Highlights of the Season and What’s to Come in Season 14

Thank you for tuning in to Series 13 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast. This week, we’re taking a look back at some of the highlights from our best season yet. Exclusive insights from our industry veterans were shared each week and we end this season with a huge collection of ideas for you to implement, in order to elevate your programs. What was your favourite episode from this season?
Listen in here to catch-up on anything that you may have missed…

The Future of Affiliate
Lee-Ann kicks things off with a look back at her conversation with Todd Crawford, Co-Founder at impact.com. She observes that affiliate marketing has moved beyond the basics of ‘the 4ps of marketing’. You have to employ innovative thinking and engage with your partners.
Todd comments, “The difference between being a performance marketer and a media buyer is if you’re buying Google or Facebook, it’s basically a slot machine. You’re putting in a dollar, or a pound, or a euro, or whatever and you’re trying to get back more than that, right? There’s no relationship, or no conversation – not meaningful. You can call your Google rep but keywords don’t have any feelings. If you stop bidding on that keyword, it’s not upset. If you’re working with a partner and you tell them that you have to stop working with them, or you’re not going to buy premium promotions, or you’re going to have to lower the commission because of whatever the data shows, people are not happy about that. There’s a lot of give and take. But the most important part is that people are having conversations to do business. We miss the mark when we don’t ask publishers ‘how are you measuring me’?”
Influencer & Affiliate how to build synergy and scale? 
Sharon McFarlane, Founder of Digital Footprints joined Lee-Ann to talk about how to include influencers in your affiliate marketing strategy, in order to scale. They discussed how to engage them and how to support them, including when and how to use gifting to get content created.
Sharon shared some fantastic tips on how to engage partners and bring them in. She explains, “I think it’s always a good idea to have researched the content that they’ve posted and use that as an open discussion. It’s quite similar to how you would start an affiliate relationship and the understanding that it’s a two-way street. Start to give them an idea of what your KPIs and your goals are.”
Listen in to hear more from Sharon on her thoughts surrounding gifting – does she think that gifting is necessary? Our takeaway quote from this segment is: “The only limit is imagination.”
Using social media to attract new affiliates
Dean Seddon, Founder of Maverrik took to the hot seat to share his thoughts on videos and particularly using AI in video. Dean talked about how affiliate managers can leverage their personal LinkedIn accounts to build exposure.
He comments, “LinkedIn is the more grown-up social network. When you’re trying to create content to attract particular people. What do they want to see?”
“You can attract a lot of affiliates by talking about how they can improve their affiliate business. It’s like a magnet, basically. What are the affiliates interested in that will encourage them to hang around you – that’s the way you need to think about it.”
Listen to find out more about:

The appeal and diversity of affiliate marketing
Affiliate Managers and content collaborations
Lead generation and understanding data

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:
[6:00] The secrets of programs that succeed
[8:00] Why we must ask publishers to benchmark us
[25:20] Anna Hecht, from Global Savings Group, shares a step-by step of how to perfect and position your big media partnerships pitch.
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