Optimizing Landing Pages for SEO Success with Jesse Ringer

In this episode, Jesse Ringer joins me to talk about optimizing landing pages for SEO success.
Jesse Ringer, the founder of Method and Metric, launched the company in 2017. With over 10 years of experience, Jesse has assisted business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing teams in crafting successful SEO strategies for their respective organizations.
Jesse’s dedication to progress, the fusion of creativity with data-driven approaches, and a commitment to making technology accessible to all have driven him to establish an agency that prioritizes the ethical and forward-thinking connection between data and people. Widely recognized as a creative problem solver, marketer, and entrepreneur, Jesse has a track record of assembling high-performing teams and achieving remarkable outcomes.
In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, characterized by digital transformation and the convenience of online shopping for consumers, there is an increasing demand for businesses to establish a strong online presence. This is precisely where Jesse specializes in helping companies uncover the formula for generating not only increased website traffic but, more importantly, higher revenue.
Jesse gives listeners actionable tips on:

[0:00] Intro
[2:00] What to do if your website isn’t revenue generating
[3:45] What is a landing page
[5:10] Why a one page website is a bad idea
[9:10] The purpose of a landing page compared to a service page or blog post
[10:55] How to use AI with landing pages, blog posts, and other content.
[13:55] Mistakes people make on their landing pages
[16:00] How to build a sales sequence with different types of pages
[22:05] Analytics, ads, and what people get wrong
[25:30] How to use google analytics to help your customer journey
[32:40] Leveraging a page that is gaining traction
[33:50] Jesse’s book review
[38:50] One big tip to gain from this conversation 

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