Tech Review:’s Creator Platform

Tech Review:’s Creator Platform, a global partnership management platform, has launched an exciting new tool called / creator. It’s an all-in-one influencer marketing platform, which boasts the remarkable ability to help advertisers discover, create, manage, and scale full-funnel influencer programmes within one interface.Combining affiliate and influencer marketing has become an aspiration for brands and creators alike in the industry, leveraging the upper funnel awareness of influencers with the lower funnel accuracy of affiliate marketing. But how do you go about doing it?The new platform from aims to make this approach an achievable reality for its users. We took a look at the technology and learned more about it from the team.Why does this technology matter in today’s market?Over the past 10 years, the influencer landscape has exponentially expanded to become the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. While this of course brings a plethora of benefits, new complications do arise. One key problem is searching through the thousands of potential partners to find the right fit for your brand.“ / creator is an influencer marketing platform designed to right that wrong,” says Brian Marcus, Senior Director, Product Marketing at The platform aims to connect advertisers with creators, help them build meaningful partnerships, and manage collaborative campaigns all through its simple interface.The goal is to provide an easier way for all brands to enter the rapidly growing influencer space when they might not know where to start. The simplicity of the platform allows advertisers from all backgrounds to get their footing in the channel.But it’s not just a platform for beginners. Industry veterans can also find value in its ability to establish longer-term partnerships. “Our research shows that longer-term partnerships are more effective,” says Marcus, “Brands and influencers can see the benefits for themselves and their customers/followers.”What are some key features?The platform provides an extensive, all-in-one range of features to power effective influencer marketing programmes. Both brands and creators can access high quality performance tracking, first-party creator data, and view detailed performance insights including engagement, demographics, conversions, and attribution.Users can also keep track of how their content is performing on each social platform, learn which posts drive the biggest impact, and maximise ROI.One very exciting feature is the ability to make payments through the platform. This is a particular pain point in the industry and / creator is an appropriate antidote. Users can choose between flexible and diverse payout models through the platform, including flat fees, performance-based commissions, or a blend of the two.“Creators also receive the fastest payouts in the industry, processed as fast as the next day,” Marcus explains, “Payments can also be made to creators globally and in their preferred currency.”How user-friendly is it?A platform that lets you simultaneously discover, create, manage, and scale full-funnel influencer programmes sounds daunting and complicated to use, but the team at has made sure it stays straightforward.As you can see from the demo, the dashboard has a clean, modern design, easy navigation, and effortless interface.“Ease of use is a core tenet of the platform,” says Marcus. “It’s designed to be used by a broad variety of people, from CMOs and VPs to managers and coordinators, and requires no technical experience or capabilities to get the best results.”However, if you can’t figure it out and find yourself at bashing-your-head-against-the-keyboard levels of frustration, the team is on hand to help you out. There is a live chat, help center, and 24/5 client support services for all users.If you would like to get the most out of the platform, offers training and certification through its Partnership Experience Academy to enhance your expertise and partnership strategies.How does it handle data privacy and security? prides itself on taking a privacy-first approach across all platforms and operations. So, a responsible handling of data is a central attribute of the creator platform. Marcus states, “We take security measures to protect all personal and business Information, including by hashing IP addresses and further encrypting email addresses.”Furthermore, personal information is not associated with individuals, and clients are given strict rules when it comes to collecting such data. What can users expect in terms of future developments? believes that the future of influencer marketing is its union with affiliate marketing. The / creator platform is emblematic of this coalition and aims to become a key tool in helping brands and creators bridge the two worlds.So, as the space continues to evolve, the developer team promises to keep up with the changes and innovate new tools to suit the times.We’re excited to see how / creator plays out in the world of partnerships, making it easier for creators and brands to combine both influencer and affiliate marketing. Certainly, it seems to be a strong step in the right direction.

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