Is Your Brand Strategy Aligned with SEO? with Allison K

In this conversation, marketing expert Allison Kay talks about the crucial roles that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, and audience research play in helping brands attract their desired audiences. Emphasizing the importance of a service-based approach to business, Allison discusses how to optimize brand strategy and its alignment with SEO to get the best results for service-based businesses. 
The conversation includes discussions about engaging ideal clients, understanding their needs, optimizing online content for search engines, improving brand authority, enhancing team dynamics and workplace culture, and much more. Allison also stresses the value of shifting from generic marketing strategies to ones tailored to specific customer needs to improve brand visibility and relevance.
Alison K supports brands putting good into the world with marketing consulting and training. She shows you how to make your marketing ethical, doable, and lovable so you stick with it to get the goods and do more good. Her mandate: to raise marketing literacy for founders and small but mighty teams making a difference in the world. No matter how many fart jokes or bad puns it takes. When not acting the weirdo online, she can be found sharing her snacks with her two pet parrots in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Allison gives listeners actionable tips on:

[0:00] Intro
[1:30] Brand strategy in terms of service based business and why it’s different
[4:10] How does SEO tie in with brand engagement
[5:50] Psychology of SEO and branding, and how it brings you closer to your customer and convert faster
[13:40] Authority and domain authority
[20:10] Asking your clients how they position you
[24:40] Why being a thought leader is not a strategy
[33:35] Taking golden nuggets and improving them over time
[36:35] Allison’s book review
[40:30] One big takeaway from this episode

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