9 Major Google Updates From 2023 & 2024 SEO Predictions

Wednesday, March 13 at 2 pm ET

In 2023, Google delivered several impactful algorithm updates that have changed the SEO landscape.
It’s time to adapt your 2024 strategy to account for these drastic changes.
Join us for an in-depth, actionable recap of the need-to-know Google updates from 2023, along with key predictions for 2024. You’ll walk away with a crystal clear understanding of Google’s focus and where it’s headed, plus actionable tips to drive more qualified organic traffic in 2024.
You’ll also learn:

The top Google updates from 2023, including core updates and the Helpful Content Update.
Predictions on Google’s core areas of focus in 2024, and how they impact your strategy.
Proven insights on how to align your SEO efforts for greater visibility and increased organic traffic.

With Spencer Stein, Strategic Account Director at Conductor, and Nick Gallagher, SEO Team Lead at Conductor, we’ll dive into all the major updates of 2023, crafting strategic insights to boost your SEO success in the year ahead.
If you’re looking to achieve SEO success in a changing landscape, buckle up for this high-value webinar.
Be sure to show up live to ask Spencer and Nick your SEO questions! They’ll be fielding them after the presentation.
Can’t make it? No problem. We’ll send you a recording following the webinar.


Spencer Stein
Strategic Account Director, Conductor

Nick Gallagher
SEO Team Lead, Conductor


Heather Campbell
Director of Marketing at Search Engine Journal


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