The Latest Social Media Platform Changes

The Latest Social Media Platform Changes

Social media changes fast. New platforms and trends happen on the regular and it can be difficult to know how – if at all – these changes affect your business. But never fear! The experts at beMarketing are here to shed some light on these recent developments.

Threads Has Arrived!

Threads is a new conversation-based social media platform intended to be a direct competitor and eventual replacement for Twitter. The platform is directly intertwined with the framework of Instagram and as of now, users must have an Instagram account to create a Threads account. 

Your company’s Instagram username and profile are directly transferred to Threads, including verification status, handles, and who you follow. Brands can seamlessly adopt the new platform from Instagram and use Threads as a text-based extension while still sharing photos and videos about their company. Similar to Twitter, brands can post, repost, reply to, quote, and like threads. Much like the safety measures deployed on Instagram, Threads will enforce Meta’s community guidelines to moderate content, including content warnings on hate speech, conspiracy theories, and misinformation. 

Should Your Business Join Threads?

The great thing about Threads is that because profiles are directly linked to Instagram accounts, there is no rush to join. Brands keep their handle and profile name from Instagram, so your business handle is essentially already secured. One downside for companies is that Threads currently has no advertising capabilities, although that could change. While the euphoria of a new platform is garnering a lot of headlines right now, our advice is to wait until the initial push settles down a bit. Let’s see what new features are rolled out, analyze where the platform stands, and what the staying power outlook is. 

Bye Bye Birdie: Twitter Rebrands to X

Ever since Elon Musk officially purchased Twitter last year, he has significantly altered the popular social media app. Most recently, Musk decided to rebrand Twitter to X. The beloved blue bird is no more. The question is, what does this new branding mean for users, and why the sudden change?

Musk announced from the start a desire to elevate Twitter to a “super” app that allows users to do everything from trade crypto to buy and sell stocks. Recently, he talked about expanding X to “add comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct your entire financial world.” As Twitter’s ad revenue and cash flow have declined following Musk’s purchase in late 2022, a rebranding campaign is a way to breathe new life into the company and better represent the expanded capabilities planned for the future. The change to X appears to be a step towards the goal of creating a remodeled super-app. However, for now, it is still just the same Twitter we all know.

How Does The Rebrand Affect Your Account

At present, it doesn’t. For now, X has all the same functions and capabilities that Twitter had. Your social media strategy should remain the same, and your current approach for posting habits, content voice, and overall brand strategy are still the best approach.

Our social media experts at beMarketing monitor everything that is going on with X, Threads, and other platforms to make the most informed recommendations when it comes to your brand’s social media strategy. If you have questions, or are looking to improve your social media marketing, contact the experts at beMarketing today!

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