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Representative imga“People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories, and magic,” the words of Seth Godin, an author and marketing strategist, have been proven to be one of the utmost truths in recent years. Professionals have been building narratives around products, services, companies, and the people behind them, amplifying the positives across multiple channels.The old marketing styles of billboards, hoardings, radio, and TV are not nearly as effective as they used to be. There is a dire necessity to capture people’s attention and hold it long enough to make a difference in their buying decisions. Leveraging customer acquisition possibilities and converting them into real buyers today is aided by IT, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data.IT is the KingmakerAs Bill Gates said, “Content is King.” Today it can be safely reiterated that “IT is the Kingmaker”. The deployment of the right software can automate and optimize customer relationship management (CRM), which is an integral part of successfully executing marketing strategies. It allows companies to manage current and prospective consumer data and execute digital campaigns through multiple channels, including email, SEO consulting, PPC, and social media outreach.Content creation is the cornerstone for planning and executing any successful digital marketing strategy. Creating content, specifically tailored for each IT channels ensures that the marketing department is outfitted with the most recent hardware and software needed to attract, engage, and create digital storyboards that can be transformed into audio and visual format as needed. While success stories and best practices are integral parts of IT-led marketing strategies, there is also a facet of technical marketing. Technical marketing is a way of increasing a product’s awareness among audiences by communicating a deeper, technical understanding of how a product works. It shifts the focus from the company to the key specifications and features of the product. This is often done through video, which is also an IT-enabled channel to captivate the audience.Beyond Sales: Enhancing Customer ExperienceA company’s responsibility does not end with positive sales figures. There needs to be a robust after-sales service and positive word-of-mouth for marketing channels to really succeed—be it digital or traditional marketing channels. ICT tools and technologies, such as website analytics, conversion tracking, and email marketing software, enable businesses to track and measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. This helps businesses to optimize their digital marketing strategies for better results.IT, beyond sales, is a formidable force to drive the next level of marketing for organizations. It remains the tool that the marketing department uses to reach out to prospective and existing customers, investors and the community while creating an overarching image that represents the company in a positive light.MarTech for FutureWhile the MarTech stack is ever-changing, encompassing a varying scope of implementation, a few uses of IT that is gaining popularity are chatbots enabled conversational AI, brand awareness campaigns, search and demand-generation through Big Data, Voice Search Optimisation and many others. Among these, chatbots simulate human conversation, allowing businesses to interact with customers in a natural and personalized way. Conversational AI models can be trained to handle more complex tasks and improve the customer experience. The marketing possibilities embedded in AI and data analysis technologies are yet to be explored fully.Similarly, with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri, people are using voice commands to search for products and services. At some point, MarTech will have to incorporate voice enablement for all products. Today, Martech is equipped with data that can be leveraged by platforms like Adobe, LiveRamp, MailChimp and HubSpot for targeted, agile campaigns across search, social and display channels. ChatGpt, in today’s world, can curate content for MarTech in minutes! Thus ‘Technology for Marketing’ is evolving and expected to change the landscape of activities in the coming years.Challenges In Tracking Customer Journey & Leveraging ITMarketing focuses on driving results while utilizing entire sales funnels and customer journeys as well as collaborating across other departments. At the same time, marketers are also responsible for creating public-facing brand messaging, much like traditional marketers. The task is huge and many times, it is not possible to track the customer’s journey in the truest sense. Constant behavioral data analysis that provides visibility into customer interactions is a challenge for every marketeer, even if leveraging IT. Thus, it is important to leverage IT in a goal based manner to create strategic, personalized marketing instead of exhausting its potential and undermining the company’s goals. In short, for the best results, IT strategy needs to planned and not reactive. Ultimately, IT is a tool and it is the strategy that drives its success. ConclusionThe power of IT in leveraging business growth and success cannot be overstated. Professionals have harnessed the potential of IT, using it to build compelling narratives and amplify positive messages across various channels. Traditional marketing methods have become less effective, necessitating the capture of people’s attention and influencing their buying decisions through IT, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. However, it is possible to captivate audience and execute digital campaigns by deploying the right software, challenges such as tracking customer journeys and analysing behavioral data still remain. Therefore, it is crucial to plan IT strategies strategically and personalized marketing approaches, allowing IT to be the tool that drives business success.

Published On Sep 6, 2023 at 07:29 AM IST

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