Chimpzee Soars Past $1.25 Million Milestone as Traders Hurry Toward Charitable Project that Provides Passive Income

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The presale for Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) continues to thrive after recently crossing the $1.25 million milestone.
Investors are rushing to this ecology project as they believe it can help combat climate change, save wildlife, and provide a passive income to users in one ecosystem.
The presale is now in the 11th stage, but investors will need to be quick because prices are quickly rising as traders flock to this groundbreaking, wholesome project.
Chimpzee Uses Web3 To Help Combat Climate Change and Save Wildlife While Providing Passive Income

Chimpzee is a powerful Web3 project that’s created an ecosystem where users can earn a passive income while simultaneously raising funds to finance charities making positive contributions to the world by saving animals and the environment.
The project intends to raise awareness and revolutionize how Web3 users donate to charity by offering three ways for people to earn a passive income.
In addition, an entire NFT ecosystem behind the project provides additional bonuses to holders.
Overall, the project helps to make a real impact on the world by empowering people to make money while doing their part to save nature and fight climate change.
Not Just All-Talk: Charitable Contributions Already in Full Swing

The best part about the project is that the team has shown their charitable commitment repeatedly – even during the current presale stages.
Plenty of projects promise to make charitable donations, but very few actually follow through once the fundraising is complete.
Chimpzee is totally different.
The project has already made significant verifiable donations during its presale stages, such as planting trees and saving elephants and jaguars.
The donations are verified through The Giving Block, a platform that helps facilitate crypto-based donations to charities. Therefore, the donations are entirely transparent, and investors know exactly where their funds go.
A significant contribution was made to WILD Foundation to help finance the rangers protecting one of the world’s last herds of desert-adapted elephants.
Chimpzee made a $15,000 contribution to the cause, providing the rangers with the resources they need to continue their mission,

Chimpzee Makes the News and Appears on CoinTelegraph!
— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) May 25, 2023

Another donation was made to WILD to help save the last few thousand black jaguars living in South America.

Hey #ChimpzeeArmy! 🐵🌟
🎉We have just made a $20,000 donation to the @wildfoundation to support their remarkable efforts in saving and protecting the majestic black jaguar!🐆❤️
Join our #Presale and help us achieve our next donation!✨🌍
— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) July 14, 2023

Furthermore, once the presale hit the $500,000 hard cap, Chimpzee also pledged to donate over 20,000 trees in Brazil to help restore the rainforest through One Tree Planted;

What an amazing accomplishment! 🤩🌳 We are so happy to support you and get these trees planted🌱🌎
— One Tree Planted (@onetreeplanted) June 15, 2023

As you can see, Chimpzee is serious about raising awareness and financial contributions to organizations that are doing good for the world. Getting involved means you can help them with the cause.
Three Pillars to Passive Income For Users
The charitable efforts are just one of the reasons investors are rushing to this project.
Another reason is the passive income the Chimpzee ecosystem provides.

There are three integrated pillars that help users earn a passive income;


The Shop2Earn component will be the central commerce center for Chimpzee users, allowing them to spend $CHMPZ tokens to earn rewards.
The Trade2Earn component is centered around the Chimpzee NFT marketplace, which allows traders to buy environmentally focused-NFTs.
This will be one of the first marketplaces that shares a portion of the trading fee profits with everyone on the platform, with some even going to charities.
Finally, the Play2Earn component is the Zero Tolerance Chimpzee game, which allows users to earn rewards for hitting milestones in a fun game.
It’s important to note that those wanting to earn the highest level of rewards in the Chimpzee ecosystem will need to own the Diamond NFT Passport.
Everybody investing in the presale will be able to mint a Chimpzee NFT Passport, but the Diamond level is reserved for stage one buyers – which has already passed.
Despite this, users can still obtain a Diamond NFT Passport at the end of the presale if users sell them – likely at higher prices.
Presale Continues to Sell Out – Buy Before Prices Continue to Rise

With the presale growing quickly, it’s not expected to be around for too long before the token officially launches on exchanges.
Furthermore, investing at this stage of the presale means you will be helping Chimpzee to protect 1000 sq meters of the Australian rainforest and the animals that live there, as the team will be making a sizable donation once the presale funding hits $1.4 million.
They’ll also be burning 1 billion tokens;

🐵🌲Help Chimpzee protect 1000 sq meters of the Australian rainforest and the animals that live in it.
🔥1 Billion tokens to be burned when raise goal achieved!
➡️Current Price $0.00095📈Next price increase in 7 days! – $0.001🚀Listing Price -…
— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) August 25, 2023

The presale is currently in the eleventh stage, selling the token at a price of $0.001. However, the presale uses a rising pricing strategy, meaning that the cost of the token will increase as the presale progresses.

As a result, those who invest earlier will benefit the most as they leave the presale with higher levels of unrealized returns.
Overall, Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is a groundbreaking project that you don’t want to miss as it has 10x potential with additional passive income benefits while making considerable charitable donations – something that’s never been done before.
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