Uncovering the Online Income Source Created by Shawn Josiah

This is a review of Perpetual Income 365, an online marketing method created by Shawn Josiah. (Did you finish this course? Tell me your score!)Perpetual Income 365 helps you become a partner for the program. You can make money online by getting a fee for every successful recommendation.Click Here To Visit (Perpetual Income 365) Official WebsiteIf you want to know:● Good and Bad Points of Perpetual Income All Year Long ● How much it costs (with extra charges) ● How long it takes for students to get results ● How it compares to other online marketing methodsYou are in the right place.Let’s begin.PERPETUAL INCOME 365 MAIN FACTSAboutShawn Josiah’s guide that teaches you how to be a seller who earns fees with the same program.Price$9 test and $47/month after that or $297 for a lifetime (more costs + details about extra charges)Pros60-day money back guarantee, cheap to start and web pages are provided.ConsThe proof is not strong that students are making a lot of money, with too much MLM style, shady advertising, many extra charges.VerdictA weak and overhyped system that has many problems. It is better to avoid this.” Click Here To Visit (Perpetual Income 365) Official WebsiteAbout MeHi Hi, I’m Niall Doherty.I left my old 9-to-5 work in 2010.Since then, I’ve been making money online in different ways. In the past three years (until 2022) I’ve earned $536,000 on my laptop mostly by affiliate marketing.I want to review and rate honestly each of the best affiliate marketing programs. We at Ebizfacts have spent more than 500 hours studying these courses, and getting feedback from real students.We can say that we know a thing or two about affiliate marketing and making money online.Click Here To Buy (Perpetual Income 365) Official SiteThe Best affiliate Marketing Training?We’re on a mission to find the best affiliate marketing courses based on our own deep research and feedback from real students.Sadly, Perpetual Income 365 is not even close to being on the top list.How can Perpetual Income 365 help you make money?affiliate marketing means that you promote the products or services of others and earn a commission for each successful sale.Perpetual Income 365 is a strange affiliate marketing program where you’re taught how to promote PI365 the program.When you join the program, you’ll be an affiliate of the program. They will give you email templates and landing pages that are made to convert other people to paid members of Perpetual Income 365.You send traffic to those landing pages using paid ads (solo ads).This is one page that we have that you can use:There are many extra offers in Perpetual Income 365 which means you can make a lot of money for every sale.In fact I checked the product on the ClickBank marketplace, it showed an average value of $310.91 for each sale.For every person you successfully sell Perpetual Income 365 to, you can make on average $310.91.Perpetual Income 365 Review: How to Make Money Online with Perpetual Income 365 – This is a review of Perpetual Income 365, an online money making method made by Shawn Josiah. (Did you do this course? Share your score!)Perpetual Income 365 teaches you how to be a partner who makes fees with Perpetual Income 365. The more people you bring to PI365, more money you make.Here is a video from Shawn Josiah – the maker of PI365 to show you his way.● Learn more about the idea of online marketing.Who is Perpetual Income 365 for?PI365 is made for people who are new to online business.The advertising to sell the product is full of claims like…There is an amazing secret that you will discover that is making full-time stay-at-home parents with no technical skills, and in any financial situation.Normal People Without technical skills getting amazing rewards!A 7-year-old used MCCA to make him $22 million a year. So if a seven year old can do it, you can too!It is also sold as an easy and simple way to make money online…95% of the work is done for You We have made all the hard work automatic for you.You will need to put a little effort, but that will go a long way.It is like buying one of the “just add water” cake-mixes that you buy from the store. Even though you will still have to add the water mix The results will be much better than what you made.Based on my own experience with online marketing and after looking at the PI365 training and seeing some student feedback I do not think that this program is a good way to make money online. Be careful when you use Perpetual Income 365 if you are new to online business or have a low budget.● A full list of ways to make money online (including more choices)Is Perpetual Income 365 a good program?It’s not that easy to answer.One of the main problems with Perpetual Income 365 is the false information they use to sell the program.If you have seen the PI365 sales page, you have heard about a “secret formula” in their system called MCCA which means Micro-Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm.The whole thing is a silly sales trick.It is basically a sales trick that lets you offer people a cheap or free first product. This can make them more likely to buy from you again, if they like their first product.PI365 tells you that big companies like Netflix, Microsoft and Apple use MCCA and says that you can join them too if you join their program.It’s technically true, but it’s a bit misleading.It’s like working as a cook at your local McDonalds and then telling your friends and family that you work for a Fortune 500 company.PI365 uses a lot of fake urgency to sell the program. For example:● They say you have “24 hours to act” every time you go to the sales page. ● They say there are only 50 spots for this program (even though there are more than 6000 members in the private PI365 Facebook group). ● They say each upsell is a “one-time opportunity” but you can buy them all at any time after you join the program.On the positive side, Shawn Josiah, the creator of Perpetual Income 365, seems to be a successful affiliate marketer himself…This is Shawn in the picture above with the three ClickBank platinum awards in a row. These are the ones that are only given to those who make more than $250,000 in sales from ClickBank in a year.But, the products Shawn is selling to win the awards are not very good. For example, he was second in a contest to promote a program called ClickBank University, which I reviewed and found to be a scam that was very close to the edge.The email templates you can download in PI365 are very unprofessional using subject lines like:● I want this program so bad ● ABC is easy as 123. ● click here to open this email and buy now ● You should buy this! ● Greg says you should buy this!Maybe the most worrying thing about Perpetual Income 365 is how it looks like the multi-level marketing (MLM) program.You buy the program and then try to get other people to buy the same program. Then, the people who bought it are asked to get more people to join the same program.It would not bother me so much if many students were getting great results after joining. But, that’s not the case… Perpetual Income 365 Review: How are PI365 students doing?I searched for Perpetual Income 365 for hours, looking at pictures of income and student feedback and members of private groups on Facebook and finding reviews online.At first look, it seems like many students are doing well.Here are the results of one student, Ali who joined the program a few months ago…You can easily see that Ali made more than $2000 in just one month.In her review on the page, Ali says she bought all of the extra charges in Perpetual Income 365 and paid “as much as I could pay to get traffic.”There is a good chance that the money shown in the pictures did not cover the costs of the business.Here is another income picture from the “success story” page…Rich is happy when he made his $136 fees.But to make that $136 the guy had to pay…● $9 for 14-days of test Perpetual Income 365 ● $297 for an email ATM extra charge ● $320 for 800 clicks from UdimiSo, the guy spent at least $626 to make $136 which means he lost $490It is possible that students like Ali and Rich will make a lot of money in the future, as they work to make and improve their methods.But, if they do make good money from Perpetual Income 365 I wonder why all the feedback and “success stories” I read only talk about the income of students who just started the program.It could be because it is easy to make money with Perpetual Income 365, but it is hard to make a steady income? In the end, do most students see this and stop using the program?”Nobody knows.But the main thing is: I’ve seen very little proof that show that those who join the PI365 program are able to make regular money with the program.Because the group is very popular with over 6800 members in the private Facebook group for members, and I have spent a lot of time looking through their new posts I’d have expected to see more happy stories and reviews.How much does Perpetual Income 365 cost?The starting point for Perpetual Income 365 is a two-week trial that costs only $9. If you want to keep access for more than this, you have two options:● $47 per month ● For $297, you get access foreverWhen you join the trial period of two weeks, you’ll see three extra offers in a row:● 5Clicks Profit Activator $197Get more features turned on in your landing page to increase sales rates.● Email ATM – – $297Email templates to sell other popular ClickBank products to the list.● Perpetual Asset Multiplier – $127Access to the whole landing page template instead of just two templates.One of the best things about Perpetual Income 365 is that you don’t need to buy costly software for landing pages, such as ClickFunnels as landing pages are made by the company.You will have to sign up to join the email list to use the system.PI365 works with GetResponse and GetResponse, so that’s the service you’ll need to sign up for. This costs you an extra 15 dollars per month but, they do have a free trial of 30 days.At last, you’ll have to pay for the traffic.In the course it has a short video about making free traffic. Shawn usually suggests sending messages to people in Facebook groups. But, the video spends about a third of the video telling why paid traffic is better.He suggests that you buy your traffic from Udimi or Traffic For Me. It will cost you at least $0.40 for each click. This is the same as $40 for 100 clicks.Imagine you pay for 100 good clicks per month. The least amount you pay for a year of PI365 is:● $306 for a PI365 membership ● For an autoresponder, $165+ (list of less than 1000) ● For $480, you pay for trafficThe total cost for one year = at least $951.This is the best case, without having any extra offers and spending nothing on traffic. Perpetual Income 365 Review: How to Save Money with Perpetual Income 365 All Year Long?There is a place where you can put coupon codes when you are paying for the trial $9 but I have not seen any real coupon codes to use it.I got a discount on all three extra charge pages after I tried to leave the page.● Five Clicks Profit Activator half price ● Email ATM $100 off ● Perpetual Asset Multiplier – $30 offI also saw the 20% off deal on all extra charges when I was in the program. It looked like a yearly deal.Money Back PolicyPerpetual Income 365 is sold through ClickBank which means that the buy is protected by ClickBank’s 60-day money back promise.The best way to get a refund for your buy is to find the email receipt you should have got when you signed up.There is a link that has text like this:On the page you can make the PDF version of your ClickBank Ticket. You can also make another version of your ClickBank Order confirmation. You can also change your email address, or get the thing you bought. You can also get help from the seller or ask to cancel your order or get your money back. To do this, click Ask for Help and then pick More Options.I only got one complaint from a PI365 member about a refund, but it seems they did not use ClickBank to ask for it.Use ClickBank to get your money back, and you should not have any problems.Remember that you will not get any money back for autoresponder or paid traffic software because you will have to buy them from other companies.How is the program made?Here is what you can see how the Perpetual Income 365 program looks when you join…There is not much teaching in the course; Shawn mostly teaches you how to set up the system and then send it to traffic.So do not think you will learn much about online marketing with Perpetual Income all year long. It is not a way to make your own business here. Instead, they will show you how to sell Perpetual Income 365 itself.There are some bonus things that are added, but they are just a few PLR eBooks I would not think highly of.When you join PI365 you get access to a private members group on Facebook. When I last checked the number of people who joined, it was not very active with only 79 posts from the last month.There are some posts in the group on Facebook but some of them do not get answers, like this one by one of the students who was having trouble who posted four weeks ago:I wonder how much he had to pay for advertising to make that $20Here are some good things about Perpetual Income 365:● 60-day money back promise. ● The price is cheap to join and try the program. ● Web pages for landing given.Some things about Perpetual Income 365 that might make you doubt:● It is not clear if students are making a regular income. ● Too MLM-y for my liking. ● Many extra charges. ● The full price of the course is not told when you join. ● A lot of advertising methods that are doubtful (eg. fake shortage). ● A little teaching on how to sell anything other than PI365 itself. ● Software that is not working well (the 4 landing pages that I made did not show up).Other important things to know● One of the biggest dangers with Perpetual Income 365 is that it will teach you how to sell PI365 itself. If you are good at making money by following the program and you are totally depending on that program to make your money. If, at some time Shawn Josiah decides to stop selling his program – not likely but it could happen – then you have no business.Do you want to join Perpetual Income 365?If you’re new to business and looking for an easy and simple way to make money online, you’ll probably be unhappy with The Perpetual Income 365.I’ve seen no proof that students are making money that is steady with the system.The marketing methods that are doubtful to sell the program are also annoying.Personally, I’d rather avoid Perpetual Income all year long. As far as affiliate marketing programs go, it has to be at the bottom of my list.Are you looking for a “Ready to Use” affiliate marketing tool that can make you money right away? Are you a hopeful digital marketer and don’t have the money needed to make money? Then Perpetual Income 365 could solve all of your problems. In this review of Perpetual Income 365 Review, you will find out if it’s the best choice for your needs in digital marketing or not.Some people’s idea of making money legally besides their regular income could be a fantasy. Every office worker has fixed incomes and spends all their money on mortgages or house rent and food. So, they don’t have investment options and are living from pay-to-pay. What do you do in a crisis if you’re one of these people?Perpetual income 365 offers an affiliate-based marketing system that lets you make extra income besides your job, with little work. Learn about the process and who made it, the advantages of it, the risks and rewards, and more in the rest of these reviews. So, without more delay, let’s start.Overview:The Perpetual Income 365 program is made by Shawn Josiah, to help people make money through online marketing. Shawn used to work for Netflix as a data scientist. It was there that he first saw the special formula used by different marketing tools. While the story is told in a YouTube video, it’s still a question of how much is true.Perpetual Income 365 is but, in fact it is an affiliate marketing package. Its monthly price is $47. Perpetual Income365 is made to stand out by its ease of use and this is done by using a step-by step guide.Perpetual Income 365 Review: What is Perpetual Income 365?Perpetual Income 365 is an online marketing kit for beginners. It has two ready-made landing pages that you pick, online hosting for these pages, a 30-day email follow-up series, and a guide for solo ad traffic.Perpetual uses a special way of email marketing to boost the affiliate’s income. But, it does not make traffic by itself; however, Perpetual Income will make more conversions. You will have to pay money to get people on your Perpetual Income made landing page that could make regular income for you.Perpetual Income 365 is made for those who do not have enough time to make (passive) money from work and family or social things. The normal email follow-ups are a bit longer in the first 31 days than they are in the next months, which means you do not have to go away.Maker of Perpetual Income for 365 Days a year:Shawn Josiah is the maker of Perpetual Income 365, which will teach you how to make a lot of money every month with little work and with no previous knowledge. He is a skilled online marketer from Singapore. He is a very successful 7-figure business person who makes a living by making an online marketing business.Shawn worked as a Data Science Analyst at Netflix and he got access to a secret formula that was used by many companies to make billions from online marketing. Shawn made over $500,000 in the last year through ClickBank. He also worked as a co-seller of “Profit 365,” an online marketing tool, with Jamie Lewis. What is Perpetual Income and how does it work?To start, you’ll need to first sign up to ClickBank as an affiliate network, and GetResponse as an email marketing platform. Once you’ve signed up with ClickBank and GetAssist, you can link them to the PI365 squeeze pages with one click. That’s it. You’ll get the URL of your page, and you can start selling now.The goal of this page is to collect the most contact information you can from those who are interested in your service like email addresses. This way, you will be able to build a big contact list that you can use to make email marketing campaigns later. Traffic is the number of people who visit your site. Leads are people who give their contact information after their visit.You’ll pay for the costs from your own traffic. How you get the traffic is up to you, just like in any other “ready-to-use” Affiliate program. The PI365 gives you a few solo ad traffic service providers that cost from $40-$100 for 100 visits.The aim for your squeeze page is to get people to sign up and be sent to your Perpetual Income 365 sale page right away. If your lead makes a deal, you’ll earn 50percent of the money as commission. Also, your email marketing campaign that you run from your GetResponse account is sent to the lead who became the customer. Until the lead unsubscribes, the newest PI365 customer will get the email for the next 31 days.Parts and Steps:The parts of a perpetual income The parts of perpetual incomePerpetual Income 365 has three parts that usually help make an affiliate program that is successful.Micro CommitmentTo earn the trust of a person, you need to first try to make a small change to make them slowly trust you more. Each squeeze page is made with the help of Perpetual Income 365 to give visitors micro-commitment help, which makes many users become customers.Consistency BiasThe idea behind the program is to change the mindset of a customer and make them want to buy the product. The result is that sales go up.Compound Revenue StreamSubscriptions have to be paid every week or every year. So, if your product is good, people will keep subscribing to it and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of repeat customers for a long time without having to pay more to get the same customer. But, you will need money to get new customers.The steps of setting up a perpetual income 365 days a year:The email template used in Perpetual Income 365 is usually written by very good copywriters, and is well-made enough to sell. Steps of the Perpetual Income method are like this:● To start, go to The Perpetual Income 365 sign up page to sign up and set up an account. For only $9, you can sign up for a fourteen-day trial period. Then, you’ll pay $47 for the next month. And if you want to change your subscription at any time, you can do that. ● Log into your Perpetual Income login to get to your members area. ● Pick the squeeze page you like. ● After that, on your squeeze page, put the ClickBank product you want. ● Make an email template from some templates already written and set up the email’s sending option. ● The traffic is sent to your landing page because of your emails. ● If someone signs up, the email address of their sign-up will be linked to the auto-responder. ● If you don’t make any sales, the auto-responder will start sending out emails to those who signed up through your site. Perpetual Income 365 Review: How to Use Perpetual Income 365?Making an account and setting up an auto responder will not make a big difference unless you do it every day. You will have to check the messages you send. This includes how they are doing, if a subscriber leaves or stays, etc.In your member area, you will learn about the software. Also, step-by-step videos will be in your members area. The whole process is ready-made in the program, and you are only a few steps from making sales funnels for online marketing.Perpetual Income 365 Members Area:When you buy the program you will get access to the members’ area. The area for members is simple and easy to understand. It is for anyone no matter their background.You will get access to a few welcome videos that will help you do the whole thing.The $47 plan has two landing pages, and the extra charges let you get five pages. In the next 30 days, you will get access to 30 emails that are already written in the member area to send.Member areas will let you link to your ClickBank account, letting you sell ClickBank products.If you are new and do not have any experience buying solo ads, you will get videos that will teach you how to buy solo ads. Perpetual Income 365 Review: Good and Bad Points of Perpetual Income 365Good Points:● You can do everything by yourself. That means you do not have to pay for artists or writers. ● Email copies that have a high conversion rate. ● You do not need extra hosting as every Perpetual Income 365 account has free hosting for all of their landing page. ● Perpetual Income 365 is $47 a month. This is much cheaper than hiring process. ● This list of email addresses will be yours forever. You can also use it for different business areas as well. ● Cheaper than competitors. ● It has the 60-day money back promise from ClickBank.Bad Points:● The content on the page Money cannot be changed. ● You can only show one product at a time. But, you will have more choices soon. ● To make the automation you have to join GetResponse.How can I get Perpetual Income 365 days a year?The program is for sale through the main website. It is better that you buy it from the site and you can get special, discount codes that are not for everyone from the maker. The program is not in retail stores, after you buy it you can use it as a digital file. Because you can download it to a mobile phone or tablet and read it anytime and anywhere.Perpetual Income 365 – Money Back PolicyThis Perpetual Income 365 package has a 60-day money back policy that will let you protect your money. If you’re not happy with the result then you can ask for and quick money back by email. In a few hours, you’ll get the full money back. This is the promise that the maker of the program has the software that will give the results he said. You’ll get the benefits as promised.Perpetual Income 365 – Final OpinionPerpetual Income 365 is a great way for those who have trouble with reaching your money goals. It lets you make more money fast and easily by using simple quick, easy, and good methods no matter where you are. You can also get many benefits that will make your confidence in making money better.The program has the promise of a money back, which makes sure that you can invest with trust. Are you looking for the best answer? Just click the button to enjoy your dream life without worry.


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