarize themselves with the prompt examples and suggested replies, seeking to understand how AI-driven communication patterns can inform their audience interaction. These features cannot only provide inspiration but also serve as a roadmap to crafting more compelling content that aligns with AI dynamics.And the overall lesson? Even OpenAI is not immune to user experience improvements. Marketers and customer experience professionals can take cues from this, focusing their efforts on providing seamless and efficient interactions for your audience.

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