Rize Ads Launches Affiliate Contract Work

Wilmington, DE, October 30, 2023 –(PR.com)– Rize Ads, an affiliate marketing platform, announced this summer that it is introducing affiliate contract work. This, according to their statement, aims to create a safer and faster environment for collaboration between affiliates and advertisers. The platform offers affiliates the opportunity to join over 270 offers from major companies, allowing them to quickly launch advertisements, earn a more income, and flexibly analyze their results.This is not the first major update to the platform in 2023. The company also disclosed its intention to provide dedicated advertising budgets to affiliates. According to CEO Andrei Josu, “Secure collaboration between affiliates and advertisers is a pressing issue in the affiliate marketing industry. We constantly hear about how complex this field is and the numerous challenges faced by both sides, as well as the daily risks. That’s why we decided to dispel these notions and provide a fresh perspective on partnership.”Now, affiliates sign contracts with Rize Ads, officially becoming the company’s contractors. From this point forward, specialists have full access to the platform and its features, including tracking tools, analytics, reports, and offers, among others. Furthermore, Rize Ads’ flexible system autonomously selects the most suitable brands and their programs for affiliates, who only need to review and approve them for further collaboration.As the company notes, this allows for quick launches, faster profits, and fosters a strong community. The results are already evident: approximately 46% of affiliates who previously used the platform signed contracts with Rize Ads this summer. Currently, around 500 professionals are working with the platform.CEO Andrei Josu confirms the company’s objectives: “We want to take on all the busywork because affiliates already have enough on their plates and turn advertising expenses into a robust strategy and high profits that will facilitate growth for affiliates, the community, and the company. It’s all about offering affiliates a smoother experience and helping them achieve financial success, all without the headaches.”About Rize AdsRize Ads is a premium affiliate network connecting advertisers with contractors for brand promotion on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Advertisers benefit from expert affiliate selection, and affiliates gain access to essential tools, advertising budgets, and autonomy in choosing their partners and strategies — for the most accurate results.


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