Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Your Brand?

So, what is affiliate marketing?
It is a performance-based marketing strategy where individuals promote products or services on behalf of a brand. The person earns a commission for every sale they generate using a unique link or code. It allows brands to leverage a network of partners outside standard advertising options, while affiliates benefit from earning income by promoting products they believe in.
A common concern about affiliate marketing is that businesses will lose control of their brand and the messaging affiliate partners and publishers are pushing out. The key to success is picking the right network partner for your brand.
AvantLink is the leading affiliate marketing network for outdoor and active lifestyle brands. They pride themselves in uniting people with the right brands on a robust and easy-to-use platform. AvantLink’s primary goal is to have brand partners create authentic relationships to help build your business. The key to success is having a dedicated affiliate program manager for your brand working with a network like AvantLink that emphasizes a quality over quantity affiliate environment. The vision is to build partnerships efficiently that you can rely on to represent your brand ethos and are as eager to create sales as you are!
With so much emphasis on AI, AvantLink has leaned into HI, which they call “human intelligence.” They remain committed to good old-fashioned human-based customer service in a world obsessed with automation. The outstanding technology on the Arches platform and its people allow them to approach performance marketing differently. Countless successful affiliate partnerships are possible because their skilled team is committed to helping grow your business.

If you’ve been considering affiliate marketing for your brand but have many questions impeding progress, reach out to AvantLink and let them walk you through the process. You can quickly set up time with a specialist by emailing [email protected].

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