Quizzly.ai Offers Interactive Data Collection Tool For Brands, Publishers

Quizzly is an engagement and data collection tool for brands and publishers. It is designed to transform content into engaging, interactive quizzes that provide deep insights into user behavior for precise targeting and audience segmentation.

The Lowdown
Quizzly is a platform that is designed to convert website engagement into highly targeted first-party data for publishers and allow brands to directly interact with their desired audience.
Back-Of-The-Box Details
By deploying AI-powered contextual quizzes, Quizzly helps companies capture insights and preferences from users visiting websites. Unlike traditional surveys or questionnaires, these quizzes are interactive, engaging and seamlessly integrated into the website experience.
Additionally, Quizzly empowers brands to directly connect with their ideal customers by asking specific questions. This personalized approach allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. By engaging with their customers through quizzes, brands can collect data that is relevant, reliable and specific to their customer base.
Who It’s For
Quizzly is designed for publishers and brands who want to gather valuable first-party data and directly engage with their desired audience. Publishers can benefit from converting website engagement into targeted data, while brands can leverage the platform to gain insights and tailor their marketing strategies. Job titles that may benefit from this solution include market researchers, digital marketers, content strategists and website administrators. Vertical markets such as media, E-commerce and advertising can find value in Quizzly’s ability to enhance user experiences, gather accurate insights and facilitate direct customer interactions.
What It Solves
Quizzly solves the challenge of gathering accurate first-party data and enabling direct engagement with target audiences. Revenue teams can leverage this solution to better understand their customers, personalize marketing strategies and improve conversions by capturing valuable insights and preferences through interactive quizzes integrated into websites.
What Makes It Special
Quizzly stands out with its unique approach of using AI-powered contextual quizzes to capture data and enable direct customer engagement. It disrupts the market research industry by providing seamless integration, interactive experiences and highly targeted first-party data, offering a fresh and innovative solution to publishers and brands. Its competitive advantages include precise targeting, rich data sets, interactive user experiences and the ability to personalize marketing strategies based on real-time insights.


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