Optimove announced the availability of Target Group Discovery

Optimove announced the availability of Target Group Discovery

Optimove, the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform, today announced the General Availability of Target Group Discovery, an AI-powered segmentation tool empowering marketers to identify top marketing audiences in seconds. Target Group Discovery uses rich data, machine learning, and predictive models to segment customers from the highest to the lowest probability of converting, reactivating, and more, enabling marketers to make more data-driven decisions as part of their marketing strategy. Target Group Discovery is powered by OptiGenie, Optimove’s AI-powered, Customer-Led Marketing assistant.
Before Target Group Discovery, brands spent significant time and resources to optimize target, segment, and personalize marketing from their vast amounts of customer data. Target Group Discovery slashes that time spent to milliseconds empowering marketers to efficiently leverage their customer data for rapid segmentation and insights. For example, marketers can pinpoint the customer segment most likely to reactivate, streamlining decision-making and enhancing strategy effectiveness.
Optimove’s rich historical and real-time data is the foundation for OptiGenie’s advanced machine learning and predictive models, which leverage past customer behavior to predict future consumer behavior. Target Group Discovery lets marketers gain insights into their customers by allowing AI to find and define the best segmentation criteria based on the business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by constantly evaluating inflection points in their data.
Target Group Discovery empowers marketers to make informed decisions when creating campaigns while speeding up ideation to execution:

Accelerate revenue growth – Marketers can boost revenue growth by crafting campaigns geared for immediate success. Marketers can use AI to identify customers with a high likelihood of impacting KPIs and message these customers, ensuring swift and impactful results.
 Boost marketing efficiency – Marketers can streamline the discovery of customer insights, create finer segments in less time, and amplify personalization efforts at an unprecedented pace by leveraging AI to guide their segmentation strategy.
Maximize Return on Investment (ROI) – Marketers can enhance marketing strategies by tailoring content and promotions to specific segments. Marketers can leverage AI to segment customers based on their likelihood to purchase or other KPIs, enabling them to identify the most effective bonuses or promotions for different customer groups and optimize profit margins.

“Optimove is committed to empowering marketers with innovative tools that save time, enhance efficiency, and streamline processes,” said Shai Frank, SVP of Product and General Manager for the Americas at Optimove. “With Target Group Discovery, we continue our mission to provide marketers with the means to unleash their marketing creativity through effortless data-driven decisions. The ability to identify valuable audience segments in an instant will save brands money, hundreds of man-hours, and other resources. This advancement allows brands to be more focused and precise than ever as they zero in on what’s important – their customers.”


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