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The Fast Tracks is the main course and training program from Merlin Holmes that shows you how to earn money online by building email lists and making money from these lists with affiliate marketing offers. This means you will get paid to build an email list that you can send more offers to for a long time.You probably know about the affiliate marketing business, but Merlin’s method is different from all other methods I have ever seen in my 16+ years of marketing online.First, you can do it without:Creating any products Handling any customer service Building any online store Managing any inventory Spending a lot of money Leaving your house It is done by using a simple 2-page funnel where your visitors have to answer a “yes/no” poll question and then they join your list where you will send a series of automated emails to promote an affiliate offer (and you will also promote the offer on the thank you page after they sign up.)The method’s genius is in the simplicity of the copy on the landing page which makes people want to answer the poll question. Merlin shows some examples in his webinar with around 70% sign-up rate.And the traffic methods taught cost only about 10% of the usual traffic you get from Facebook ads, Google ads, and YouTube ads.What is The Fast Tracks Course? The Fast Tracks Course is a web class that teaches the public how to make money online like Merlin Holmes did. According to a presentation that is available now, Merlin created a three-step formula that let him make up to $5,000 every day during the pandemic lockdown. Amazingly, he made such big amounts of money by asking yes or no questions online. Because of this strategy, he also made a passive income stream.Those who are stuck in the rat race will surely be shocked by those above. So were we. Considering the current economic situation and global slowdowns, a course like this is very timely. With what we know so far, it is time to look at the course content.What will be covered in The Fast Tracks Course? While the details of the strategy are secret, Merlin has made a list of topics he plans to cover during The Fast Tracks Course. Specifically, they are:The simple, 3-step formula that made an incredible $156,000 in a month during the pandemic; The steps to making steady income streams of $500 to $1,000 or more every day without having to work hard or take big risks; Case studies of regular people from different backgrounds who used Merlin’s strategy successfully; The drawbacks of normal business models and why they are not useful in today’s world of information and data; The exact steps to avoid, as they could ruin your results. How much does The Fast Tracks Course cost? The Fast Tracks Course is totally free to join. Once you sign up, you can start the course right away. Sadly, there is a limit of 500 students before the course is charged a fee. So, anyone who wants to sign up must act fast.Who is Merlin Holmes? Merlin Holmes is a famous affiliate marketer. He worked for over 15 years in the field before becoming a successful ClickBank marketer. Of course, people may question his credibility, especially given how crowded the space is. In his case, the numbers speak for themselves; he made $150 million in online sales during his career and still counting. Also, he earns up to 50% commission, has a large email list for his webinars, and gets paid automatically all the time. Most importantly, he did not forget about quality, making sure that his courses are well received by both beginners and experts. It is no wonder that the strategies he shares please his customers.Conclusion To wrap things up, the Fast Tracks Course is about 90 minutes long and covers Merlin’s money-making “Summary Fast Tracks is a tool that helps you plan the development of your OpenTok application. You just need to answer some questions about the app you want to build, and our system will create a custom Fast Track for you, with the steps you need to follow to get your app working, and links to useful documentation for each step.Once you make a Fast Track, you can always find it in the top left corner of the Developer Center. Just click on the Fast Track widget to open your track. As you finish steps in your track, you can mark them as done, and the progress bar in your Fast Track widget will show your progress.What Is Fast Tracks? Fast Tracks is a 6-week program that teaches you how to earn money online by using email marketing and a 2-page website. It has a 4-step formula:Step 1: Find Affiliate Offers & Write an Ad Copy Step 2: Make an Interactive Landing Page Step 3: Send Visitors to Your Offer Page Step 4: Make Money Online Merlin says that he uses this same system to make $14,444 per day by sending simple emails to visitors of his special 2-page website.What Is The Fast Tracks?The Fast Tracks $1K a Day Affiliate is a complete and easy-to-learn training program that shows you how to build huge email lists using simple poll pages and get traffic using 2nd tier sources, which are cheaper than usual advertising methods like Google, Facebook, and YouTube paid ads.The program is made by Merlin Holmes, a successful affiliate marketer with a lot of experience in the industry.To start with the program, you need to watch a webinar that gives you a clear overview of what the program is about. The program is a 6-week course that covers everything from the basics of affiliate marketing to more advanced email marketing skills.In the program, you get a step-by-step guide that makes sure you understand the whole process.One of the unique things about the program is the use of simple poll pages, which is a method that is not often used in the industry. By using poll pages, you can create interest with potential customers and collect useful data that can help you improve your campaigns. Also, the program teaches you how to get traffic using 2nd tier sources, which are usually ignored by marketers but can save you a lot of money.Another important thing about the program is the support team that Merlin has made to help you along the way. The support team promises to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed, including ongoing support, training videos, and access to a community of people who think like you.What Are Fast Tracks? It is a 6-week program where you learn how to make money online by using email marketing and a 2-page website. You build email lists of target customers and promote suitable products.It is a unique program that teaches you how to use interactive (polls/ questions) landing pages to create emotions. The method works better than the old name/email landing pages. Research shows that interactive landing pages work well in specific niches like fitness, self-improvement, and money-making.It also helps you get into new marketing platforms that cost less than Facebook or Google Ads. The new and innovative ideas make the Fast Track different from other programs.How Does The Program Work? The method is called affiliate marketing, a legal way of making money online where you promote other offers through your own or affiliate link.If someone buys the product from your affiliate link, you earn commission. Most of the experts prefer affiliate marketing because: “What are The Fast Tracks? Fast Tracks is a Clickbank program that teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing. It is a six-week course that shows you how to use the eComm platform and tools like email marketing to make money online.The program will also show you how to make a website and build an email list.Here is a short summary of what you will learn in the program:How to Find the Best Affiliate Programs and Use their Sales Page One of the main benefits of Fast Track is finding the best affiliate programs that match your niche and can give you the best income source.The program also has lessons on Clickbank and how it works. You will also learn how to make banner ads and look for the products that have good results in getting leads and sales.Building an Email List Another good lesson from the program is Merlin’s way of building an email list that includes making a strong call-to-action to get new customers and keeping the quality of your service to keep your current audience.Making Polls that Create Engagement Merlin will also share his tips on making polls that increase site traffic and make your audience interact with you.I have reviewed similar affiliate marketing training programs before. You can check my previous reviews if you want—Affiliate Secrets 3.0, SAS Affiliate, Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Ivan Mana, and John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Pro, to name a few.Or, you may want to check the full list of our reviews by clicking here.ResultsWe analysed 504 cases and 504 controls. The average age was 75 years, and there were more women than men. In total, 96% of subjects were tagged as “less-urgent”. The time spent in the hospital was much lower in the fast-track group than in the control group (median 178 min, range 184 min, and 115 min, range 69 min, respectively, p < 0.001), as well as the time between the ED doctor’s visit and patient leaving (median 78 min, range 120 min, and median 3 min, range 6 min, respectively, p < 0.001). There were no more unplanned visits again within 48 h, 7 days and 30 days.

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