10 Copying and Printing Franchises to Conquer FedEx Office

The printing industry is thriving. According to the Commerce Department, commercial printing shipments recently exceeded $7 billion in market value. With the sector on the rise, entrepreneurs looking for a business to invest in may want to think carefully about a printing and copying franchises.FedEx Office Print and Ship Services Inc. — formerly Kinko’s  — may be a leading global name in the printing and copying industry, but there are plenty of other options available.Benefits of Owning a Copying and Printing FranchiseBuying into a copying and printing franchise offers several advantages that make it an attractive business opportunity. The most significant benefit is the brand recognition that comes with an established franchise. Customers are more likely to trust and use services from a known brand, providing a steady stream of clientele. Franchises often come with a proven business model, reducing the risk and uncertainty that come with starting a business from scratch. This model includes established operational practices, marketing strategies, and supplier relationships, making it easier to run the business efficiently. Additionally, franchisees receive ongoing support and training from the franchisor, which is invaluable for navigating challenges and staying competitive in the market.Benefits of buying into a copying and printing franchise include:Brand Recognition: Leverage the established reputation of the franchise to attract customers.Proven Business Model: Follow a tested and successful operational blueprint.Supplier Relationships: Benefit from established relationships with suppliers for better deals and quality materials.Marketing Support: Access to pre-designed marketing strategies and materials.Training and Support: Receive ongoing training and support from the franchisor for business operations and growth.Network of Franchisees: Connect with a network of other franchisees for advice and shared experiences.Technology and Innovation: Stay current with the latest industry advancements provided by the franchisor.Reduced Risk: Lower risk compared to starting a new business independently.Methodology for Choosing the Best Copying and Printing FranchisesCopying and printing franchises are integral for businesses, especially in sectors where physical documentation and branding materials are essential. We used the following criteria to rate each franchise on our list. The importance of each factor is rated on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most essential. Here’s our approach to evaluating these franchises:1. Range of ServicesImportance Scale: 8/10Why It Matters: A diverse range of services, including digital printing, large format printing, and copying, is crucial. We look for franchises offering a wide array of options.2. Quality of OutputImportance Scale: 10/10Why It Matters: The quality of printing and copying is paramount. We assess the clarity, color accuracy, and material quality of the final products.3. Pricing and Cost EfficiencyImportance Scale: 9/10Why It Matters: Affordable pricing is key for small businesses. We evaluate the cost-effectiveness of services in relation to quality.4. Speed and Turnaround TimeImportance Scale: 8/10Why It Matters: Fast turnaround times are essential for meeting business deadlines. We consider the efficiency and reliability of service delivery.5. Customer Service and SupportImportance Scale: 7/10Why It Matters: Responsive and helpful customer service enhances the overall experience. We look at the availability and quality of support offered.6. Technological AdvancementsImportance Scale: 6/10Why It Matters: Franchises utilizing the latest technology in printing and copying tend to offer better quality and more options.7. Eco-Friendly PracticesImportance Scale: 7/10Why It Matters: Sustainability is increasingly important. We prioritize franchises that employ environmentally friendly practices and materials.8. Brand Reputation and ReviewsImportance Scale: 7/10Why It Matters: A strong reputation and positive customer reviews indicate reliability and quality of service.9. Location and AccessibilityImportance Scale: 6/10Why It Matters: Conveniently located franchises ensure easier access for frequent printing needs.10. Franchise Support and TrainingImportance Scale: 5/10Why It Matters: For entrepreneurs buying into a franchise, ongoing support and training are critical for successful operation.Copying and Printing FranchisesTake a look at the following 10 copying and printing franchises to conquer FedEx.Allegra Marketing Print and MailAllegra was founded in 1976 in Michigan and started franchising a year later.For entrepreneurs looking for professional independence and personal balance, an Allegra franchise might be just up their street. Allegra Marketing Print and Mail is a recognized leader in business-to-business opportunities.Through ongoing franchise support and training, Allegra franchisees can successfully provide digital and print marketing communication services.An initial franchise fee of $25,000 to $45,000 is required to own a franchise with Allegra.Only ProformaFounded in 1978, Only Proforma is experienced in providing businesses of all sizes with printing and promotional services. The company has been franchising since 1985 and is a $500 million leading network of printing and promotional products distributors.The company provides franchise owners with the education and resources required to gain customers, build sales and improve profits.Investors are required to make an initial investment of between $5,000 and $40,000.Better Deal PrintingBetter Deal Printing was established in 2001 with the aim of providing high quality, low cost printing and graphic design services to local clients.Better Deal Printing franchise owners can enjoy many benefits, including having their franchise listed on the company’s industry-leading website. Franchisees must invest between $5,000 and $80,000 initially with Better Deal Printing.Sir SpeedyFor decades, Sir Speedy have proudly operated on the slogan “Got a challenge, go to Sir Speedy.” Since opening in California in 1968, Sir Speedy has been providing high quality printing services. Sir Speedy franchises offer printing and marketing services, including copy and mailing.An initial investment of $229,981 is required. Successful candidates receive 80 hours of training and additional training at regional meetings. To own a franchise with Sir Speedy, entrepreneurs need to have “unshakeable ambition, a dedicated work ethic and a deep desire to succeed.”Minuteman Press Inc.Minuteman Press proudly asserts to be the world’s largest and number one rated printing franchise. The company has been serving businesses for over 44 years, providing professional design, print and promotional services.The firm opened in 1973 by a father and son team in New York. The first franchise was established two years later and today Minuteman Press has more than 950 centers throughout the world.Franchisees must make an initial investment of $64,000 – $164,000. Three employees are required to run each franchise. Ongoing support is provided to Minuteman Press franchisees.Goin PostalGoin Postal operates a network of enthusiastic, proactive and positive entrepreneurs who are put on the path to making the company’s financial goals a relating. Goin Postal has been franchising since 2002 and has around 244 units in operation.A cash investment of $20,000 is required to be the owner of a Goin Postal franchise.AlphaGraphicsAlphaGraphics boasts a network of around 300 like-minded business owners. In 2016, AlphaGraphics witnessed strong growth, with median sales of over $900,000.The company opened its first store in Arizona in 1970 and began franchising nine years later. It now operates franchises across the US and in seven different countries. AlphaGraphic centers offer printing, marketing communications and document management.An investment of $261,000 – $394,000 is required to be a AlphaGraphics franchisee.FastSignsDiscover a “win-win franchise opportunity” with FastSigns. The company opened its business model in 1985 and quickly developed to becoming one of the most highly trusted names in the franchise industry.FastSigns now has more than 120 corporate employees serving in over 650 locations. A cash investment of $80,000 is required to become a FastSigns franchisee.PIP Printing and Marketing ServicesPIP Printing has been creating and supporting entrepreneurs for over 40 years. The company was established in 1965 and started franchising four years later. Today PIP has more than 1,200 printing and business services centers worldwide.Successful candidates of PIP Printing will receive training seminars, a dedicated business management team and what it claims to be the most comprehensive marketing and sales support in the business.A $228,000 0 $278,000 initial investment is needed to own a PIP Printing franchise.Bizcard XpressBizcard Xpress was founded in 2006 and has been franchising since 2009. Delivering customer designed and printed business cards to busy entrepreneurs in one hour or less is the cornerstone of Bizcard Xpress’s ‘One Stop Business Improvement Shop.Entrepreneurs can join in the success of Bizcard Xpress’s superfast printing and signage services by becoming a Bizcard franchisee.After making an initial investment of between $114,000 and $197,000. Bizcard Xpress franchise owners receive ongoing training and marketing support.#FranchiseFoundedFranchising SinceInitial InvestmentSpecial Features1Allegra Marketing Print and Mail19761977$25,000 – $45,000B2B opportunities, ongoing support2Only Proforma19781985$5,000 – $40,000Printing and promotional services, education resources3Better Deal Printing2001Not Specified$5,000 – $80,000High quality, low cost printing4Sir Speedy1968Not Specified$229,981Printing and marketing services5Minuteman Press Inc.19731975$64,000 – $164,000World’s largest printing franchise6Goin Postal20022002$20,000Network of proactive entrepreneurs7AlphaGraphics19701979$261,000 – $394,000Printing, marketing, document management8FastSigns19851985$80,000Trusted name in the franchise industry9PIP Printing and Marketing Services19651969$228,000 – $278,000Over 1,200 centers worldwide10Bizcard Xpress20062009$114,000 – $197,000Superfast printing and signage services
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