s your marketing a bridge to creating strong connections? with Jennifer Forester

In this episode, Jennifer Forester joins me to discuss marketing strategies to help build and create strong connections with your ideal clients.
As a business development coach, Jennifer Forester helps lawyers avoid random acts of marketing. Drawing on 20+ years in legal marketing, she partners with clients to design mindsets, systems, and strategies for professional growth and personal wellness. Jen promotes the power of “social fitness” to enrich mind/body health through stronger relationships. 
Jen gives listeners actionable tips on:

[0:00] Intro
[1:45] What happens when clients’ social approaches are not working
[5:05] The impact of lack of social connection
[6:40] What happens when people who are lacking connection also lack social competence?
[10:15] Tips for connecting with clients and helping them become approachable to their audience 
[11:30] Harnessing the fear of standing out
[15:55] Tips for standing out online and making a good impression
[16:50] Do the same connection methods work for everyone?
[19:25] How to avoid shiny object syndrome and build meaningful connections with intentional marketing
[22:30] Reconnecting with dormant ties
[25:10] Jennifer’s book review
[32:50] One big takeaway from this episode

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