Social media can expand an organization’s reach | Philanthropy

Companies and organizations around the world are invested in the use of social media to attract attention to their products or mission. Each of these organizations uses a different strategy to attract the attention of its target demographic.Strategies and platforms can change depending on what is looking to be achieved. Not every social media platform will be compatible with the goals of every organization.“With social media, there are so many different channels available that it’s important to establish your goals and try to identify your target audience and know that every channel available isn’t necessarily the one that works for the organization,” said Jillian Frazier, chief development officer of North Coast Community Homes in Cleveland.Different messages will be carried in a different way on each channel. Messages may come across a certain way on TikTok, but may lose its impact on another platform.“It’s important to think through what the channels are, what’s appropriate and how the message is carried through because the same message doesn’t work on every channel,” she said.Learning about social media and its constant changes can help organizations figure out what may work best for them and how to fit a strategy into their own tailored social media plan.People can learn from workshops and other people on their teams that keep up to date with social media platform changes and trends, she said. People can also learn through their own experiences on social media.“Sometimes we learn by happenstance that things have changed and sometimes experts and vendors that we partner with help us learn,” Frazier said.Another challenging aspect of social media marketing can be constantly cultivating content for a social media page. Ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere, including simply having a conversation with someone.“When you’re in social media marketing, you kind of need to get in other people’s lanes, at least just know what they’re doing,” said Carolyn Sekerak, grants and content manager of Shoes and Clothes for Kids in Cleveland. “If I ask too many questions, I say I’m asking because I might want to share this on social media.”Looking at details within pictures, captions or comments also helps create interesting and attention-grabbing content for the organization’s social media platforms.“Sometimes the details just catch people’s attention and then it makes your post more interesting, too, and you’re not just constantly saying the same thing,” Sekerak said.About 60% of the world’s population uses social media, according to data published by DemandSage on Sept. 12, 2023. Because of this, it is possible that a message may not reach everyone open to hearing it, but it may catch someone’s attention.“I don’t rely too heavily on knowing that my message is going to hit all 10,000 followers,” Sekerak said. “I just hope it’s going to hit someone in a new way and catch their attention and just make them think about it.”

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