Make $1750+ Per WEEK With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing (Beginners Guide)

Want to learn how to learn how to grow and monetize your Pinterest ASAP? Well this is just the video for you because I’m going to …

  • 0:00 | I know a lot of you absolutely love the last 
    Pinterest affiliate market and tutorial.  
  • 0:03 | So today we’re going to get into a 
    more in -depth step by step so I can  
  • 0:06 | go over all of the questions that were left 
    unanswered in the last video. In this video, 
  • 0:10 | you’re going to be learning how to make $10 
    ,000 a month with Pinterest. So that includes  
  • 0:14 | learning how to pick a profitable niche, how 
    to find high -convert and affiliate products,  
  • 0:18 | and how to correctly tag these pins 
    to promote your chosen product. 
  • 0:21 | The best thing is you don’t need any 
    experience or any money to get this all  
  • 0:24 | set up. All you’re going to need is Wi -Fi 
    and a laptop or a phone, and that’s about  
  • 0:28 | it. By the end of this video, you’re going 
    to have my exact $0 to $10 ,000 strategy, 
  • 0:32 | so you can go off and make those sweet commissions 
    ASAP. Now, before we get into the video,  
  • 0:36 | you know the drill that will quickly introduce 
    myself for those of you who are new here. Hi,  
  • 0:40 | I’m Gian. I’m here to help you run up a bag online 
    so you can live the laptop lifestyle you deserve. 
  • 0:44 | Now, if that sounds good, go ahead and drop 
    me a laptop emoji down in the comments,  
  • 0:48 | and let’s get right into the video. So I feel like 
    most of you do know what affiliate marketing is,  
  • 0:52 | but for those of you who are completely new 
    to this, affiliate marketing is basically a  
  • 0:55 | business model where you promote someone 
    else’s product or services and earn a  
  • 0:59 | commission for every sale or referral you make.
    Now, why should you choose Pinterest for affiliate  
  • 1:03 | marketing specifically? Well, with over 450 
    million market users, Pinterest remains one of  
  • 1:09 | the best free traffic methods out there right now, 
    so you never have to spend a single penny on ads. 
  • 1:13 | Firstly, what you’ll need to do is choose your 
    niche. Choosing the right niche is essential for  
  • 1:18 | affiliate marketing, and trust me, over the years, 
    I’ve had a lot of hits and misses, but it’s really  
  • 1:22 | a simple formula when it comes down to Pinterest.
    What you need to be aiming for is niches that you  
  • 1:26 | know have very visually appealing products in 
    them, and what I mean by that is things like,  
  • 1:30 | let’s say fashion or interior 
    design or food or even fitness,  
  • 1:34 | basically niches that you know you can collect 
    aesthetic images to promote your product. 
  • 1:37 | To give you a real -life example, because a lot 
    of you have asked me why I don’t actually have a  
  • 1:41 | finance -based Pinterest, and that’s simply 
    because there weren’t that many people that  
  • 1:45 | will turn in to Pinterest for finance advice, 
    so it was a lot harder for my pins to go viral, 
  • 1:50 | and when they did, they barely got any 
    conversions. At this moment in time,  
  • 1:53 | my top performing Pinterest accounts are 
    in the lifestyle and the home decor niches,  
  • 1:58 | and these two accounts alone are exactly 
    what got me to $14 ,000 in one month. 
  • 2:02 | Once you’ve decided on a niche, you need 
    to find good affiliate product. I know one  
  • 2:05 | of the main questions that was asked the most 
    under my last video was what affiliate programs  
  • 2:09 | specifically to sign up for, and I honestly can’t 
    tell you because it really depends on your niche. 
  • 2:14 | This is where you’re going to have to go 
    off and do your own research to find the  
  • 2:17 | top affiliate programs in your chosen niche, 
    because there’s significantly better paying  
  • 2:21 | programs than the Amazon Partner Program, for 
    example. Now you can find products on affiliate  
  • 2:25 | marketplaces like ClickBank or Amazon.
    All what you can do that I personally  
  • 2:30 | recommend is you go on Google and 
    type in best affiliate programs in  
  • 2:33 | your chosen niche. So you actually have to go 
    off and find that yourself which like I said,  
  • 2:36 | can be done very quickly with a Google search.
    And to clarify, you get these links from these  
  • 2:41 | platforms that you’ve signed up for. So if you 
    decide that you wanna promote a product that’s on  
  • 2:45 | Amazon, you would sign up for the Amazon Affiliate 
    Program and the Amazon Affiliate Program is where  
  • 2:49 | you’re gonna be generating your link that you 
    can put on your Pinterest and also this is the  
  • 2:53 | platform that you’re gonna be getting paid for.
    This goes for any other platform that you decide  
  • 2:57 | to sign up for. Also make sure that you put in 
    your bank details or your PayPal so you don’t  
  • 3:01 | miss out on a payout. Obviously they’re 
    not gonna take your money, they’ll just  
  • 3:04 | hold it until you add your bank details.
    But yeah, once you find some products that  
  • 3:07 | you would like to promote in your niche, whatever 
    program they might be on, you’ll want to generate  
  • 3:12 | the links and put them to one side for now. So you 
    can move into optimizing your Pinterest account. 
  • 3:17 | Now having a good Pinterest account is important 
    because while people still buy products without  
  • 3:20 | ever actually seeing your page first, you do still 
    wanna build a following and in order for people  
  • 3:24 | to follow you, they need to like what they’re 
    seeing. Now before any kind of customization, 
  • 3:28 | you wanna make sure that you switch over 
    to a business account if you haven’t done  
  • 3:31 | that already and you can do this in the account 
    settings. Now from here you wanna add an image  
  • 3:35 | or a logo related to your niche as your profile 
    picture and your banner. Everything has to look  
  • 3:39 | nice and cohesive so you can quickly design this 
    on camera or people using the pre -made template. 
  • 3:43 | Try to stick to one aesthetic or one 
    color palette for your profile picture  
  • 3:47 | and your banner. And definitely if you happen 
    to use a logo or you have text in your banner,  
  • 3:51 | make sure that you’re not using more than three 
    fonts because then it will look very messy. 
  • 3:54 | A pro tip as well is to revamp the name. 
    Pinterest themselves will assign you with  
  • 3:58 | a username that will look something like this. 
    So you want to go back in and come up with a  
  • 4:02 | name that doesn’t have like numbers or weird 
    letters in it and through your actual name, 
  • 4:06 | you’ll want to add some keywords. So for 
    example, the brand new Pinterest output  
  • 4:09 | glow of gear and then digital market art 
    or affiliate marketing or keywords that  
  • 4:14 | are actually searchable. What this does is 
    make your username search engine optimized. 
  • 4:18 | You have the opportunity to rank in the search 
    which means you’ll get way more eyes to your  
  • 4:21 | content. This is also the case for your bio 
    bio so you need to make something short,  
  • 4:25 | sweet, simple and definitely with a few 
    keywords. The goal of your bio is to  
  • 4:29 | kind of give people an idea of what they’re 
    signing up for if they happen to follow you. 
  • 4:33 | This you can add a few bullet points into chat 
    gpt and ask it to write you a short bio. You  
  • 4:37 | don’t have to spend too much time on this and 
    then you can move into setting up some boards.  
  • 4:41 | Now over the past few years I’ve really learned 
    the importance of having good boards because back  
  • 4:45 | then I wasn’t too informed so I was just 
    throwing random pins into random boards  
  • 4:49 | that weren’t very like specialized in anything.
    But what I do now that a hundred percent works  
  • 4:53 | is I go to Pinterest trends. Now on here you 
    can do research on trends in your niche. So  
  • 4:58 | a hack I use is to name boards after the 
    top searches in my niche because my board  
  • 5:02 | is likely to come up when people search 
    for these keywords and that obviously  
  • 5:05 | means I’ll get way more eyes to my Pinterest 
    and of course I’m more likely to get sales. 
  • 5:10 | My best advice is that you have a minimum of 
    five to ten Pinterest boards with at least  
  • 5:14 | 20 pins in them that relate directly to the 
    board name. So what I used to do back then  
  • 5:18 | for example was let’s just say streetwear.
    So this would be one board by itself. Now  
  • 5:22 | I create boards that are like cargo 
    pants specifically or leather jackets  
  • 5:27 | specifically or kitten heels specifically. It 
    has to be like a very specific type of board. 
  • 5:32 | And also another thing that you need to make 
    sure of is to definitely add an eye catching  
  • 5:36 | picture as the cover for your board. But you can 
    go ahead and select whatever catches your eye  
  • 5:40 | because obviously you would know best. And from 
    here you can move into some growth strategies. 
  • 5:44 | Obviously we can all agree that the best way 
    to grow on Pinterest is to post a lot of pins  
  • 5:48 | consistently. And by a lot of pins I mean 
    around two to five per day. But the question  
  • 5:52 | is what types of pins should you be posting?
    I actually went through all of the pin styles  
  • 5:56 | that I post on my Pinterest so you can go 
    ahead and check them out in this video right  
  • 5:59 | here. What I typically post is either unique 
    pins or repurposed pins. Now by unique pins I  
  • 6:04 | mean pins that I’ve actually created.
    So to create these pins I use the  
  • 6:08 | templates on Kittal or Canva or what I do is 
    repurpose content that I find from TikTok,  
  • 6:13 | Instagram or Tumblr. My absolute favorite 
    place is Instagram because typically you’ll  
  • 6:16 | find fresher content so you’re more likely to go 
    viral because it’s new to the Pinterest platform. 
  • 6:21 | If you do happen to go this way, always make sure 
    that you credit the creators though. And also a  
  • 6:25 | top tip is that if you choose to repurpose content 
    from TikTok on your Pinterest, make sure that you  
  • 6:30 | remove the watermark. This should go without 
    saying because you know that if you walked into  
  • 6:34 | Burger King with a happy meal on your hand,
    you probably wouldn’t get kicked out but  
  • 6:38 | people would definitely be sired out of you. 
    That’s the exact same thing with Pinterest.  
  • 6:41 | If you’re on their platform promoting 
    a whole other social media platform,  
  • 6:45 | your account won’t get banned or deleted 
    but they’ll definitely be sired out in you. 
  • 6:48 | And what will typically happen is that they’ll 
    limit your reach. So just make sure that you use  
  • 6:52 | something like TikTok Save to remove watermarks 
    before you upload your pins. Now when it comes to  
  • 6:56 | actually uploading this content, I recommend that 
    you use a nice mix of standard pins and idea pins. 
  • 7:01 | One thing I’ve noticed from all of my accounts 
    and all of the accounts that I’ve actually run  
  • 7:05 | for other people in the past is that idea 
    pins are the best type of pins that you can  
  • 7:08 | post on Pinterest if you’re trying to expand your 
    reach. So definitely put a little focus on those. 
  • 7:13 | Idea pins are definitely what got me the 
    most amount of followers and views to my  
  • 7:16 | account. Keep in mind that with standard pins 
    however, you have the option of tagging products  
  • 7:21 | and adding your custom links to them. So these 
    pins are basically gonna be your money makers. 
  • 7:25 | To give your standard pins the best 
    chance of going viral, I recommend,  
  • 7:28 | and as long as this sounds, this is 
    definitely gonna increase your reach,  
  • 7:31 | that you describe everything that you’re seeing 
    in the content. So as an example for how I’ll tag  
  • 7:36 | this pin of me on holiday is I would describe 
    exactly everything I’m seeing in the picture, 
  • 7:40 | like I said. So there’s a knit dress, the knit 
    dress is orange, there’s braids, it’s an aesthetic  
  • 7:45 | nature shot and so on, you get the gist. Now 
    the reason why I do this for, I would say all, 
  • 7:50 | but that’s not true, sometimes I do get lazy. 
    But the reason why I do this for most of my  
  • 7:53 | pins is because you have to understand that 
    Pinterest is literally just a really good  
  • 7:57 | search engine. But if people type in knit dress,
    I’m likely to show up. If they type in orange knit  
  • 8:02 | dress, I’m likely to show up. If they type 
    in nature aesthetic, I’m likely to show up.  
  • 8:06 | And the great thing is, I’m not just likely to 
    show up on Pinterest itself, but also Google. 
  • 8:10 | Because Pinterest images actually do show up 
    on Google search when you click on images,  
  • 8:14 | so you’re literally maximizing your 
    exposure. Because I know that the main  
  • 8:17 | thing that I would have been promoting 
    in this pin would be orange knit dress. 
  • 8:21 | I would add my custom affiliate link 
    for the orange knit dress dress. And  
  • 8:24 | I’ll put in the description that there’s a 
    link for the orange knit dress in the pin.  
  • 8:28 | So people come across my pin on Pinterest 
    or Google from them searching knit dress, 
  • 8:32 | and they see that my link is there, 
    and then they go off and buy it,  
  • 8:35 | I make a commission off that purchase. Now this 
    actually leads me perfectly into the next part,  
  • 8:39 | which is where you’re gonna learn exactly 
    how to add your affiliate links to your  
  • 8:43 | Pinterest so you can make some sweet commissions.
    So there’s three ways that I go around putting my  
  • 8:46 | affiliate links on my Pinterest. So one way is 
    I always have a link in my profile. Now this  
  • 8:51 | link is either a landing page or a Beacon’s 
    link or a link tree or something like that. 
  • 8:55 | This is where I direct people to the top products 
    that I’m trying to connect them to. The good thing  
  • 8:58 | about having a landing page in your profile is 
    that you can collect your potential customers’  
  • 9:03 | emails so you can reconnect with them in the 
    future. And I 100 % recommend it because I’ve  
  • 9:07 | made a lot of backend sales for my email list.
    So to help you out here, I have actually created  
  • 9:11 | a landing page template that you can go 
    ahead and claim down in my description.  
  • 9:14 | It’s 100 % free and you also get a free trial 
    to block me. But yeah, the second way that I  
  • 9:19 | sprinkle my affiliate links into my Pinterest,
    and it’s the exact method that currently  
  • 9:22 | generates me the highest conversions. 
    And that is whenever I upload a pin,  
  • 9:25 | instead of adding the affiliate link right here, 
    which is what everyone does, I will tag it using  
  • 9:29 | this tool right here. So the affiliate 
    product will literally show up on the pin. 
  • 9:33 | This is gonna minimize the steps between the 
    potential customers and the product. Because  
  • 9:37 | understand that the more steps someone 
    has to take, the less likely they are to  
  • 9:40 | make that purchase because then they’ll 
    have the time to reconsider and think, 
  • 9:44 | “What do I really need this?” And that’s why 
    so many of us are impulsive spenders because  
  • 9:48 | even TikTok shop and stuff like that, they 
    have the links there that you can quickly  
  • 9:52 | check out with. And that’s exactly how 
    these companies get you to spend money. 
  • 9:55 | But yeah, for this, you literally just grab your 
    affiliate link, add the tag right here, and then  
  • 9:59 | paste it. This is what it’s gonna look like when 
    it’s done. One thing I wanted to quickly address  
  • 10:03 | from the last video is that you can paste your 
    affiliate links directly into this tagging part. 
  • 10:07 | Your account will not get flagged up for spam 
    if you do this. What I usually do, however,  
  • 10:11 | is I put my links through Genius Link just so that 
    I can track exactly where the traffic is coming  
  • 10:15 | from. And the final way that I put my affiliate 
    links on my Pinterest is the generic way, 
  • 10:19 | which is literally just adding the 
    links directly to the pin. Now,  
  • 10:22 | this is very effective, but you will need to 
    shorten your link. But if you’re doing this,  
  • 10:25 | you will need a Beacons link or a landing page 
    or even put your link through Genius Link. 
  • 10:29 | Because if you copy and paste your affiliate 
    link directly from your affiliate program,  
  • 10:32 | your pins will probably flag up in the system 
    and you could get your account banned. So it’s  
  • 10:36 | definitely not worth putting your account 
    at risk. The bonus way I wanted to mention, 
  • 10:40 | because I noticed that a lot of people on 
    Pinterest somehow don’t see the tag products  
  • 10:44 | or the link from the pin. So what I recommend 
    that you do is you stay on top of the comments.  
  • 10:48 | A lot of the time, you’ll see people asking where 
    to get a specific product featured in the pin. 
  • 10:52 | So you can reply to those comments with your links 
    so you don’t miss out on any commissions. So now  
  • 10:56 | we’ve covered the three Pinterest tagging 
    methods that you need to know about. So now  
  • 10:59 | we can move into the last quick tips that I 
    wanted to quickly share with you that will  
  • 11:02 | definitely help you scale your Pinterest.
    And the first one is to utilize Canva Pro  
  • 11:06 | to help you batch create and post content. Now 
    this graphic design platform right here allows  
  • 11:10 | you to connect it to your Pinterest account. 
    And it has a content planner that allows you  
  • 11:14 | to schedule and automate your Pinterest pins.
    This saves you a ton of time because instead  
  • 11:18 | of you having to be on Pinterest 
    every single day posting manually,  
  • 11:21 | which is what I was doing at the start, you 
    can just dedicate a day or two to scheduling  
  • 11:24 | the content for the month. So you’re not tied 
    down to manually posting on your Pinterest. 
  • 11:27 | So you can literally just schedule and then 
    lay back for the rest of the month and then  
  • 11:31 | go again the next week. Another tip is to 
    use freelancers to outsource some of the  
  • 11:35 | work. Now at some point, your Pinterest is 
    gonna generate enough money for you to be  
  • 11:38 | able to pay someone else to manage it for you.
    So this is gonna give you more time and energy  
  • 11:43 | to focus on how you can open up more streams of 
    income for yourself. I have a Pinterest manager  
  • 11:47 | at the moment that manages my biggest account on 
    Pinterest. And she literally creates the boards, 
  • 11:52 | she creates the pins, she pins them there 
    for me, she engages with my audience. And  
  • 11:56 | this is an amazing investment because I’ve been 
    able to focus on other ways that I can monetize  
  • 12:01 | my other Pinterest accounts. The final tip I 
    wanna give you before I let you just run off, 
  • 12:05 | this is by far the most important advice that 
    I could possibly give you when it comes to  
  • 12:08 | running your Pinterest. And that is to understand 
    that consistency and patience is the key here.  
  • 12:13 | I’ve had a ton of emails and DMs of people 
    asking me why they haven’t made any money. 
  • 12:17 | They’ve been pinning for a whole week. But what 
    I need you to understand is that making money  
  • 12:21 | with Pinterest can take some time. You need 
    to warm up to the algorithm, algorithm, you  
  • 12:25 | need to build that steady traffic, you need 
    to be engaging with your audience and you’ll  
  • 12:28 | need to make a few mistakes before you 
    can actually start making some money. 
  • 12:32 | And realistically that doesn’t normally happen 
    in a week. If it was that easy everyone in their  
  • 12:36 | parents would be posting on Pinterest 
    instead of having a nine to five. Just  
  • 12:39 | know that this is a proven strategy 
    so you have nothing to worry about. 
  • 12:42 | Just stick with it for a few months and you’re 
    bound to see results. And speaking of I just  
  • 12:46 | wanted to publicly congratulate one of my 
    subscribers Amara that commented under my  
  • 12:50 | last video and let me know that she made 
    her first ever commission with this sale. 
  • 12:53 | I hope this gives you guys some motivation 
    because this is really one of the most simple  
  • 12:57 | business models out there right now. And just 
    in case you actually plan on taking Pinterest  
  • 13:00 | seriously I know for a fact you’re gonna 
    love this video right here where I teach  
  • 13:03 | you seven ways to monetize your Pinterest 
    account right now as a complete beginner. 
  • 13:08 | But yeah that’s all from me if you enjoyed the 
    video please hit that like and subscribe button.  
  • 13:12 | Peace and love and I’ll catch you in the next one. 
    In the next 10 minutes I’m gonna be showing you a  
  • 13:18 | side hustle that can make you over five thousand 
    dollars every single month in passive income. 
  • 13:23 | It can be done from anywhere in the world, 
    has zero startup costs and you don’t need  
  • 13:26 | to have any experience to get this all up 
    and running. This method can make you a  
  • 13:30 | lot of money very very quickly and you 
    don’t need any money to start this up. 
  • 13:34 | You don’t even need a following. 
    In this video I’m gonna be showing  
  • 13:38 | you how to steal traffic and 
    make thousands while doing so.


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