What To Do With My Life…. Help?. Brandon The Boring Passive Income Dad | by Brandon Duff, The Boring Passive Income Dad | Feb, 2024

Brandon The Boring Passive Income DadHey Everyone, I Hope Your Weekend Is Going Well.I Feel Like I Am At A Crossroads… And I Need Your HELP!I’ve Worked From Home For The Past 3–4 Years, Since The Start of Covid.I Love Working From Home, And Spending Time With My New Baby Daughter But I Feel Like There is Something Missing.>> Maybe You Can Help?I Love Creating Content, It’s Alot Of Fun Actually.Most Of The TimeI Recently Join This Platform Called Skool It’s A Platform For “Influencers” And “Coaches”It’s Where I Can Give All My Secrets Away, And Engage With All of You Guys ❤>> You Can Join It Here: https://themoneyfriends.com/classroomHere Is The Thing…I Think I’ve Realized I’ve Just Surrounded Myself With People Who Don’t Want To Do Any Work.I’ve Removed 47 People From The Group That Haven’t Logged Into The Community In A Few Days Or Haven’t Done Any Of The Material.Am I Wrong For Wanting To Build A Team Of Winners?Should I Keep Writing All These Guides, Courses, Training For Free?Should I Just Disappear And Focus On Building A New Business.?Here Are My Thoughts; Then You Give Me Some Insight On What I Should Do.Medium & Youtube Are Going To Be My Staple For My Content. FacebookI’m Going To Focus On Amazon Affiliate When I Get ApprovedReach Out To 25 New Prospect Every Day To Score A Contract.This Is Going To Direct Me The The Direction I Want To Go Down.Do I Want To Keep Creating Content For Affiliate Marketing?Keep Doing What I Am…


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