Make $1370+ Per WEEK With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing (NO WEBSITE!)

Check my Pinterest affiliate marketing tutorial to help you make money from your pins! This is a beginner side hustle you can do …

  • 0:00 | Hi guys! Anastasia here! Many of 
    you really enjoyed the previous  
  • 0:04 | tutorial on Pinterest affiliate marketing.
    So, today, we’re diving deeper, step by step,  
  • 0:10 | to address all the questions I received in the 
    comments below that video. I will show you how you  
  • 0:16 | can earn up to $10,000 a month using Pinterest.
    This includes selecting a profitable niche,  
  • 0:23 | finding affiliate products with high 
    conversion rates, and effectively  
  • 0:27 | adding affiliate links to your pins.
    The great news is that you don’t need prior  
  • 0:32 | experience or any money to start with this method!
    All you need is Wi-Fi and either a laptop or  
  • 0:39 | a smartphone. You don’t even 
    need to have your own website! 
  • 0:42 | Now, just for the newcomers, affiliate 
    marketing is a business model where  
  • 0:47 | you promote others’ products or services and 
    earn a commission for each sale or referral. 
  • 0:54 | The next question is why would you 
    use Pinterest for affiliate marketing? 
  • 0:59 | Well because with about 482 million users, 
    Pinterest is among the top platforms for FREE  
  • 1:07 | high-quality traffic, and high % of that audience 
    are millennials from the United States and the UK  
  • 1:14 | (which means a higher purchasing power!).
    And again, you can do affiliate marketing  
  • 1:19 | on Pinterest without spending a penny on 
    ads and even without your own website! 
  • 1:25 | First, we’ll focus on choosing the right 
    niche, a crucial step for success.. 
    You see, I’ve been in this  
  • 1:31 | game for years and trust me, it’s been a mix 
    of hits and misses. But really, it boils down  
  • 1:37 | to something pretty straightforward on Pinterest.
    You need to aim for niches with products that look  
  • 1:43 | great in photos. Because this is what Pinterest 
    IS in its essence – it’s a visual search engine,  
  • 1:49 | full of images and people who search for stuff on 
    Pinteresta are visual searchers, they care about  
  • 1:57 | the images and how things look on the photos.
    And you should mostly aim for stuff that is  
  • 2:03 | primarily targeting women because currently 
    it’s about 60% of Pinterest audience. 
  • 2:08 | Think about stuff like fashion, home decor, 
    beauty products, yummy food, stuff for kids  
  • 2:14 | and babies or even fitness gear – anything that’s 
    a feast for the eyes and can jazz up your pins. 
  • 2:22 | Once you’ve got your niche down, the next step 
    is hunting for some solid affiliate products.  
  • 2:27 | I’ll tell you more about that in the next steps.
  • 2:30 | Alright, let’s talk about picking affiliate 
    programs and products that really sell. 
  • 2:35 | I assume that a lot of people watching this 
    video are quite new to affiliate marketing and  
  • 2:41 | essentially are beginners who have NO website 
    and perhaps a smallish social media following. 
  • 2:47 | That’s is why I decided to show you a relatively 
    new platform that not many people heard about,  
  • 2:53 | it connects Creators with brands and 
    allows you to earn great commissions. 
  • 2:59 | You should try to apply as a Creator for 
    Wayward, who partnered with me for this  
  • 3:03 | part of the vide, and you’ll find the 
    link to it in the description below. 
  • 3:07 | It will be perfect for beginners because:
    1. On Wayward you can download a CSV of your  
  • 3:14 | customer list, and create tailored content for 
    them, which allows you to make even more affiliate  
  • 3:20 | commissions from the same visitors of your shop
    2. Wayward has a free Meta Shop integration.  
  • 3:28 | Followers can shop without leaving 
    the IG app, boosting your commissions 
  • 3:34 | 3. Wayward doesn’t require you to have your own 
    website. Essentially can create a Storefront that  
  • 3:42 | includes a lot of affiliate products. It helps you 
    create a high-performing store front in minutes,  
  • 3:49 | categorize products in collections and 
    customize it to your desired look and feel. 
  • 3:54 | that can be saved in collections.
    Also, you can create a Shoppable  
  • 3:57 | Link in Bio on Wayward allowing you to go beyond 
    generic URLs and showcase specific products with  
  • 4:05 | rich descriptions directly in your link. This 
    removes the extra click for your followers.  
  • 4:12 | The faster they understand, the quicker they shop
    4. There’s a great match with Pinterest audience  
  • 4:18 | because the majority of products on Wayward 
    fall into the most popular niches and topics  
  • 4:23 | on Pinterest – like beauty, maternity and 
    products for kids, home decor items and so on.
  • 4:30 | 5. You can skip the tedious steps of 
    creating and getting approved for an  
  • 4:37 | Amazon Associates account. Add any Amazon 
    product to your Wayward store and receive  
  • 4:44 | well-earned commissions not in the typical 
    60-day wait, but in a 3-5 business days 
  • 4:50 | 6. You will get earnings dropped 
    into your bank account 10x faster  
  • 4:55 | than any influencer or affiliate platform
    Once you have an account on Wayward, you can  
  • 5:01 | quickly create a store that looks similar to mine.
    Many products don’t require any application,  
  • 5:07 | usually they are in the top selling products 
    collections. For these, all you need to do is  
  • 5:13 | click on Create Link and this is basically your 
    affiliate link that you can copy and then I’ll  
  • 5:20 | show you in the next step how we can use it 
    on Pinterest. So stay with me for that step. 
  • 5:25 | Sign up on Wayward as a Creator using the 
    first link in the description below and  
  • 5:29 | we are moving to the next step!
    Optimize your Pinterest Account
  • 5:35 | Okay, so getting your Pinterest account looking 
    sharp is key. Even though people might buy stuff  
  • 5:40 | without checking out your page first, you still 
    want to grow a following, right? For that, your  
  • 5:47 | page needs to be something people really like.
    First things first, switch to a business account  
  • 5:54 | if you haven’t already. You can do this in the 
    account settings. Then, pick a profile picture  
  • 5:59 | and a banner that match your niche. You can 
    use your photo or a logo if you have one. You  
  • 6:06 | want everything to look neat and on-brand.
    You can whip up something quick in Canva or  
  • 6:11 | similar tools using their templates. Stick with 
    a consistent aesthetic or color scheme for your  
  • 6:18 | profile and banner. And hey, if you’ve got text 
    or a logo, keep it simple – no more than three  
  • 6:25 | different fonts, or it’ll look like a hot mess.
    Pro tip: Make sure to choose a nice username.  
  • 6:34 | Pinterest will give you a random 
    one, so change it to something that  
  • 6:38 | doesn’t have funky numbers or letters.
    Include some keywords in your name,  
  • 6:43 | like I have ‘Anastasia Blogger | Online 
    Business Tips | Blogging for Beginners’,  
  • 6:49 | to make it SEO-friendly. This helps you show up 
    in searches and gets more eyes on your content. 
  • 6:56 | Your Profile description important too. Keep it 
    short, sweet, and stuffed with a few keywords.  
  • 7:03 | It’s all about giving folks a heads-up on 
    what they’re getting by following you. You  
  • 7:10 | can even ask ChatGPT to help craft a 
    quick bio – no need to overthink it. 
  • 7:16 | Next up, Pinterest boards. They should also 
    be optimized for keywords, both the titles  
  • 7:21 | and board descriptions. Now, it might be 
    getting too SEO dense for this video topic,  
  • 7:27 | so if you want to dig deeper and learn more 
    about optimizing your profile, I’ll give  
  • 7:32 | you a link to my free Pinterest Masterclass up 
    there and in the description below. So you can  
  • 7:38 | watch it once we are done with this video!
    You can also use Pinterest trends at this  
  • 7:42 | page to research what’s 
    hot in your niche and create new boards that  
  • 7:49 | target those popular searches.
    You can filter the results by  
  • 7:53 | different niches to see the most relevant 
    suggestions. This will help your account  
  • 7:58 | get more visibility and potentially more sales.
    Aim for at least 5 to 10 boards for a new account,  
  • 8:08 | then save to each board around 20-30 
    pins that closely match the board name. 
  • 8:14 | I actually use this handy free Chrome extension 
    called SortPin for this purpose, what it does  
  • 8:19 | is when you make a search for any keyword, say 
    I wanted to save pins to my new Pinteret board  
  • 8:25 | with Maternity products, this extension will 
    show you a ton of information about the pins  
  • 8:31 | that you can’t see as a Pinterest user otherwise.
    Like how many repins or other engagements each pin  
  • 8:39 | has. When you are trying to build up your 
    boards from scratch, you should only repin  
  • 8:45 | to it the most popular pins that already 
    have the right keywords attached to them. 
  • 8:52 | Pinterest mixes a lot of new pins to test if 
    they are worth it, but you only want to repin  
  • 8:58 | the most popular ones to your new boards.
    If you want to try, you’ll find SortPin  
  • 9:03 | link in the description below as well, it’s 
    a free extension and very helpful when you  
  • 9:08 | are building a new account on Pinterest. 
    It also helps you understand which pins of  
  • 9:13 | your competitors are truly viral and so you 
    can later think of making some of your own  
  • 9:20 | pins using this info for inspiration.
    I also recommend you to pick a catchy  
  • 9:25 | cover photo for each board – something that grabs 
    attention. You don’t need to create cover images,  
  • 9:33 | you can just choose the most attractive 
    of your pins on that particular board. 
  • 9:40 | Now, let’s talk growth strategies. The best way 
    to grow on Pinterest is by posting pins regularly.  
  • 9:48 | I’m talking 2 to 5 pins a day. Every day, Monday 
    to Sunday but I’d say you can try to be even more  
  • 9:56 | active on weekends because that’s when I see 
    traffic spikes from Pinterest on all of my  
  • 10:01 | accounts. And I’ve seen similar spikes on weekends 
    on most of the accounts of my Pinterest clients. 
  • 10:07 | But what kinds of pins should you create 
    that might have the potential to go viral? 
  • 10:12 | Create Pins that Go Viral
    On my account, I use unique pins I  
  • 10:15 | created myself using tools like Canva or Kittl.
    I occasionally repurpose my own content from  
  • 10:22 | other platforms, like I have a bunch 
    of video pins that are just short  
  • 10:26 | clips from my longer Youtube videos.
    If you have your own content on TikTok,  
  • 10:31 | Instagram, or Tumblr, you could repurpose 
    your own posts from there on Pinterest. 
  • 10:37 | If you do it, make sure you removed the TikTok 
    icon from your own content before you post it on  
  • 10:43 | Pinterest. Pinterest won’t ban you, but they might 
    limit how many people see your stuff because well…  
  • 10:50 | obviously, Pinterest doesn’t want to promote as 
    much content with their competitor’s logo on it. 
  • 10:56 | If you watched some other videos 
    about Pinterest affiliate marketing,  
  • 11:01 | some of those youtubers would casually mention 
    that you can download posts that was created by  
  • 11:07 | other people, from other platforms like Tiktok 
    or Instagram, and just republish it under your  
  • 11:13 | own account with a text credit to the creator.
    Well, I will go against the crowd in this case  
  • 11:19 | and caution you because there is a thing called 
    DMCA complaint on any major online platform,  
  • 11:26 | and Pinterest is no exception.
    Even if you gave a text credit  
  • 11:31 | to someone and they are still unhappy 
    that you used their content without their  
  • 11:37 | permission, well you are on your own.
    That’s the part a lot of youtubers with  
  • 11:42 | million views on videos about Pinterest 
    affiliate marketing “forget to mention”. 
  • 11:48 | You might get away with it for a while, and 
    I’ve seen accounts on Pinterest that do it.  
  • 11:53 | But no one can guarantee that you’ll never 
    get a DMCA complaint for at least a few of  
  • 12:00 | the hundreds of pins on your account. If you 
    go down the route of copying content from other  
  • 12:07 | people. And if you do get 3 complaints like this, 
    Pinterest might close your account permanently. 
  • 12:13 | So, here we go… I told you the truth, you might 
    not like it, OR you might actually LIKE my video  
  • 12:20 | because I am being honest with you unlike many 
    other youtubers who have close to zero real  
  • 12:27 | experience on Pinterest, and who will tell 
    you it’s super easy to just copy and paste  
  • 12:32 | content from others, and get away with it.
    When it comes to the formats of pins,  
  • 12:37 | currently I recommend everyone to stick to 
    image pins or short videos but not Idea pins. 
  • 12:43 | Earlier this year Pinterest announced that this 
    format will be removed from the platform. You  
  • 12:49 | can still create Idea pins, I still have it on my 
    accounts but I don’t see the point it making them  
  • 12:58 | if they will be anyway converted to video pins 
    later, according to Pinterest’s own statement. 
  • 13:04 | Always keep in mind that standard image pins 
    usually are the main money-makers because they  
  • 13:10 | have higher click-through rates than video 
    pins, people can’t do much with an image,  
  • 13:16 | you see it, you click on it. With a video 
    people tend to watch them and move on more  
  • 13:21 | often than clicking on the links attached to them.
    To make your pins pop in Pinterest search results,  
  • 13:27 | make sure that you used keywords 
    in the pin titles and descriptions. 
  • 13:31 | This might help you get traffic not just 
    from Pinterest, but even from Google Images.  
  • 13:37 | Because for a lot of keywords, Google will show 
    Pinterest images close to to top search results. 
  • 13:44 | Now one more thing you should remember on this 
    step. And I want us to pause for a second and  
  • 13:49 | pay attention, this is very important and 
    people often forget about it – you have to  
  • 13:54 | make an affiliate disclosure in the pin 
    description. It’s very simple. Pinterest  
  • 13:59 | doesn’t ask for too much. Just add a hashtag #ad 
    or #sponsored or #promotion or something along  
  • 14:07 | the lines to your pin description. That’s it!
    Bonus Tip that works great for viral pins: 
  • 14:13 | Stay active in the comments, at least for your 
    most popular pins! Sometimes people can’t find  
  • 14:20 | the link and simply ask where they can get the 
    product in your pin. Drop your affiliate link  
  • 14:26 | there to catch those extra sales. Also, being 
    active in the comments on your top performing  
  • 14:32 | pins helps them get even more impressions 
    and they might stay viral for more time. 
  • 14:39 | Next, let’s see how you add those 
    affiliate links to your pins… 
    There are three different ways and places  
  • 14:47 | you could add affiliate links on Pinterest.
    The first and I would say the main way is by  
  • 14:53 | adding the link to the Destination URL 
    field of each pin. That’s when we’ll go  
  • 14:59 | back to Wayward and copy the product affiliate 
    link and then paste it here. I can show you a  
  • 15:05 | bunch of pins I created with Wayward direct 
    affiliate links and they worked just fine. 
  • 15:11 | But I have to give you a word of caution 
    here because Pinterest doesn’t treat  
  • 15:15 | all affiliate networks and even all 
    link shorteners equally, for example,  
  • 15:20 | I know that it wouldn’t allow you to use hoplinks 
    from Clickbank or use as a link hortener. 
  • 15:29 | If they do block a certain affiliate 
    link or domain, you will know it right  
  • 15:33 | away because Pinterest won’t even let you 
    save a pin with that link and will show  
  • 15:38 | you a warning that you are trying to link 
    a domain that is blocked on their platform. 
  • 15:44 | The second way to add affiliate links on Pinterest 
    is by Tagging products on Pins. A lot of people  
  • 15:50 | completely miss this option because it’s kind of 
    hidden and not as obvious, so I would appreciate  
  • 15:57 | a like here for sharing this extra way for you 
    to make even more commission from your pins. 
  • 16:02 | How it works is that after uploading an image or 
    video, you will get this little Tagging icon and  
  • 16:10 | then you can again copy and paste the affiliate 
    link, I will take one of the products from Wayward  
  • 16:16 | and what happens next is that Pinterest will 
    automatically fetch some of the product images  
  • 16:22 | from that page, you can choose one of them and 
    it will create a new pin with this image, tagged  
  • 16:29 | to your main pin. You click Save product and 
    once you are done saving your pin, these tagged  
  • 16:35 | products will appear as little dots on top of your 
    pins, and will show up under the original pin. 
  • 16:43 | With these tagged products, you can get more 
    impulse buys. People see the product on the  
  • 16:49 | pin image, they kind of click right on that 
    product they just liked, and they go straight  
  • 16:55 | to your affiliate product page.
    The third way is by using  
  • 16:58 | your Profile link on Pinterest.
    Personally, I have a website,  
  • 17:03 | so in my case it makes more sense to have it in 
    the profile. But for many of you watching this  
  • 17:11 | video it might be the case that you don’t have 
    a website and don’t plan on starting one yet. 
  • 17:17 | The good news is you could simply give a link to 
    your Wayward Profile which will have all of the  
  • 17:24 | products and affiliate links in one place.
    Questions and Pro Tips 
  • 17:26 | Now I want to give you just a few Pro tips that 
    will allow you to scale your Pinterest affiliate  
  • 17:32 | game and answer a few more questions I’ve got 
    from people in the comments on my previous  
  • 17:37 | video about Pinterest affiliate marketing.
    First tip is – don’t miss the scheduling  
  • 17:43 | functionality on Pinterest. Instead of trying 
    to manually post at a certain time of the day,  
  • 17:48 | when more Pinterest users are active, you can 
    schedule your pins even on the native Pinterest  
  • 17:54 | scheduler up to a month in advance. So you 
    don’t have to login multiple times a day,  
  • 18:00 | you can live your life and do other stuff and 
    batch schedule your pins in one or two days. And  
  • 18:07 | then sit back and relax for the rest of the month!
    Second, don’t create an account to post ONLY your  
  • 18:14 | own pins with affiliate links. This is NOT 
    how Pinterest wants us to use their platform. 
  • 18:20 | In the affiliate guidelines they say you can 
    use direct affiliate links on your pins but it  
  • 18:27 | should be done in moderation. It shouldn’t be the 
    only type of pins that you save on your account. 
  • 18:33 | So if you don’t have a website with content 
    you could link to, then what you could do in  
  • 18:39 | that case is mix into your pinning schedule 
    repins of popular pins from other accounts,  
  • 18:45 | so there is a healthy balance between content 
    curation and affiliate products in your boards. 
  • 18:51 | Third, don’t try to promote the same product 
    URL over and over, and over, and over again  
  • 18:57 | every day. Even if you change the image and 
    save it to a different board evey time, after  
  • 19:04 | 3-4 pins saved daily, you need to make a break. 
    Or even better don’t save them daily – give them  
  • 19:10 | intervals about a week between the pins, that way 
    you’ll save just one pin with that exact affiliate  
  • 19:17 | link on it per week and you can save many other 
    pins in between, even to other affiliate products. 
  • 19:24 | And the most important piece of 
    advice? Patience and consistency.  
  • 19:29 | I get loads of messages asking why they’re 
    not making money after just a week. Look,  
  • 19:35 | it takes time to for with the algorithm to catch 
    on your pins, it takes time to build traffic,  
  • 19:41 | engage with your audience. It’s not a 
    one-week miracle, but stick with it for  
  • 19:46 | a few months, and you’ll see results.
    If you’re serious about Pinterest,  
  • 19:51 | check out my video linked up there on all 
    the ways I use to make money on Pinterest.  
  • 19:57 | And if you liked this video, don’t forget to hit 
    like and subscribe. See you in the next video!


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