Who Is Ross Kernez, The Internet Marketing Expert?

NEWSNov. 8 2023, Published 5:02 a.m. ETA CEO invested in mentoring and guiding those in the ever changing game of digital marketing, Ross Kernez is paving the way for businesses to find success online and grow their brand.Article continues below advertisementWorried about the constantly evolving landscape of SEO and online marketing? Ross Kernez, CEO of SEO Meetup has created one of the largest online marketing communities to date where anyone can learn and grow their skills. SEO Meetup is based out of NYC but welcomes members from anywhere in the world to join for free in webinars, online events, and meet face to face with other marketing minded individuals. Kernez started SEO communnity with a desire to knit together a community in which everyone can acquire skills in digital marketing. Hosting successful live events, Kernez covers topics that any online digital agency or startup can benefit from, including growing organic traffic, native ads, third party collaborations, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization algorithms, and much more. With over 2,800 members gaining influential and invaluable guidance, Ross Kernez continues to invest his time and passion into shaping aspiring marketers and businesses to achieve success. “Connection drives success”, says Kernez, as he hopes SEO Meetup members will thrive from the chance to connect with others and learn together. The Path to SuccessKernez has cultivated expansive digital marketing expertise by collaborating with innovative companies across industries. As Grace AI co-founder, he contributed to the development of their AI-powered search technology in the early stages. His diverse experience includes guiding strategy and SEO initiatives for a stone disruptor Marble.com and software company Inventive Software. Cofounding Coat Connect and for ‘Kernez’ further enriched his skills. Through these varied opportunities working with organizations of all sizes, Kernez honed an adaptable digital skillset. Today, he leverages these capabilities providing strategic consulting to help companies and startups grow through targeted digital campaigns. Currently, Kernez applies his multifaceted expertise as Director of Search Marketing at rapidly expanding healthcare insurance broker firm HPOne.Article continues below advertisementRoss’s more than 10 years of dynamic and influential experience in the marketing industry has been highlighted and featured in Forbes, Mashable, Newsweek, Lifewire, Entrepreneur, IBM Systems, and more. The knowledge and mentorship Kernez brings to the table is enabling new and existing companies alike gain transformative levels of success in reaching targeted audiences. Kernez shows companies how they can grow their leads, increase sales, and ultimately boost their revenue. Author, speaker, mentor, and community builder, Ross Kernez’s techniques in customer acquisition, search engine optimization, and marketing strategies enable anyone willing to work hard enough, to get a leg up in their industry. Through the power of connection and mentorship, Kernez is helping businesses realize how to optimize the world of digital marketing.MORE ON:NEWSThe Power of ConnectionBeing fluent in several languages including English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and Slovakian, Ross’s ability to work with a body of culturally diverse businessmen and businesswomen, is a testament to the power of human connection. Kernez was born in Ukraine but later immigrated to America where he has become a sought after figure in the world of marketing and branding. Working across industries and varying sizes businesses, Ross’s experience continues to define his logical and practical approach to online marketing. In his personal time, Ross enjoys spending time traveling across the globe, playing chess and spending time outdoors, reiterating his passion for connection and understanding business cross-culturally.Article continues below advertisementKerenez’s Take on Why Marketing MattersKernez is firm on the fact that digital marketing, although ever-changing, will continue to be at the forefront of building a successful business. Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, and other online strategies have become the go-to in growing a brand online. Most traditional customer acquisition methods have become outdated and ineffective paving the way for massive success online. Kernez wants those involved in marketing to know that the digital age of marketing isn’t going anywhere. Even with the rapidly developing skills of AI, digital marketing will still be necessary for the foreseeable future.How Kernez Can Help Your BusinessStay up to date with future and upcoming SEO Meetup events for the chance to hear Ross speak and gain marketing know-how to start building your business.


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