Schbang, Masters’ Union launch strategic marketing & AI MasterCamp

Creative, media and technology company Schbang launched a MasterCamp in Strategic Marketing & AI in collaboration with Masters’ Union. This comprehensive nine-month programme will equip aspiring marketers with modern marketing tools, strategies, and transformative potential of AI. The MasterCamp will enhance the learning journey with a 12-week virtual internship at Schbang, allowing students to apply their skills in real-world settings, while 20 students will a two-month paid offline internship at Schbang’s offices.
Masters’ Union specialises in providing education led by industry experts. In partnership with Schbang Academy, both institutions recognised the opportunity to address the rapidly changing demands of the marketing industry. The programme, delivered by Schbang’s leadership and subject matter experts, will adopt an experiential learning format, enabling participants to gain hands-on skills in marketing & AI tools and an understanding of the marketing lifecycle.
The MasterCamp will offer a dynamic learning environment, featuring 120 hours of live classroom teaching and monthly interactive community-led workshops that foster knowledge exchange. Participants gain expertise in universally-used marketing tools such as Adobe Firefly, Semrush, ChatGPT, StableDiffusion, Kaiber, and more.
Designed and delivered by Schbang Academy, the MasterCamp provides rigorous industry-immersive training, outcome-driven learning experiences, and live projects, benefiting undergraduate students and young professionals seeking advancement in their marketing careers. Upon successfully completing case studies, boot camps, hands-on projects, and collaborations, participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion jointly issued by Masters’ Union and Schbang.
To offer comprehensive support, the Career Services Team at Masters’ Union will provide personalised guidance, including mentor allocation, one-on-one mentor sessions, domain-specific resume tailoring, personal branding assistance, coaching in crafting and delivering elevator pitches, optimising strategic LinkedIn profiles, participation in presentation workshops, honing presentation skills, and developing the ability to navigate various professional situations.
Harshil Karia
Harshil Karia, Founder and MD of Schbang said, “We firmly believe in the transformative power of continuous learning and professional development. Through our collaboration with Masters’ Union, we are uniting industry leaders and educators, our aim is to deploy methodologies that enhance the learning experience, offering targeted development. The MasterCamp in Strategic Marketing & AI is a programme designed to nurture young talent in marketing and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for a seamless transition into leadership roles’.
Radhika Raheja
Radhika Raheja, AVP at Schbang Academy, said, “Our collaboration with Masters’ Union marks an exciting milestone in the education of aspiring marketers. We’re delighted to provide a programme that equips them with modern marketing tools, strategies, and the transformative potential of AI with the aim that young professionals remain ahead of the curve.”
Pratham Mittal
Pratham Mittal, Founder, Masters’ Union, said, “The marketing industry is undergoing a seismic transformation, and the demand for tech-enabled marketers is on the rise. In recent years, we’ve witnessed shifts in marketing strategies and consumer behaviour. For instance, the use of artificial intelligence in marketing has increased by 44 pc in the last two years alone. With the Strategic Marketing & AI MasterCamp, we have a programme with hands-on, real-life projects that grants students invaluable experiences, and the selected students have a unique chance to intern directly with Schbang, and work on exciting projects with actual clients.” 
Tarun Gangwar
Tarun Gangwar, Director at MasterCamps added, “Leading the charge in industry-aligned education, our programme is a unique collaboration, benefitting from Schbang’s industry expertise and insights from CXOs and CMOs at leading companies. The curriculum, meticulously curated with inputs from industry experts and senior marketing professionals, immerses students in on-campus experiences. They engage in experiential interventions like creating their own brand for a drop shipping business and have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, igniting their entrepreneurial spirit.” 
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