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We are back with Season 14 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast and this week we are joined by Kevin Edwards. Kevin is the Founder and Director of the Affiliate Performance Marketing Association (APMA)  and he joins Lee-Ann to explain more about this exciting launch.
Listen in here for all of the insights:

Kevin is no stranger to the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, having been behind our mic before. But, this time he is talking about the recent launch of the APMA. Lee-Ann begins by asking Kevin to talk us through what some of the fundamental projects will be for the APMA…
The Affiliate Ecosystem – How can we form better partnerships?
Kevin explains, “I’m trying to bake into the DNA of the APMA, that we want to be representative of those four core audiences, really, which are the advertiser audience, the publisher audience, agencies and networks or networks and platforms; depending on how you classify them. 
So, that has very much fed into the development of the APMA to get us to the stage where we’ve just launched. Over the course of the summer, there were various workshops with each of those four customer segments. That very much was the foundation of the projects that we’re going to work on in 2024.
What I wanted to do was just make sure that we did as much outreach so that anyone could join these calls, regardless of their interest or inclination to join. They were open to everybody.”
“It’s not complicated, but it is complex” 
Lee-Ann asks Kevin to give insight on where he thinks future growth is headed from the conversations he has had with agencies, networks, publishers and advertisers. What was the common theme of where they want to see growth and change happen from those talks?
Kevin says, “I think it’s impossible to pinpoint one particular thing. It’s like anything where it’s, I always say, about the affiliate channel – it’s not complicated, but it is complex. It’s about the complexity of that because we are effectively all digital, right? If you can make it work on a CPA, then you can do whatever you want from a digital perspective. 
But that does mean that you might therefore be working with dozens and dozens of different routes to market. You did a publisher survey recently and found that on average publishers use four different methods to drive sales each. So, you know, when you kind of multiply that up by the number of publishers on your program, that’s potentially offering you tons of complexity in terms of your routes to market. So there’s a huge amount of complexity within there.”
How do people listening to this podcast get involved with the APMA right now?
Kevin tells us, “So by the time you hear this, we should have been launched. So, the website should be fully functioning. We do want to bake in some ecommerce functionality. So people actually go and sign up and pay online, that’s not going to be ready for launch. But there will be a lead form on there. There will be details around the different membership tiers and what the cost of those tiers are and what you can expect to get in return. The benefits and the perks and the accreditation, and some of the other stuff that we’ve talked about.“
Listen to find out more about the APMA and what it means for the industry:

You pay for what you get in the Affiliate Channel – placing your program in safe hands
The importance of training 
And finally…. Kevin’s “one word we should all be thinking about as we head into 2024”

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:
[03:50] How the APMA was born
[24: 00] Tech partners – a look ahead to future growth
[28:00] The issue of payments
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