Google Bard Picked ApeCoin, Immutable, and Everlodge, Which Altcoin Will Climb the Furthest?

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Meta Title: Google Bard Picked ApeCoin, Immutable, and Everlodge, but Which Altcoin Will Climb the Furthest?

Meta Description: Learn about the future surrounding ApeCoin, Immutable and Everlodge and see which altcoin can climb the furthest in value according to Google Bard. 

The process of tokenizing real-world assets is the next sector of crypto that’s going to grow, and Everlodge (ELDG) is one of the first projects that can take profits from this growth, based on data from Google Bard. The AI-driven trading bot also generated data on how ApeCoin (APE) and Immutable (IMX) can also surge in value. Today, we will analyze all of these altcoins to see which one can climb the furthest. 


ApeCoin to climb to $2.32

Immutable can spike to $1.79

Everlodge can climb by 30x

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ApeCoin (APE) Future Outlook Based on Google Bard

The ApeCoin (APE) cryptocurrency has seen a short-term bullish structure. However, the bulls could face a rejection close to the $1.6 value point. Google Bard noted how the ApeCoin price needs to breach past $1.63 in order to grab the attention of new investors and traders. 

However, this is a solid possibility for the ApeCoin crypto to achieve. The higher timeframe market structure was in the favor of the sellers. 

But the $1.5 resistance can be beaten by the ApeCoin cryptocurrency as the bearish pressure resolves, and bulls overtake the market. Based on the results from the AI, the ApeCoin price prediction is that it will reach a maximum point of $2.32.

Immutable (IMX) to Surge According to Google Bard

Then there’s Immutable (IMX), another competing cryptocurrency that’s recommended by Google Bard. The price behind the Immutable crypto has passed above the 9-day moving average. In addition, according to projections made by the AI, the Immutable price can move above the upper boundary of the channel.

However, the results also revealed that it has crossed above the 21-day average, and there are bulls within the Immutable market. According to the RSI, it is at the 40 level, and if immutable beats the resistance levels at $0.85 and above, it can surge by the end of the year. 

In fact, according to the Immutable price prediction, it can reach $1.79 by the end of the year. 

Everlodge (ELDG) Can CLimb by 30x. According to Google Bard

According to Google Bard, Everlodge is in a position where it can democratize access to property investments. Specifically, the platform mints properties as NFTs. These can then benefit from the rising property prices, and people will be able to generate passive income from renting.

However, unlike the traditional ways of getting properties, investors will not be required to invest $2,000,000, for example, up front. Instead, through the process of fractionalization, they can invest as little as $100 and get all of the benefits. ELDG is the native crypto used to power the ecosystem. 

Holders can stake it for passive income, and it can be used for governance. During the Beta Presale Stage, it traded at $0.010. At Stage 1, it surged by 20% to $0.012, and at Stage 2, it will spike by 33%. According to Google Bard, it can climb 30x by the time it launches. 

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