Zillow Gone Wild to Make Jump From Social Media to HGTV

Zillow Gone Wild, the hit social media phenomenon known for sharing bizarre real estate listings, is making the leap to television.
The social media brand, which has garnered more than 2 million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, will be the star of a nine-episode series, consisting of eight half-hour episodes and a one-hour season finale, on HGTV, Inman reported.
Each episode of the series will offer viewers in-depth tours of unique homes currently on the real estate market. These episodes will showcase three unconventional properties, revealing the intriguing stories of their buyers, sellers, and unique histories.
“Millions of people are obsessed with scrolling through outrageous and over-the-top properties on social media while dreaming about where they would like to live,” Loren Ruch, head of content at HGTV, told the outlet. “Zillow Gone Wild will take the fascination a step further by giving fans a cheeky glimpse inside the most unusual homes on the market, offering those unexpected ‘wow’ moments that will keep viewers coming back for more.”
Throughout the series, viewers will learn whether each featured home has sold, to whom, and for how much, with the season finale unveiling the wildest property. 
Additionally, the show will explore individuals who have embraced nontraditional homes and shed light on the marketing strategies employed by real estate professionals for such listings.
Zillow, the online real estate giant, has offered support for the show, with a company spokesperson noting that employees are “huge HGTV fans,” the outlet said.
Zillow Gone Wild, which launched in 2021, quickly gained immense popularity across various social media platforms, amassing 1.8 million followers on Instagram. The platform has included listings such as a church that could be converted into residential space, a Goth home, a basement home and a Smurf-inspired house.
This television series venture marks a significant development in the world of online real estate content creators who find entertainment value in mining real estate listings. 
For founder Samir Mezrahi and Zillow Gone Wild, it presents a promising opportunity to monetize their content and potentially redefine the landscape for creators in this niche.
— Ted Glanzer


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