1 Tip to Create Massive Passive Income in 2024

So, you want to up your game in 2024? It makes sense to me! But the issue is how to make this year different from the last. And that’s going to mean taking on new strategies to find passive income. Last year was all about cutting. And frankly, that still works. But there is a tip I would consider if you really want to make massive passive income in 2024—something that will work forever with the right investments. Net-zero budgeting The best tip I can provide for investors these days is to create a net-zero budget. The way this works is investors want to, of course, make a budget! But there is a goal for your budget in this case. Look at the last three months through your statements and line up every single payment, putting it into a category as you go. This could be difficult, but using things like ChatGPT and even your banking institution can provide you with easy options for creating a budget. Just put in the numbers and let these apps do the rest. However, you’ll then need to get into the nitty-gritty details. Look at your net income for each month, considering each and every piece of income that comes your way. Take it away Then, you’ll want to see how much you spend on each item and assign that amount to the item each and every month, taking it away from your net income. Do this for each section until you’ve gone through it all. You should still have some money left over. Now, again, we’re doing the “net-zero” method. That means your net income should come down to zero by the end of this budget. And that’s key to this strategy. You’re not leaving any wiggle room for random purchases. Instead, you’re assigning each and every dollar. To make sure you stay on budget, you’re going to assign that remaining money to your investment. Furthermore, you’re going to create automated contributions, so you’re not tempted to spend it! Of course, life happens, and if you need to cancel a month for extraordinary circumstances, go for it. But try not to. Instead, invest again and again in a stock like this one. Pick the right stock Now, if you really want to make sure your investments are going to do well in the long term, you need a stock that’s already done this. For that, I would consider a company such as Dollarama (TSX:DOL). Dollarama stock has been a strong company that continues to outperform, though that may slow down slightly when higher interest rates come down. Even so, long-term investors will still want to consider the stock. Same-store sales remain strong, as do store openings, and there are rumours the company may acquire an Australian low-cost retailer for even more growth in the future. The stock continues to offer a high compound annual growth rate of 28%, and even if that slows, that would be incredible growth to consider for your investments. It’s also a strong defensive stock that does well, pretty much no matter the market. And with a 0.29% dividend yield, this is a strong stock for passive income through returns and dividends.


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