LaunchPad by Perry Belcher Review – Does It Work?

Perry Belcher has launched a Digistore24 affiliate training program called LaunchPad.
Priced at $10 per month, LaunchPad by Perry Belcher teaches you how to identify the best offers and make huge commissions from those offers.
Is LaunchPad by Perry Belcher legit? Should you sign up for LaunchPad by Perry Belcher today? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Perry Belcher’s new LaunchPad subscription service today in our review.
What is LaunchPad by Perry Belcher?

LaunchPad is an affiliate marketing training program created by Perry Belcher.
Perry is a “super affiliate” with Digistore24. Over the years, he has generated millions of dollars of revenue for the company while personally generating over $500 million in online sales.
With LaunchPad, Perry talks to affiliate marketers every Wednesday. He’ll explore what’s working and what isn’t working, the best-converting offers available today, and more.
Typically, Perry charges $25,000 per day for his services. However, Digistore24 partnered with Perry to subsidize his day rate, making it affordable for average Digistore24 affiliates. You’ll pay just $10 per month to subscribe to LaunchPad.
As part of a launch promotion, all subscriptions to LaunchPad by Perry Belcher come with a package of bonus guides and tools. You can begin using these tools immediately to give yourself the best chance of becoming a super affiliate like Perry.
LaunchPad by Perry Belcher Benefits

Some of the benefits of LaunchPad by Perry Belcher include:

Discover the secrets of legendary Digistore24 super affiliate Perry Belcher
New weekly live call every Wednesday
Package of bonus guides and tools available to all new subscribers
Get access to an exclusive Facebook community
Discover insider secrets to help you become a Digistore24 super affiliate
Learn proven tips you can implement today – including the best strategies working today

LaunchPad: Get the benefits you’ve been looking for!
How Does LaunchPad by Perry Belcher Work?

You subscribe to LaunchPad by Perry Belcher today for $10 per month. Then, you receive an invitation to Perry’s weekly live calls.
Each Wednesday, Perry hosts a live call where he discusses what’s working, how today’s best offers are performing, emerging areas, and more.
During the live call, Perry also takes questions from fellow affiliate marketers. He can provide guidance on today’s trends, help marketers maximize performance, and give subscribers the best possible chance of becoming a Digistore24 super affiliate like Perry.
Since becoming an affiliate marketer, Perry has generated over $500 million in online sales. He’s one of the top online marketers on the planet. For just $10 per month, you can hear from Perry each week while getting access to a bundle of bonus products, reports, and services.
Join LaunchPad today and propel your marketing skills!
What Will You Learn in LaunchPad by Perry Belcher?

Perry’s goal with LaunchPad is to share his experience with the world – including new affiliates, intermediate affiliates needing a boost, and experts looking for new tips.
Whether you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing or you’ve driven traffic to Digistore24 offers in the past, you can discover proven strategies with LaunchPad by Perry Belcher.
Some of the topics covered in LaunchPad by Perry Belcher include:

How to choose the best offers, including offers most likely to convert while also generating the most commissions
How to use free and paid traffic effectively
How to write copy on emails and landing pages to ensure traffic converts
Proven tips, tricks, and strategies Perry has learned while generating over $500 million in online sales over the years
Weekly meetings on today’s trending topics in the affiliate marketing world – including top campaigns with the biggest possible chance of success
The best affiliate offers to promote right now, including the hottest niches and highest-paying affiliate offers

Ultimately, the goal of LaunchPad by Perry Belcher is to give you the tools you need to become a super affiliate with DigiStore24.
Stay ahead in affiliate marketing. Subscribe to LaunchPad
What’s Included with LaunchPad by Perry Belcher?

By subscribing to LaunchPad by Perry Belcher today, you get the base subscription along with a bundle of bonus reports.
Here’s everything you get when subscribing to LaunchPad by Perry Belcher today:

Weekly Live Calls: Every Wednesday, Perry hosts a weekly live call where he discusses today’s trending topics, answers questions from subscribers, and shares his knowledge and experience with subscribers. You can discover proven tips from one of the internet’s most successful marketers. You’ll discover niches that could have potential, how to pick the right offers, the latest traffic generation strategies from free and paid traffic sources, and more.
Exclusive Facebook Community: All LaunchPad by Perry Belcher subscribers get access to an exclusive Facebook community. That Facebook community features affiliate marketing experts and affiliate marketing newbies alike – including people at all stages of the affiliate marketing journey. You can see results from other subscribers, hear from experts in the niche, bounce ideas, and interact with a like-minded community of affiliate marketers.
Top Affiliate Offers: All LaunchPad by Perry Belcher subscribers receive access to a list of today’s best affiliate offers, including the hottest, highest-paying affiliate offers that Perry recommends promoting. You’ll also discover how to generate massive amounts of free traffic for those offers, giving you the recipe for a successful campaign.
Winning Affiliate Marketing Strategies: Perry has generated over $500 million in sales online over his decades in the industry. As a LaunchPad by Perry Belcher subscriber, you can discover winning affiliate marketing strategies Perry has used – and is using today – to continue to make enormous amounts of money each year. Perry claims to “Generate over $1 million in affiliate commissions each year.” By subscribing to LaunchPad, you can discover the strategies he used in the past and strategies he is using today to generate his commissions.
Expert Guidance: LaunchPad subscribers get expert guidance on affiliate marketing topics. You’ll discover rookie mistakes to avoid, for example, along with common pitfalls and screw-ups made by newbie affiliate marketers.
Insider Secrets: LaunchPad subscribers get access to insider secrets, including the most proven strategies working right now for Digistore24’s super affiliates. You’ll learn how to successfully run affiliate marketing campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google, for example, or with email marketing and paid ads. These insider secrets can instantly put you ahead of the competition.
Free Bonus eBook: The Secret Selling System by Perry Belcher ($2,000 Value): Perry Belcher wrote a guide called The Secret Selling System. As part of a 2023 promotion, all new LaunchPad subscribers get immediate access to a digital copy of this book. Perry describes it as “one of [his] most popular trainings ever.” By reading the book and absorbing its lessons, you could “instantly be 20+ years ahead of your competition on day one,” according to Perry. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing and looking to make your first sale or already on the way to making affiliate marketing your full-time job, you can discover proven strategies from Perry Belcher in his eBook. Perry values his book at $2,000, and you get immediate access to a free copy just for joining LaunchPad by Perry Belcher today.
Unleash your potential. Learn from Perry with LaunchPad!
LaunchPad by Perry Belcher Pricing

LaunchPad by Perry Belcher is priced at $10 per month. You can cancel at any time.
LaunchPad by Perry Belcher Subscription: $10 per month
Your subscription comes with all of the bonuses, guides, and tools above.
LaunchPad by Perry Belcher Refund Policy

Larry Belcher backs all LaunchPad subscriptions with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. You have 30 days to request a refund on your purchase with no questions asked if you’re unhappy for any reason.
About Perry Belcher

Perry Belcher is a digital marketing entrepreneur who claims to have generated over $500 million in digital marketing sales over his decades in the industry. He also claims to generate around $1 million in commissions each year today.
According to his LinkedIn page, Perry has worked in digital marketing since 2008. In addition to being an affiliate marketer, he runs an affiliate marketing training company. That company has helped 300,000 students worldwide become better affiliates.
In addition to his work with students, Perry is known for the Traffic and Conversion Summit (which claims to be the largest marketing event in the world). He’s also the founder of Olympus Peak and Native Commerce. Plus, he has a podcast called Perry’s Podcast.
According to, Perry is an investor and marketing specialist. His business is registered in Las Vegas, Nevada.
You can contact the LaunchPad by Perry Belcher customer service team via the following:

Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address: Digistore 24 Inc. 360 Central Ave, Suite 800, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA

Final Word

Digital marketing expert Perry Belcher has launched a new subscription service called LaunchPad.
Each Wednesday, Perry hosts a live call with subscribers to share his analysis on today’s affiliate marketing scene. Perry discusses some of today’s best offers, answers questions from students, and shares his wisdom with marketers of all levels – all for just $10 per month.
To learn more about LaunchPad by Perry Belcher or to subscribe today, visit the official website.

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