Affiliate marketing software ReferOn surpasses 2.4 million registrations in its debut year

The iGaming industry reached a market value of $89 billion in 2023, thanks to the increasing prevalence of online gaming, the rise of mobile technologies, and the widespread adoption of affiliate marketing strategies. 
Affiliate marketing has become instrumental in driving traffic to iGaming platforms and paving the way for key trends such as revenue-sharing models and performance-based marketing. 
ReferOn, an affiliate marketing platform for iGaming businesses, has supported  2.4 million new registrations in its first year in business. This illustrates the enormous potential of affiliate marketing in the online gaming and betting industry. 
ReferOn has developed a system that eases individual reward management, ensures efficient tracking, and provides access to business-relevant data and statistics. 
ReferOn’s inaugural year in numbers
ReferOn was launched in early 2023. Its main strength is the users’ ability to manage large networks of companies in one comprehensive system while offering flexibility for the individual needs of each affiliate. 
“After several years in the iGaming industry, we noticed that the existing affiliate platforms had significant shortcomings. One of the key issues was the struggle to manage large networks with ease and flexibility,” says David Harris, B2B Affiliate Team Manager of ReferOn. “This was one of the reasons why he launched ReferOn. Our first year’s data proves the industry was in dire need of such a solution.”
Apart from 2.4 million new registered users, ReferOn has also supported:

18,000 affiliates, acquired through a combination of direct self-registration and engagement strategies.
136,000 active trackers – scripts used to track and record the results of affiliate marketing activities – on over 3,000 active landing pages. 
Over 35.7 million clicks on affiliate ads, ensuring constant high-quality traffic for ReferOn clients. 
This accounts to approximately 200,000 new monthly registrations, showing the platform’s continuous growth.

Impressive milestones reached, more in the pipeline
The first year’s business results are impressive, but what’s next? David Harris reveals that the company plans to continue working on improving user experience and security.
Several updates and improvements have already been implemented. “We recently introduced two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure heightened security for our users. In addition, we’ve improved the reward plan infrastructure and user experience on mobile devices. This ensures greater flexibility in both affiliate growth and promotion,” Harris says.
Another feature that ReferOn is about to add to its platform is sub-affiliate and independent deal counting (IDC), or non-bundling. According to Harris, they are helpful features for affiliate marketers since they ensure transparency, flexibility, and better risk management. “The IDC feature ensures that our platform provides a potentially profitable system for all parties involved in affiliate marketing,” he adds.
In 2024, the company plans to unveil significant enhancements in the payments and data areas, further solidifying its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the affiliate marketing landscape.
Affiliate marketing reshaping the iGaming industry
The world of iGaming affiliate marketing has evolved remarkably, changing how iGaming operators engage with their audiences and affiliates. This sector is brimming with exciting possibilities, from the rise of influencer marketing and the evolution of player acquisition models to integrating AI and machine learning.
Platforms like ReferOn help to leverage the power of partnerships between online gaming platforms and affiliate marketers contributing to the industry’s profitability and creating a dynamic and competitive ecosystem for everyone involved.

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