Influencer agencies Ensemble Digital Studios and 2 Social Co. merge to form a Creator Society

Welcome to the Creator Society. That’s the name of a new influencer agency formed out of a merger between Ensemble Digital Studios and 2 Social Co.
The services provided by Creator Society will reflect its two predecessor companies. Ensemble was led by Larry Shapiro, a former CAA agent who helped build talent management rosters at networks like Fullscreen and Big Frame. At Ensemble, Shapiro’s team continued to secure book, TV, merch, and brand campaign deals for clients like Cost n Mayor, comedian Laura Clery, and engineer/builder JoelCreates.

Compared to Shapiro, 2 Social Co. owners Natalie Weaver and Sarah Estrada don’t have as much experience in the agency world, but they built an affiliate marketing firm that has worked with creators to establish thriving direct-to-consumer businesses. By helping fashion bloggers like Taryn Truly, WhitneyNRife, and OliviaFredaCurves set up on ecommerce platforms like LTK, Weaver and Estrada (who are both graduates of Texas Tech University) embraced contemporary trends in the creator economy.Subscribe to get the latest creator newsSubscribe
Both of the entities that are merging to form the Creator Society will inform the new company’s operations. Through managers like Shapiro, the Society will provide 360 representation for the creators on its roster. Weaver and Estrada will bring their affiliate marketing expertise to the joint venture, which will have have robust offerings related to D2C ecommerce.
Post-merger, Shapiro will lead the newly-formed Creator Society as its CEO. Weaver will take on the role of CRO, while Estrada will serve as COO. Another 2 Social Co. vet, Madison Luscombe, will be the first CMO of the Creator Society. In a statement, she discussed the potential of”top-converting creators,” who can build the “next wave of D2C brands.”
“With the success of innovative platforms like LTK, a new class of talent has emerged that we call ‘Converters’, who are helping brands move further down the conversion funnel and at the tip of where brand marketing is headed,” added Shapiro in a statement. “This class of talent has the ability to move audiences with strong purchasing power to different platforms and convert them into sales and opens up more opportunities for our talent.”
The talent represented by the Creator Society collectively reaches 90 million followers across the social media landscape.

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