RMT’s Pioneering Role in Redefining Marketing Consultancy in the South

In a business landscape often characterised by the limitations of local agencies, RMT has emerged as a game-changer. While many perceive local agencies as small-scale enterprises confined to a limited geographical area and a narrow range of services, RMT has defied these stereotypes with unwavering dedication to delivering holistic marketing solutions. Founded in 2015 in Hyderabad by a group of five friends, RMT leveraged digital transformation to assist small and medium-sized businesses. It emerged as the preferred solution for enterprises aiming to connect with their audiences through digital platforms, providing innovative and creative digital strategies while understanding the limitations in experience and bandwidth.RMT initially specialised in digital services but broadened its scope to encompass branding, creativity, and digital communication as client relationships grew stronger. RMT distinguishes itself with an insight-driven approach, working closely with clients and tapping into the extensive expertise of its principal consultants to offer comprehensive, end-to-end marketing solutions tailored to their needs. According to Srikant Rajasekharuni – CEO and Co-founder of RMT, “Based in Hyderabad, we have evolved as a versatile marketing partner on par with Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi-based Marketing Agencies in expertise and capabilities. We continuously adapt to emerging trends and are committed to delivering tailored, comprehensive marketing solutions for the digital era. Our core goal is to create resonant marketing strategies, fostering authentic, lasting connections that drive sustainable growth for our clients.” Over the past eight years, RMT has collaborated with more than 300 brands across various industries, including tech startups, healthcare, education, real estate, B2B, D2C, fashion, retail, and media and entertainment. RMT collaborated with Notable National and International brands, such as Zee5, The Economic Times, Yes Bank, Nando’s, Burger King, Starbucks, CNBC TV, Sony, and Radisson Blu. RMT’s services encompass Technology solutions, Digital Marketing solutions, Customised Products, Design Solutions, Marketing Solutions such as market research and consultancy, and Media Management. With its innovative solutions and profound understanding of market dynamics, RMT consistently crafts success stories, forging a legacy of transformative growth. They aim to be the trusted, reliable partner for established brands and emerging pioneers seeking dynamic expansion within Hyderabad’s ever-evolving business environment. (Hans India assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this site.)


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